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Forum Games / Re: Species Swap!
« Last post by Arval on 4 minutes ago »
They are fun

You can become a Sydney Funnel Web spider
Furries in the U.S. / Re: Nevada
« Last post by Mikala on 8 minutes ago »
Any furs in Reno?
"Interesting." Emilá smiled. "I think we should get going." She stood up. "Something big is going down, and I don't intend on waiting it out here. I will travel with you until the right time strikes." She paused for a moment, reflecting on Rae's comment. "Well, a girl has to have her secrets, doesn't she? Can't put everything out on the first meeting."
"It's definitely not quicksand." she spoke. "This is a beach resort. Unless you can't swim, it should be perfectly fine." the timber wolf spoke as she raised an eyebrow at him. "You may want to get new clothes, though. Stay out here in that long enough and you'll start burning up." Sora started to back away, never really hearing of someone who never been on a beach or someone who never heard of a resort before.
Forum Games / Re: Counting to 1,000,000
« Last post by George on 1 hour ago »
oh no~
Fun RP / Re: The Snack Den
« Last post by Arval on 1 hour ago »
"hey, lemme get up!! What I do?"
*Leafy givesvtganks after eating settles down for a while*

*I got playfully try to lick holding ?, end up licking the pillow*
*Leafy yawns behind ?, settles down for a while*

(have a great night, see next time)
"I wouldn't have gotten hurt, if you hadn't distracted me." Cobalt said back, grumbling to herself, as she stepped near a computer port. "Fine but only if you'll promise me two things, Stay safe and when you get back I want some more one-on-one time..."she added crossing her arms...
Forum Games / Re: Counting to 1,000,000
« Last post by White Wolf Guardian on 2 hours ago »

I played Kingdom Hearts 3 for awhile today, only to get up to the point where I must listen to "Let it Go" AGAIN.
"Correct," the crimson Lucario sighed. "Seems it's up to us to clean up Weyland-Yutani's mess... again." He looked to the female Lucario. "This time, Cobalt... promise me you'll stay here. I came too close to losing you last time. You can provide tactical overwatch from here - radio chatter, network monitoring, and you know how to fly the ship - if I need evac, you can come get me."
I will leave that to you, pal.
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