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Author Topic: Archipelago Life Survival Game  (Read 688 times)

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Archipelago Life Survival Game
« on: August 29, 2021, 11:57:27 PM »
Not sure if anyone else here would be interested, but I'm trying to build a cubic survival world in Unity and am having trouble getting started.
First, the world will be of limited size, but partially procedurally generated through Simplex Noise similar to Perlin Noise. Second I have decided to start with the Unity engine for this project, but have mostly worked with Unreal Engine and Game Maker Engine.
Aside from the usual issues of shifting to a new language for programming, many tutorials about building the chunks have resulted in several errors that seem to be common to others trying to follow them. Especially problematic is linking code files to an object to generate the chunk mesh. being able to generate the first chunk is a key step in using procedural terrain in a game, so this problem is a major one.

As cubic world games like Minecraft are extremely user and community driven as well as platforms for various art forms, I figured trying to get help from an artistic community would help. Also, I would like to see if others would like to help with the task of creating the numerous masks to convert procedural noise into archipelago islands.

Planned world size is 4096 by 4096 with sea level at 0, the sea floor at -64 and the world height extending from -128 to 128.

I already have a list of assets I would like to use, especially in terms of terrain textures.
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