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Author Topic: Your Favorite Horror Movies !  (Read 2971 times)

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Your Favorite Horror Movies !
« on: February 12, 2024, 05:30:29 PM »
What are your favorite horror movies?
They can be any subgenres - slasher, cosmic, comedy, etc.

Mine include Re-Animator, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974), Scream, and The Lost Boys.

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Re: Your Favorite Horror Movies !
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2024, 08:10:37 AM »
Oh I've always wanted to watch Re-Animator! Got to finally get to it.

Here's some of mine:
The Shining - Just unease throughout. Had me startled at the day transition cards  XD
American Psycho - Does this one count? Dark Horror Comedy? I'm not sure, but man was that a great movie. I would highly recommend it!
The Silence of the Lambs - Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!
Alien - Sigourney Weaver man, what a great actress.
Carrie (1976) - Her getting revenge was so satisfying.
IT (1990) - I know this list is probably meant to me spooky ones, but this one just made me laugh. The clown is such a troll  X3
Resident Evil (first one) - This is the part where I'd love to have placed, I don't know, a Universal or Hammer Classic, Nosferatu, Exorcist, anything that would have critical acclaim and, well, quality in its story, but man the first Resident Evil film just came out at the right time for my feeble teeny brain.
The Wickerman (2006) - Alright, hear me out with this one guys: Nicolas Cage in a bear suit punching people. Greatest film ever!
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