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Furries in the U.S. / Re: Texas
« Last post by FrostFangLion on 4 hours ago »
My name is Ian Lawrence and I want to be raped, tied up, sodomized, and tortured. hmu if you want to partake.
Furries in the U.S. / It's a Party in the U.S.A!
« Last post by FrostFangLion on 5 hours ago »
Any furries want to meet up in the Michigan?  XP
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Zack McCloud on November 26, 2022, 05:32:44 AM »
*** Kyle's Private Lodge, Unspecified Moon ***

Without saying a word or giving a thought, Zack took the device as the liquid state metal engulfed it and rippled up his arm and into his pack under the armor.

"So as far as transportation goes, I can signal the arwing", Zack stated as his picked up a disruptor off of a fallen enemy and rounded up the survivers, he then pulled out the knife from the mystery blaster and ran it over the barrel as it started to turn to dust. In the process Zack took the Tibanna gas cartridge out using his nanobots.

"You see this face again and your life is... DONE!!!",Zack roared at the enemy survivors as the remaining weapons around him floated and then dissolved into dust, collecting the materials as his liquid state armor thickened up.

*** Restaurant District, Dragon'taan ***

"You ever get that feeling that you're being watched?",Vince asked his dad he followed close with the group.
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Rayleonarde on November 25, 2022, 07:30:15 AM »
*Dromund Kaas*
“The Jedi’s information suggests that the True Jedi Order is allied with one High General Draco Bellator of the DMC. They were after his holocron, though they don’t know what it contains. I figure this High General is looking to hide what’s on it. The attempt on Great Leader’s life was obviously an attempt to strong arm us from hunting it down.” Ickthis sniffed, rubbing his nose. “Question is, where is this holocron. They couldn’t find it in the ruins. Means someone got to it first.”

Ray nodded. “Right.” He took a sip of his water. It definitely tasted the same. “Tokarev? Odd name. Old name.”

Oh-Four nodded. “Noted. Does this…Anika…often dawdle? Or are the other teams prone to underhanded tactics?”
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Weaver on November 25, 2022, 03:21:41 AM »
*** Summerset Grille, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

"Not too much," Weaver said to Ray, "was just waiting for you before I asked where we might find Tokarev."

"... I think so?" the Spider responded to Skye. "Ray mentioned him before. I only know that his name is Zuka and he's military. Uh... Sangheili if that narrows it down. I guess name dropping him won't mean much if everyone else already knows him."
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Alessia Starfurr on November 24, 2022, 01:22:28 AM »
*** Draco City, Dragon'taan, Galatae's  Hanger ***

"Most people wouldn't recognize the aesthetic at this point very few non-cerinians get to see the interior of such ships, they are very rare, at least any of the ancient designs." TIgress begain "Yes the concert is going to be held here, the band leader owns this ship it's the Galatae, one of the few relics of the ancient Cerinian fleet." Tigress explained.

*** Draco City Spaceport, Dragon'taan ***
"Hk is an ancient model, though Krystal uses some B1 models, but I'm pretty sure the HK model predates even those." Fay said barley missing the dragon only spotting his tail but getting a good view of the droid if only for a moment. "I wonder what such a droid is doing here?"

*** First City, Qo'nos ***
"We have a 'shadow'" Tony noted quietly to Alduah.

"With no hostile intentions." Tonya pointed out.

Indeed a dark blue cat of some kind had been following the group ,but clearly if they had  any hostile intentions they would have acted by now.

*** NCC Borealis, Deep Space ***
"Hmm" Alex thought  meanwhile out in space an RCS-class Armored Cruiser   dropped out of slipspace nearby.  Alex looked outside the bay through the windows. "Can you ship blow a hole in that cruiser" She asked tapping a clawed finger from her armor on the bomb the boarding party left behind.

*** Corneria ***
 Riku followed Argus but by the time she entered the bar her looks changed, though her height did not change she now appeared as an almost ghostly white Tiger with grey stripes, she would walk up to where Argus was before asking to sit near him.

*** Solstheim, Nirn ***
"You probably won't believe me, but i was studying the Thuum in my private study at my home near Stormwind when something told me to get off world, I dunno who it was perhaps Paarthurnax  perhaps another dragon in spirit. All I  know is I followed the voices instructions and ended up here." Kala explained her Khajjiit friend just shrugging.

***Dragon'taan Museum of Military Technology, Draco City***

A Blue and white scaled Dragoness sat in a bench across from a huge robotic  vehicle in one of the displays, it's plauge labeling it as Mackie, reading some sort of paper almost like what on earth would be called a newspaper.

Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Romulan_Furry on November 24, 2022, 01:03:15 AM »
*** Kyle's Private Lodge, Unspecified Moon ***

The whole situation was resolved in a matter of seconds. Most of the Romulans were dead; a couple survived. Kyle went to an upper level and activated a book case, which sank to reveal a secret compartment. He typed in a security code, and the vault beyond opened to reveal a small-ish device, no larger than a stack of cans but clearly computerized. Kyle took it and handed it to Zack. "Put this in your pack, and tell no one of it until we find my cousin."

*** Restaurant District, Dragon'taan ***

The taxi speeder landed not long after Vince's comment, and Katt, Falco and Slippy got off. "How much you wanna bet Fox and Fara are at Sol's?" Katt asked.

"I would not put it past the man," Falco responded. "Sol's is rather popular here."

Some distance from Vince, an odd Fox, roughly his age, stood staring at Vince. He wore a strange headset with a part going over his right eye, like a Scouter, and in his arms was an AKMS with the stock folded under the weapon.

*** Mercenary Enclave, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

"In a sense," the ringleader responded. "Anyway, I'm Jess - the fennec is Frye, and the panther is Greg." The Iguana indicated the other two in the room. "Like I said before, we're waiting on another member of the team, grizzly girl by the name of Anika."

"Yeah, about that - any idea what's keeping her?" Greg asked. Jess shrugged.

"Damned if I know," he responded.

*** Summerset Grille, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

"Not much," Jacqueline told Ray.

"Zuka?" Skye responded to Weaver's comment. "As in, Zuka 'Vadam? The son of Kaidon Thel 'Vadam?"

*** Draco City Spaceport, Dragon'taan ***

"I'm sure," Thrawn told Blaine. "Even so, Dragon'taan is a fine place." his red gaze shifted to Fay. "And to be honest, miss Spaniel, I've seen droids with worse programming." He looked beyond the group, and then frowned slightly. Anyone who followed his gaze would just barely catch a red dragon tail vanish around a corner, and an HK droid following this apparent dragon. "I had thought that line had been decommissioned..." he muttered.

*** Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

"This is a Cerinian ship," Blythe observed. "I recognize the aesthetics. This is where the concert is kicking off?"

*** First City, Qo'nos ***

Alduah walked about the Klingon Capital, keeping his eyes peeled. He was looking for a contact - an Orion. Apparently, she was supposed to meet them here with some important intel. "Alduah to team... anyone see our contact?"

"There's literally hundreds of Orions here, master," Bahkriid responded. "We're looking for a needle in a haystack."

"Drake here... I'm gonna take a look about the old Spy Post here. She might have gone there," radioed Franklin Drake.

*** NCC Borealis, Deep Space ***

John shook his head. "No," he responded. "Maybe someone else picked up your distress signal, or maybe it's enemy reinforcements."

*** Corneria ***

Argus exited the building, and was walking the streets. He continued till he came to a bar, and went inside.

*** Dromund Kaas ***

"DMC?" Vulkest remarked. "There are no DMC on Dromund Kaas. Did your prisoner tell you there were?" The transport lifted off at the end of his remark.

*** Solstheim, Nirn ***

"So tell me - what are your reasons for wanting to get off-world?" Ahkrin asked in an effort to make conversation.
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Zack McCloud on November 19, 2022, 03:39:12 PM »
*** Kyle's Private Lodge, Unspecified Moon ***

A helm merged over Zacks face as the flashbang found it's way through the air, shielding his eyes and ears just before the blast. There's now was an opening for them as Zack rush in with Kyle right behind him, he slung his arm in the direction of the targets as a blade formed in the line that his arm traveled taking out the Romulans.

*** En Route to Restaurant District, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

"Somebody is catching on, it was Fox and Krystal I was asking about, sorry for not being more clear with my words",Vince responded.
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Rayleonarde on November 17, 2022, 07:51:29 AM »
*Dromund Kaas*
Ickthis studied the notepad, memorizing its contents.
According to the Jedi, his organization, the “True Jedi Order”, were hunting down the holocron, because of its contents and whose it was. A DMC High General by the name of Draco Bellator.
Ickthis thumbed the radio on his shirt collar.
“Attention, any and all DMC agents are to be arrested on sight.”
A voice responded, clear enough for Vulkest to hear.
-And if they fight back, sir?-
Ickthis glanced briefly at the Sith, before responding.
“Show them some Mongdrigan hospitality. But keep ‘em breathing.”
The transport drifted into the clearing, repulser engines kicking up a mighty cloud of dust as they powered down. Ickthis boarded swiftly, glancing around at the people near the clearing.
Vulkest, if he took the time, would see Mongdrigans already grabbing armor and rifles, forming into impromptu squads.

Ray washed his paws in the basin, watching the suds and water swirl down the drain. He thought about the water; it felt, smelled and probably tasted like the water in his universe, but a part of his brain told him it was wrong; something different. The agent then stared at his reflection. Despite being in CBRN suit for much, much longer than he should’ve been and fighting through a horde of hive mind zombies, he looked fine. A bit more tired than usual. Sighing, he wet a paw and wiped his face, before taking a paper towel and drying himself. Exiting the bathroom, Ray put on small smile as he approached the table. He sat with a sigh.
 “Sorry about that, what’d I miss?”

*Mercenary Enclave*
The noise that came from Oh-Four sounded like a cross between a dog’s whine and a cat’s purr. They gesticulated with a free limb, trying to convey something. A few sparks leapt from one of the wiring bundles inside the suit. The arms jittered a bit, but a few passes of the multi-tool locked it down. It would be a minute or two before Oh-Four made a satisfactory grunt and scrambled back inside.
The vocalizer crackled to life, and that synthesized voice returned.
“No, my kind haven’t heard of this Unreal Tournament. I assume it’s some sort of blood-sport?”[size=78%] [/size]
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Weaver on November 16, 2022, 06:50:09 PM »
*** Summerset Grille, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

"Oh, huh. I guess in that case we can say hello if we ever see him," Weaver said. "Name dropping Zuka might be useful either way, provided they even know each other. Um, maybe we should wait for Ray to get back before I ask where we can even find him. He's probably more interested than I am."
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