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Author Topic: I have ton of character and wish to rp with them, looking for rp buddies  (Read 7151 times)

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In the link below is all of my current characters I have come up. A fair bit have art but most of them are bare-bones outlines and I wish to change that. I find I develop characters best through rp. As for what I am willing to rp well I am down for about anything.
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when we get Galatic society unlocked you can join there.
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What did you have in mind, friend? You can always create a new RP curated to your tastes, or join one. Keep in mind that the Serious and Fun RP threads are PG-13, however the Adult section will be available for you after 3 months, just contact one of the mods. They’ll either get you set up or point you to whomever.

 Alternatively, you could always try messaging someone for an RP. Keep in mind the messaging system does, to my knowledge, have a limit on saving your sent messages.

I’m always down for whatever, and am usually around. Sometimes I get busy, but I try to give a heads up.

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I'm open for roleplay if anyone wants to.
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