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Author Topic: Need some help with stuff 'n things  (Read 557 times)

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Need some help with stuff 'n things
« on: December 01, 2019, 07:10:47 AM »
So, I've been sick as long as I can remember. My parents both suffer from disabilities too. On top of that, I moved at least once a year for the first 15 years of my life (now 25). As such, my social skills are... lacking a little bit. I get nervous pretty easy. Add onto that that I'm gay, and well, my love life hasn't been much of one. Every couple I've ever met did so in a public venue, but I don't have a car, nor the money for one. I'd like to meet someone, preferably someone who shares some interests (read:furry), but I don't even know how to begin given my situation.

I live up in northern Michigan, and it's all VERY rural where I'm at. I've tried the online dating thing, but that went a whole lot of nowhere, and the better sites require a subscription that I can't afford. I mean, it's /MAYBE/ meet someone, or eat. You know? Even have a Ferzu account (in case you don't know, dating site for furries), but nobody takes notice 'cuz the market's saturated.

I'm not really interested in just meeting someone and going "WE'RE BOYFRIENDS NOW". I want to meet someone and get to know them. Their interests. Their hobbies. All that romantic crap. And I want them to want the same think.

Any of you have any ideas? I've tried other furry communities and boards, but they're all mostly kids, as far as I can tell. Been hard.

Anyway, enough of the pity party. If you guys wanna pm me and chat I'm cool for that. It doesn't have to be about any of the above. Just getting a few friends who share my hobby would be really cool, considering if I brought being a furry up in my area, I'd get shot (literally). I'll be around.

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