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Author Topic: The cat of chaos arrives...  (Read 37 times)

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The cat of chaos arrives...
« on: July 29, 2020, 05:03:50 PM »
<As you all are taking in the sights, the very air starts to shimmer over the field. The shimmer parts as reality itself bends around the edges, until a hole forms hanging in the air and from it the sounds of laughter and music are heard. Suddenly a large sleek black cat emerges with glowing eyes and a wide smile. He looks around and as the glow fades, the portal re-seals itself and he turns to everyone and speaks>
Hya everyone! My name's Mambi, pleased to meetcha! <he bows deeply over his tail> I just discovered this place and thought I'd check it out! Looks like fun, and fun is exactly what I live for! <giggle> I usually post in forums but thought I'd see what joys this little dimension has to offer

As for me and who the heck I am, I'm a Canadian cat (east coast) who loves nature (I'm Wiccan), martial arts, movies, dancing (badly but still fun, right?), science and engineering (quantum mechanics and astronomical physics mostly, though my background is electronic engineering and reactor physics) and generally exploring and enjoying life to the fullest! I'm a "feline-soul" type of me I am a cat and I feel my feline self constantly, often coming out directly in mannerisms and skills and the like, so to me Mambi's not just a character but basically me IRL. I wear my ears/fangs/tail constantly and they feel more natural to me than without. I think the word is "otherkin" but I just learned that specific term recently so I might be wrong...if so, sorry. <blush>

What else now...OH, Mambi's pronounced "MOM-bee", and not "MA'am-bee" if anyone cares. <giggle>. Gee, making general introductions isn't as easy as it looks! I don't want to bore you with paragraph upon paragraphs of "the life of some random lunatic" yet, but I'm pretty open so feel free to ask about anything!Hope to chat with you all soon and looking forward to jumping into the chaos paws-first! <the cat waves and with glowing eyes another rift in the air opens. He winks and dives into the hole as it reseals itself behind him...>
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