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Author Topic: A Colorful Fantasy Adventure Comic with Anthro & Furry Characters on an Island.  (Read 223 times)

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    • Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic
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I Just thought I would share this really colorful, gorgeous new webcomic set in a tropical island, with the amazing furryforum community. It's a work of love that took over 3.5 years to get up, and was released recently. You can check it out here, with a full 40+ page chapter to read. It has humans, anthro characters like tanuki girls, and fully furry characters, with colorful ghibli inspired visuals. I hope you like it!

I will share the synopsis, let me know what you guys think!

"Wukrii is a richly colorful fantasy adventure webcomic set in the gorgeous tropical islands of Wukrii (pronounced woo-kree) which is a lush and large archipelago with a variety of dense and unexplored ecosystems surrounded by shimmering seas and set under cerulean skies.

The islands are populated with a diversity of communities, races, and species, along with an expansive catalog of exotic creatures, both cute and fearsome, and the most exotic flora seen in the world. There exists a fragile and uneasy balance between the three primary species of beings that call the Wukrii islands home, the Humans, the Wukai, which are spirit creatures, and the Demimon, who are half Human and half Wukai and often find themselves stuck between two worlds.

We explore the lives, perspectives, and adventures they have as they navigate this seductively beautiful but often untamed land. Much is not known about the history of the islands or the peoples that inhabit them and where they came from, lost from deep within the flow of time, but there is evidence to suggest that there might be some tantalizing clues on the islands to help solve those mysteries and possibly unearth new ones. A hidden past that if uncovered, could bring unity between the inhabitants, or sew further divisions threatening the delicate peace that currently exists.

Our story begins with a human author, an experienced traveler who writes and publishes books about his exploits, chronicling what he sees, who he meets, and what he discovers as he traverses through communities and unexplored areas in search for artifacts, hidden histories, and clues that might shed new light on these larger issues, all while making a little income on the side, of course. What he discovers on a routine trip will change everything."
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"Wukrii is a fantasy adventure comic with cute characters in a tropical setting. Discover ancient mysteries, new places, species, and people. It has anthro characters & furry's like the hybrid dragon/bunny's called "Drabbunnies".


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