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Author Topic: Shyft: A New Furry Comic about Shapeshifters on Indiegogo Ends September 26th!  (Read 5738 times)

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Hi everyone! My name is Connery Cateni, and I run Dragon Multimedia LLC my own brand for multimedia creation. I've been developing this project for quite a while with my alt account on Furaffinity, SUS28, and am finally happy to share it with my fellow furries.
This is my new furry comic about shapeshifters called Shyft. Shyft takes place in a 2000s era Sonic-type world where Humans and Animals coexist alongside each other and are about to learn about a new species of heroes. Shyfters, a group of shapeshifters who become a more animalistic version of themselves.
Sunny has a secret, one that she was planning on using to change the world and be a hero. Now the moment is here and she's unsure if she can rise to the occasion. Enter the world of Sheobia and discover the secrets of Shyfters and the role they play in a changing world.

With writing by comic book writer Michael Oden and art by Sonic Fan Riggo_Draws, Shyft is the furry book you never knew you wanted.
Check out some of the preview pages!

I also have limited-edition special editions of the book with art from either Battu Tri-Red or Riggo_Draws.

I also have limited-edition plushes, T-shirts, and other rewards like custom art pieces and cameos in Shyft that I'm doing only during the Indiegogo.

Check out the Indiegogo! It ends on September 26th, and we need 4k to fully produce the book!
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