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Author Topic: New Rules!  (Read 3304 times)

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Re: New Rules!
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2016, 04:15:36 AM »
Hello Anoni :)

It's nice to see new rules and the like being updated, with the goal of making things clearer.
However, if I may give a bit of feedback?

Here are my pointers right now:

Spoiler for Hidden:
Some of the rules have a bit complicated sentence-build, or grammar. (And there are a few words here and there which I feel personally could have used a more well-known synonym which would be much clearer to the general public/members, but that's my own personal opinion.)
"(...)  do not claim the art as your own and the artist has not made it clear to us or otherwise that they do not want other people using their art."
I'm mostly confused how to read the sentence after 'and'.

Also, using the term 'minors', it would be helpful to know what age exactly defines a minor from an 'adult', as members come from a variety of countries, which each have their own age limit on a variety of subject matters. So, in the end, my question would be: Which country does this forum fall under? What specifics would be important to know about?
Later on, in another rule, I indeed read about the US federal law. However, I would like to see the age for being a minor mentioned somewhere clearly.

"Talking about sex in a purely non-sexual way may be ok, if you are unsure whether a topic is too sexual you can message a moderator before you make the thread."
What do you mean exactly by this? Before it seems the rule states that anything to do with sexual content is not allowed, but then there is an exception. Would it be discussing biology and the like? Seems it could open a potential 'beehive' of issues here. Perhaps moreso left for the adult board, if anything?

"Anthropomorphic characters ARE allowed to be unclothed as long as they are covered by fur/scales/feathers/etc. Any clothing should cover about the same amount of area on the body as a bikini/swimsuit would. In addition to images, discussions on the public forum about having sex, turn-ons, etc. are not appropriate and will be removed."
I think, judging by the rest of the text in the rules, one could state PG-13 instead? I mean, someone could have a Sphynx cat as character, those 'naked cats', but if they are drawn without clothing and showing no anatomically correct features (just as genitalia and the like), then it should be alright, right?
But then I am confused when the rules go on to say that clothing should cover certain parts. I thought before they were allowed to be unclothed? Now I'm confused.

"When reporting to a moderator, only contact one at a time, and let any subsequent mods know who you contacted before them."
Not to be nitpicky, but do you happen to mean: "When messaging/PM'ing a moderator"? As a report, as stated prior in the rules, sends a message to all moderators regardless.

There is also no explanation what it means when one is warned or when one has a certain percentage of Warning Level. Only the more severe statuses are mentioned (like being moderated, etc.). I see warning levels sometimes on other members (which I get mixed messages of: Sometimes it is shown publicly, sometimes not?).
It's not stated that after a while the warning level decreases, which is odd, considering a lot of members have asked about this multiple times in the past how to get rid of the warning level.

Anyways, this is just my personal experience. I hope it helps in some shape or form.

PS: This was just a small thought I had, which I would like to share: It's a lot of rules and if each gets their own thread, that's a lot of threads. Making a new thread for every rule seems really unnecessary, (and not to sound mean, just pointing out what I've witnessed with these announcement threads: ) it's not like these announcements usually get a lot of responses. ^^;

Some slight adjustments to the wording on the rule list have been made, in part due to your suggestions. Thank you, Ventus, for your feedback.  :)
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Re: New Rules!
« Reply #16 on: July 13, 2016, 02:44:54 PM »
Thanks for letting me/us know, WingedZephyr ^^

I read through the rules again (at least part of it so far, I'll read the rest at a later time when I can again :) ), and it seems a lot better, a lot clearer. Like the  part about using artwork as your avatar and the like. It's surely a lot more clearer now what is meant by it, and what the consequences may be.

As of which, I have a question about the spam rule, as that seems to have been updated as well. A lot clearer as well and more to the point, which is nice.
So my question is, about the spam  rule:
What about certain Forum Games, which fall under the General board? (Such as the Vs. Members and Vs. Mods boards?)

Anyways, my wording might be a bit off (as I'm not in the most quiet environment ^^; ), but I hope it all makes sense :)

Thanks for reading, and also thanks again for updating the rules to make it a lot clearer ^^

- - - - - - -
Update edit:

I read all the rules, and I can honestly now say the following:

It is a lot, and I mean A LOT, clearer from before, thanks to all who edited the rules :)

« Last Edit: July 13, 2016, 04:17:29 PM by Ventus Fall »
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