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Forum Games / Re: The last poster wins!!!
« Last post by Joseph-foxy on 2 hours ago »
Battle continues
Now its mine again
Forum Games / Re: The last poster wins!!!
« Last post by Weaver on 5 hours ago »
What a back to back fight!
Forum Games / Re: Banish the user above
« Last post by Joseph-foxy on 10 hours ago »
Banished to a potato farm, somewhere in Idaho
Furry Freezer / Re: How did the person above you die?
« Last post by Joseph-foxy on 10 hours ago »
decided to fly into a gamma ray burst just to see what it looks like

Decided to let loose lots of marbles on the dance floor
Forum Games / Re: Broken Genie
« Last post by Joseph-foxy on 10 hours ago »
Granted! but soon disappeared so it could explore

I wish to cover the next fursona in duct tape   X3
Forum Games / Re: Add a word, drop a word
« Last post by Joseph-foxy on 10 hours ago »
New Moon
Forum Games / Re: The Person Below You
« Last post by Joseph-foxy on 10 hours ago »
well, no work... might as well get back to sleep

next fursona randomly receives a closed can of tuna
Forum Games / Re: The Bad Advice Game
« Last post by Joseph-foxy on March 30, 2020, 11:33:41 PM »
hold an ice cube jump in a sauna

how do I warm up the water quickly for cooking pasta
Fun RP / Re: Dark Detroit (now open)
« Last post by XIII on March 30, 2020, 10:46:52 PM »
If Asara tried to provoke the crimson cyborg, that didn't work. Hunter's attempt to frighten Enforcer has also failed as such methods don't work in the case of robotic creatures. They don't possess feelings, and thus both of them were almost ignored. Enforce didn't react on their miserable provocations, yet those actions would lead police and local Zaibatsu forces right here. Not that Enforcer doesn't like to fight, but instead, he always calculates all possibilities of his victory, and he'll escape once a fail is highly possible. That is how he was programmed. The cyborg could beat the hunter, maybe Asara too, but not with the number of hostiles that appear there soon enough. He's latest firefights with those guys didn't end well, hence he calculates possibilities twice now.

"I represent a group of people called the Resistance. That's what had left from services like CDC, FEMA, and the old US government before wars happened. The Resistance needs you as Zaibatsu's influence increases here fast enough. You probably noted that the amount of violence, furries kidnapping, and crime rates have dramatically increased in the latest months. And if Zaibatsu can't be stopped now, Detroit will be turned in one of the corporation facility like that happened with Vegas and New York. Join or not is up to you, but make the right choice. And I'd like to know it now because multiple dangerous lifeforms are coming here. Estimated time... thirty-two minutes and forty-two seconds.". The Enforcer said after corrections of his vocal modules. Even after two months of uptime, most of his internals still need to be fixed, and thus glitches in his functioning might appear like now. Alas, the Resistance didn't have their own neurosurgeon, so the cyborg just waits for his day.
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