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Ray turned around as Jacqueline introduced herself, and he studied the commander for a moment before speaking.
“Ray Blackburn. Foundation agent.” His tone was curt, subdued, with no effort to hide how little he trusted the Commander and her friend. He would’ve said something to that effect, and attempted to extricate himself and Weaver from, what Ray assumed, was some sort of trap.
Then the dragon landed.
Ray flinched, taking a step back, raising an arm defensively. His free paw strayed to his hip, but when it hit empty air, Ray took another step back and looked. His holster was gone. He’d left it on Zuka’s ship, after removing the gear from that quarantined planet.

*Dromund Kaas*
Ickthis led Mesmerin to his apartment, motioning for the large stranger to enter. Ickthis glanced down the street, spotting a quick, green-tinged purple-furred paw make a motion, then vanish into the shadow of the building. The assassin twins blended with the dark, nearly invisible to even the trained eye.
“Your accommodation,” Ickthis said cheerily to Mesmerin. “Lord Malgus has requested you stay for the time being.” He nodded,slow and serious. “I suggest you do so.” He then turned, headed back for the camp.

A knock resounded on General Korran’s door, followed by the swift entrance of a slightly winded Mongdrigan.
“Lord General Korran,” the messenger panted. “Lord Malgus requests you assemble your commandos in the Mongdrigan camp.”
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Weaver on June 28, 2022, 11:18:01 PM »
*** Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

"Commander?" Weaver said in response to Jacqueline, "we're meeting all kinds of high-ranking officials today. My name is Weaver. And y-yeah we're new here and a bit lost." He decided to let Ray introduce himself.

It was at this point Asara had landed. Weaver responded to Asara, "Don't recognize us? I mean, there's a lot of people here. It'd be quite the feat to recognize every resident here. W-wait what do you mean interested in either one of us? Me and Ray can stick together as a team."
Introduce Yourself / Re: Kai Draycott New Fur from Mansfield
« Last post by ChequesTheWolf on June 28, 2022, 04:47:58 PM »
Good luck in getting your fursuit  ^_^ You might find yourself spending a lot of time outside of suit - I was a fur for five years before getting my first suit from Blue Fox Fursuits. It's always worth going to furmeets in and out of suit, to get a feel for things before diving headfirst into a convention! Welccome to the forums.
Forum Games / Re: Counting to 1,000,000
« Last post by ChequesTheWolf on June 28, 2022, 04:44:20 PM »

My shoelaces were stolen..  They call me The President
General / Re: Furcadia
« Last post by ChequesTheWolf on June 28, 2022, 04:43:15 PM »
Oh, yes - I love Furcadia myself. I play infrequently, but it's always a lovely experience to log in after a while. DragonSpeak is a skill that will never leave me, no matter how many years pass  @.@
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Alessia Starfurr on June 28, 2022, 04:01:02 AM »
*** Draco City, Dragon'taan, Krystal's clinic ***

"He'll be Fine Kyle, you really think i'd harm my own kin?" Krystal asked as she held Zack's hand as a gesture of kindness and comfort, before steppign away she grabbed eomsthing from a nearby cabinet and set it on his stubbed arm "This will provide a structure for your arm to regrow, it's biodegradable so it'll go away when your arm grows over it." Krystal explained Kissing ZAck as she walked away for the last time pressing a button a glass like tube would raise up surrounding Zack, just before the tank would fill with bacta, after about 2 hours ZAck would find his arm almost completely regrown, another 30 minutes and his arm would be back in an odd Orange mismatched fur...

 The White she-wolf looked at Vulkest with a nod "Don't worry we do this sort of thing all the time." the she-wolf sighed, before going to help Vulkest apprentice.

*** Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

A blue Dragoness would   suddently touch down from flying near the Black Dragoness "I'd say they are, I don't recognize them, were you interested in either one Jackie? Skye?" the Blue dragoness Asara responded as she examing the spider and Ray.

*** Sol's Bar & Grille, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

Cindy looked at  Travis then to Kari, confused.

"Travis I know Cindy here as a matter of fact I helped her move here.... besides it's our usual tak"

"I had no idea he was taken, Blue Berry." Cindy joked back with Kari.

"Sand Bleached." Kari said in reply, giggling a little

Cindy giggled in responce. "Happens when you live in a desert."

*** Holodeck District, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***
"General" yelled a young purple furred Ferasan 'Kayda' said as she ran up to Trask .

*** Military District, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***
"In the Shadows a Ferasan still observed Sela as she moved about, only doing reconnaissance, for now.

*** Toydaria ***

"Wedding ceramony?" Tonya asked
"Well things have changed for the better, last time jedi were allowed to marry...." Tony said pausing in thought.
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Romulan_Furry on June 28, 2022, 02:51:47 AM »
*** Draco City, Dragon'taan, Krystal's clinic ***

Kyle stepped closer to the tank, a symbolic gesture to Zack: "I've got your back, just like old times."

Soon after, a heavily-sedated Lupine, missing his right arm, was carried into the clinic. The lupine and those carrying him approached Vulkest and the white wolf doctor.

"Is he stable?" Vulkest asked.

"For now, m'lord," one of the men carrying the Lupine responded. "But he won't survive the trauma much longer."

Vulkest turned to the white wolf. "Lord Bellatus' life is in your hands, doctor."

*** Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

Though it wasn't clear how, the black-scaled dragoness with white hair heard Weaver and Ray, and her head turned to look at them. She bumped her silver-furred fox friend and indicated them. They exchanged words - though what was said wasn't exactly clear - and they both approached Weaver and Ray. "You boys look a little lost - first time on Dragon'taan?" the Dragoness asked.

"Must be, from the look on the Spider's face," the fox giggled cheerfully. The dragoness smiled.

"I'm Commander Jacqueline Knight - but the friends I have just call me Jackie," the dragoness introduced herself. Indicating the fox, she continued, "This lovely fox with the Romulan Republic outfit is my best friend, Skye." Skye nodded.

*** Sol's Bar & Grille, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

Falco and Katt dug into their meals, but Falco's attention was split between his would-be lover and his son. Fara was gonna flip when she hears about this.

"Now now, no need to be rude, Kari," Travis said. Looking to Cindy, he added, "But she is right to snap at you - she and I are on a date, and it's rude to try and pick up another girl's date."

*** Holodeck District, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

Trask had just arrived in the Holodeck District, and started for his intended building - Combat Scenario Simulations. His favorite destination for the festival each year.

*** Military District, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

Sela was just shy of the Military Enclave when she encountered her intended target. The aged - in years, but not appearance - Jedi greeted her with a smile. With him was his wife. Nearby was a Sith Pureblood that Sela recognized as General K'torr.

"Empress Sela," Draco said.

"General Bellator," Sela replied. "I was hoping to catch you before you were too busy with the festival."

*** Tigress' Armory, Draco City, Dragon'taan ***

"Here we are," Blythe said, stopping the tank on the same spot he drove it out from. He hopped out, and offered Tigress a hand. "I gotta tell ya, you have a hell of a career, here. Hell of a lot of good friends."

*** Toydaria ***

"This is just one of several outposts Bahkriid and I have set up," Alduah responded. "But it will serve our purpose - for now." He looked to Bahkriid. "Meditate if you need to, then check the network. See if anything came up in our time away from here."

Bahkriid bowed. "As you wish, my master," she responded. The Pandaren Sith headed off to one room, and Alduah sensed her new companion went with her.

"Certainly is something," Akarkek remarked. "And it's been a while since I was in the company of a Sith."

"Times have changed, Hunter," Alduah said.

"Indeed they have," Jaden agreed. "I still remember a time that I would be fighting against a Sith, rather than with one."

Alduah rounded on Jaden. "Your former-master... do you think he could help us?"

Jaden shook his head. "In the elapsed time... if he isn't still in the wedding ceremony, he's likely on his honeymoon. But I do know someone that might be able to assist us."

*** Dromund Kaas ***

Mesmerin nodded, and followed. He had nothing to hide, and nothing to fear. He was certain Malgus' forces would drive the Jedi out - and he had his mind on the lady that had been with Malgus.

Malgus looked to Alex. "You may want to go with him," he told her, indicating Mesmerin. "I have a feeling his destiny lies with you." He then approached Kurt and Ann, handing them the holocron. "Take this Holocron to Dragon'taan, and get it to General Draco Bellator. And make haste - before the Jedi realize we have it." Kurt and Ann accepted the holocron, bowed respectfully, and left.

General Korran, as it happened, was in his office, sipping on a strong tea and reading over the latest reports.

*** Kuat Orbital Shipyard ***

The assassination of Admiral Malinth, while he was vacationing on Corellia, was the first step. The real target was a Warship that just finished construction over Kuat. A specialized Allegiance-class Battlecruiser, fitted with Mandalorian Armor and upgraded with highly-advanced Turbolasers that combined Turbolaser technology with Disruptor technology from new friends in the Romulan Star Empire.

It was not known where the strike force had come from, nor how they managed to keep the crew off the Allegiance. What was known is that a Pirate Fleet had been used as a sacrificial distraction so the strike force, on board a cloaked ship that docked with the Allegiance, could get aboard and take control without arousing suspicion. The ship was launched on murky orders, and destroyed the Pirate fleet - but instead of jumping to Coruscant, as ordered, the ship instead took a random heading and jumped to a region with no strategic value.

By the time the Imperial Alliance Fleet mobilized to give chase, the new warship was already gone, and the trail had decayed to the point that they could not track it. KDY wanted answers. They screamed for blood.

They didn't realize it, but for the second time in galactic history, the Zann Consortium had raided Kuat.
General / Furcadia
« Last post by feathery on June 26, 2022, 03:58:51 AM »
Apparently that's still a thing, out of curiosity i went back on after about a 15 year gap and honestly i found some of the nicest most unique welcoming people i met online in a long while in just that short span, games dated as all hell though just thought id drop a line about since it was just a unique experience; not sure if any folks here used Furcadia in the past, though should try it out sometime, can seem a bit of a game to figure where to actually congregate with the community though is an curious experience nonetheless.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Kai Draycott New Fur from Mansfield
« Last post by feathery on June 26, 2022, 03:55:25 AM »
Welcome! Agreed, suits are needed for cons though if you like the idea of being in character or trying something new then i can say from experience its fun, though never go alone, big mistake i made, just words of wisdom! Welcome again though.
Forum Games / Re: Counting to 1,000,000
« Last post by Grey on June 25, 2022, 04:01:49 PM »

I lost my shoes.
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