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Bug Reports / Re: Weird session issue
« Last post by Alessia Starfurr on 2 hours ago »
Should anyone be worried about this, Tweak?
Forum Games / Re: Predators v. Prey
« Last post by Ginger Ale on 3 hours ago »

I think most people just don't have the patience for forums now that Discord exists. It feels like forums (especially small ones) are basically ghost towns. I feel bad cause I'm one of those people that left for newer formats, but I do still like places like this.
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Romulan_Furry on February 16, 2020, 09:57:03 PM »
*** Coruscant ***

Luke sensed something horribly off with Anakin. This didn't feel like him. Not his touch, certainly not his presence in the Force. "You're not Anakin Skywalker. My father would not have brazenly risked coming into the open against my wishes after that talk we had." Luke's hand immediately went to his lightsaber and he put himself between this imposter and Xander.

Meanwhile, the Assassin would hear a guttural croak that sounded like a woodpecker in the forest behind him, followed by a very distinct sound of dual blades unsheathing from a gauntlet.

*** First Impressions ***

"I don't think so - Rex here served with the Army of the Republic, during the Clone Wars. The metal beast Malgus and I found was of Separatist Origin. So you could say Rex fought against them," Ahsoka explained. "It's... a long story."

*** Indari Manor, Dragon'taan ***

The food was kept on the counter, and easily within Michen's reach.

"Feral dragons, Kanan, not Anthro," Kyle told Kanan. "That preserve is their hunting ground."

Maria came in to the dining area next, with her young son in her arms, putting him in a hi-chair.

*** Tatooine ***

Fayam would find a Needle Rifle pressed into his back, and a Kig-Yar voice saying, "You move, you die!" Behind Fayam were a fire team of Kig-Yar Pirates.

*** Starship Stryker, Tatooine Orbit ***

While Cobalt went about getting her tasks done, K'Tath piloted the Stryker to a safe haven so they could plan their next move. "Talk to me, Cobalt," he called out to her, "What was in the data? Anything saying where the Eternal Fleet is?"

*** Warship Draconis Furiam, Coruscant ***

"We can discuss that after we get this situation under control," Viktor said, plugging the black box he found in his father's quarters at the Jedi Temple into his ship's hologram computer console. There was a brief pause before the console went blank, then went active, and displayed a hologram of a wolf very much like Viktor over the box, in lifelike size. In fact, if Ori or Spyra looked between Viktor and the Hologram, they'd definitely see Viktor was a spitting image of this wolf. There was a pause before the wolf spoke:

"Viktor... if you are hearing this, then my efforts have not been wasted. I hid this device in the hopes that you would track it down and find it. It was important to me that my message lived beyond my death. Obviously, you already know I am dead. You have my Lightsabers, you have my power in the Force. I know you have many questions. I can't imagine what you must think of me. You grew up without me. I had thought I would get more time, but unfortunately..." a laser blast sounded in the background. "... I waited too long. When I left you and your mother to my Jedi career, I faced some bitter truths. I knew if I had stayed, Aldukaal would have found you, and my legacy will have been ended there and then. I could not let that happen. I hope you'll understand, but I know you might be angry. But as I foresaw, you would find this box, and finish what I started. Sadly, I will not live to see this through, hence this message. You must do what I could not, my son. Aldukaal must be stopped. He is a creature that does not belong in this galaxy, and left unchecked, he will consume everything. Everything and everyone. But there is a way to cut him off from his power - I left the secret in the last place Aldukaal would think to look. If your mother was true to her word, you will know where that is. She will have told stories of the place from her own experience." In an unexpected move, the wolf turned his head to look directly at Ori. "And lastly... in my visions and dreams, I saw you there, Ori. I know how important you are to my son... and I saw truly wonderful things in your future with him. So I ask you... take care of my boy. Never let him feel alone. And above all, no matter what, always remember what you two share. If the visions are right... you and yours will be a proud family. Proud... and powerful." the wolf's head shifted back to Viktor. "Now, Viktor... once you have your secret, there is only one place you can lure Aldukaal. It was a place I intended to duel him long ago - it is an abandoned, but still functional, space station, in Wild Space. Gorinth Station. I have rigged the station to emit a pulse that would keep Aldukaal there. The rest... falls to you. I have also developed an AI that will help you in your endeavors - by the time this message finishes, it will have already been loaded on to your ship's computers. Good luck, my son... and may the Force be with you."

After that long-winded message, the father looked to Ori, nodded to her with a smile, and vanished. Then, the AI's voice made itself known, in the voice of Viktor's father: "Commander Horgus, this is Ulrich Horgus... ready for duty."

"Ulrich Horgus..." Viktor chuckled. "... Mom always did say you can be a bit of an egotist, sometimes, dad."

"I must inform you, sir, that while I carry the voice and name of your father, I am not him," the AI said.

"Either way... welcome aboard," Viktor said. He then looked to Spyra and Ori. "Hope neither of you have anything against Nar Shaddaa."

(Anna, I'll get to the spots on New Romulus and Cardassia soon as you get there.)

*** Kar'Fi Carrier Great Fox II, Peragus III Asteroid Field ***

"The scrambled sensor readings isn't that surprising - the metal content of those asteroids, not to mention their valuable resources, make sensor readings unreliable," Slippy said as the team followed Fel to the Normandy.

"Either way, Slip, something caused a loss of communication here," Fox stated. He looked to Fel. "But you needn't worry about our nerves - this isn't the first Op we've ever been on, you know."
Fun RP / Re: The Snack Den
« Last post by Arval on February 16, 2020, 09:09:11 PM »
*Graxe, Iordan, Linette, and Zoran read to the younger ones, Ethan and Fi*
*I lay down to keep the young cozy and less scared*

*Firox joins Jyo and Joseph*

(I assumed you had left, almost closed eyes waiting, almost an hour) gigglez
I at least try to get ? more involved for more fun
Fun RP / Re: The Snack Den
« Last post by ? on February 16, 2020, 09:01:33 PM »
*settles down afte a bit*

(seeya next time ^^ )
Fun RP / Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Last post by Rayleonarde on February 16, 2020, 08:45:07 PM »
The Mongdrigan’s appointed leader, Xander Buckman, watched the recordings with growing concern. “O-On Mongdrigo, there are no creatures that can mimic another. I-I concede that master Anakin Skywalker may not be the murderer. But, mine are simple folk. They will not accept this. I fear actions may be in place. I’m sorry.”

The assassin scrambled behind a sign, hidden within a shadowy nook. His rifle, a modified Mongdrigan Army standard, sat pointed towards the Senate Building. A picture of Anakin, taped to the scope’s dust cover, gave him a clear depiction of his target. He could see the crowd around the building, the young Skywalker meeting with Xander. Unwitting bait and baiter.
Then he saw Anakin.
The ex-Sith Lord strode our from a sort of luxury speeder, headed for Luke and Xander. “Son,” he called. “What business have you with these...people?” His speech was stilted, a facsimile of Anakin’s speech patterns. He gripped Luke’s shoulder, his flesh-and-blood limb was cold. Artificial. Anakin whispered quietly to Luke.
“You do not understand. I am trying to save this planet.”

*First Impressions*
Another static buzz filled the ship briefly. Coll sighed. “Another five to go. We should be there by tomorrow. Provided there are no more incidents.”
Coll glanced at Ahsoka briefly before addressing Rex. “Honored Guest, I hope I don’t offend, but your armor bears similar markings our scientists found in the cave Lady Ahsoka and Lord Malgus explored.” He glanced again at Ahsoka. “Did you serve with that metal beast?”
Fun RP / Re: The Snack Den
« Last post by Arval on February 16, 2020, 08:12:08 PM »
*Zoran's turn next to read his page of the book, at least he is calmed and not so 'dramatic' with the reading*
*I giggle as the two younger ones knead the fur where they rest as the story continues*

*once Zoran's turn comes to an end, Grace once more between hissing voice, and grin on her face, she reads the next two pages in a very frightening voice, to make it scarier than it seems, even caused the two hiding on my tail, to hide deeper at times, only eyes poking out, even Kev and Matt soon leap next to them, somehow Tony nibbles faster*

*Iordăn wraps ? in a blanket, in case it felt asleep, as Grace keeps reading before Linette's turn*

*Jyo and Joseph having a good time play-fighting by the front door, outside most of the winter snow coming to an end, some flowers starting to grow back*
*Jyo falls under Joseph while they have fun*

(nighty night if you fell asleep, see next time)  -.- -.-
Fun RP / Re: The Snack Den
« Last post by ? on February 16, 2020, 08:07:02 PM »
thanks ya there * happily starts to nom it*
Fun RP / Re: The Snack Den
« Last post by Arval on February 16, 2020, 07:51:10 PM »
*Iordăn passes ? a nice big ice cream cookie filled with vanilla ice cream, at least it wasn't his turn to read the page, Grace was next, she is reading in such a scary dramatic way*
*Mia and Vee hiding deep in my tail fur, their small faces poking out, giving 'nervous nibbles' to the dessert while hearing the story, at times 'eep' cutely*
*Kev and Matt sitting next to Firox hearing as well, also hiding at spots*
*Tony aside from hearing has face deep in the dessert*
*Enis less scared eating the dessert, hearing, sitting both of my right side paws*

*Vay goes with all cleaning any small mess they make*

*Iordăn* "pick a place to relax or join in with the battle"
*after dessert, both Jyo and Joseph start playfully play-battling with each other on the other opposite side of the den, near the front entrance*
Fun RP / Re: The Snack Den
« Last post by ? on February 16, 2020, 07:45:26 PM »
*jumps up for dessert*   ^_^
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