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Author Topic: A podcast with Michael Fremer who wrote, edited and acting in Animalympics  (Read 3837 times)

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Hello all,

I thought some people might be interested in a podcast I did with Michael Fremer. He told us about his experiences of making Animalympics; he said it's a bit like The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the Furry community. He spoke about going to a convention and was really positive about how nice everyone was.

Now, the film he picked was Driving Miss Daisy. Understandably this led to some serious discussions on race and justice, but are counterbalanced by all the moments of levity. While I suggest you listen to the whole thing, you can skip to 1hr42min if you only want to listen to the Animalypics bit.

For what it's worth it is a comedy podcast, so we take the piss out of *everything*. However we also try to be fair about things we're not part of or don't understand. I come that comes across amongst the jokes.


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