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Author Topic: The Connection That Binds Us  (Read 1938 times)

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The Connection That Binds Us
« on: March 02, 2020, 09:15:02 PM »
I've posted this unfinished story on FA, inkbunny, and DA. Decided to post it here too.

   Who are you as a person? Are you type to live in reality or fiction? Reality or fiction, which is the right world to live in? Is it better to live a comforting lie or an experience a harsh truth? What would happen if reality became fiction and vice versa? These are questions I’d come to answer upon a startling discovery.
   A long time ago, I, Roland Freeman, was snoozing on my bed for a midday nap when a loud screeching awoke me. To my left, my television screen flickered on and off. On-screen a black and white doggish face with a red nose smiles at me. Naturally, I quickly unplug the tv and sigh when I see the flickering stop.  For a brief moment, I lay down my bed again, thinking of the face.

   I’d definitely seen it before. Probably from a cartoon whose name long escapes me. Either way, I decide to ignore it. Why the hell should I care about a cartoon only internet morons care for?

   “Boy is that the pot calling the kettle black,” a voice chuckles. My body shoots up to see my television screen shining. Frozen with shock and fear, my television ripples while a pair of cartoonish arms grip the sides of my television. Grunting and groaning, the cartoon character is able to enter my room. It wasn’t alone either, two more, each shorter than the others, but similar in appearance, enter my room. Completely baffled, I blink several times hoping for these dog-like creatures to go away.

   “HELLO ROLAND FREEMAN!” The cartoons say with glee.  Staring at them, I realize that who they are. The tallest one Yakko, the shortest one was Dot, and the one with middling height was Wakko. The Warner Bros and the Warner Sister as they usually introduce themselves. 

   “This has to be a dream,” I repeat to myself.  After all, only in dreams can something so That fictional cartoon characters from the 90s have manifested in my room. Yet, there was a nostalgic feel in the air. Shaking the thought off, I notice the warners swarm me.

   “I mean if we weren’t real, could we do this,” asked Yakko. To prove their realness, they kiss me. Full-on cartoon-style kiss with a loud POP sound at the end. I wipe their saliva off my face and continue to shake my head.

   “Okay, so you’re real. Why are you here?” I asked. The warner trio smile, clearly knowing something I’d never guess. To my left and right, Dot and Wakko pull out a cartoonish mallet from behind their back. Meanwhile, Yakko crosses his arms while tapping his foot.

   “We were asked to come get you. Now if you can with us the easy way…or the really fun way,” Yakko leans in until his face was all I could see, “I’d really prefer if we can do it the fun way.”

   Knowing exactly what the ‘fun way’ meant, I try to comply. Unfortunately, I never had a choice in the matter. Without a chance to voice compliance or objection, Dot and Wakko whack me on the head. I scream before falling unconscious. As my vision and other senses fade, Dot and Wakko chuckle to themselves.

   “Now we’ll never know if she wanted to come with or not?” Dot laughs.  Wakko taps my head, noticing a cartoonish bump on my head.

   “Hope she doesn’t have any brain damage,” Wakko worries. The warner trio gulp. They could only imagine what the toon who wanted me would do if I was hurt. In a united imagination bubble, they imagine themselves as mounts above a fireplace. Sitting in the chair, with their face unseen, the toon is casually reading a newspaper.

    “Ahhh, I wouldn’t worry. Once we get home, she’ll be fine,” Yakko reassures. He then grabs my legs and his siblings grab my arms. Surprisingly, no one else was in the apartment to see or hear me being kidnapped.

   Strange ain’t it?
   Around me was nothing. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were nowhere in sight. All that was near me was abject darkness.  Despite that, I was able to stand up and look around. There was still darkness and nothing around me. No other sounds or smells to offer any type sense of direction. Even so, I still call out for help.

   “Yakko! Wakko! Dot! Somebody! Anybody! Help!” I scream into the void of nothingness. My voice simply echoed into the nothingness. Even so, I continue to call out into the nothingness. I scream for my mother or stepbrothers for help. I screamed for any sight of life. In the end, I hugged myself and cried. In this void of absolute nothingness, I could only assume that I had died. 

   Of course, this was only an assumption.

   Next to me, a single light shone through the nothingness. From that light, a small blue-furred cat appeared.  It was sitting in the same position as me, staring at me with teary eyes. We smile and tilt our heads at one another.  I reach out my hand to pet and comfort it. Although strangely enough, the cat mimicked my move. I quickly pull my hand away and so does the cat.

   Everything I would do, the cat would repeat whether it was funny faces, chin strokes, or punching the air. There was one thing I hadn’t done: speak. Opening my mouth, the cat copies me. Once more, I reach out to the cat as it does to me. When its paw and my hand connect, the cat smiles of its own volition. I make a face and a voice from nowhere makes a single statement.

   “We are bound as one.”

   Right after that, the cat disappears, and I fall unconscious.
   Eventually, my eyes open with my vision still blurred. Rubbing my eyes to help focus, I couldn’t help but feel…fur on my face. I also could feel that I was much lighter than before.  With my vision-correcting itself, I notice a pair of small blue furry paws in my control. Confused and wishing this to be fake, I inspect the rest of my body. Most, if not all, of my body, was covered in light blue fur.  Even…my new tail was light blue. I sort of look like the cat from earlier.

   “What happened to me?” I mutter to myself.  I attempt to stand, only to quickly lose my balance and fall my stomach. Looking back, I sigh with my tail swaying back and forth. So, walking on two legs wouldn’t be doable with my current situation. Instead, I attempt to stand on all fours. This failed too, but because of…other reasons.

   “It’s so cute she’s trying to walk! Can we please keep her, Yakko?”  Dot asks. Her loud voice threw off my balance, causing me to fall over. She scurries over to pick up and pet me. Initially, I try to escape her grip. In the end, though, her petting and cooing kept me calm.  Not even a half a minute later, I was nuzzling Dot’s cheek and purring.  I was in absolute bliss for a minute.

   Of course, it had to end with the following sentences from Dot, “She’s even purring! Come on Yakko, I don’t think she’ll be mad if take her with us.” At that moment, I jump out of her arms.  Unfortunately, I fall flat on my face again. Rising my head, I turn to the Warners.

   “What did you do to me?! Who was that cat?!” I hissed. Dot continues to smile at me, Wakko’s rampaging through the kitchen, but Yakko’s reaction was worrying. His usual smart-aleck smile slips, clearly knowing something I didn’t. Yet, his smile only slips for a second. The eldest Warner sibling places a paw on his sister’s shoulder.

   “It’d definitely be fun to have her around, but this one needs to go home,” Yakko reminds. Naturally, I close my eyes and nod. At least someone was making sense.

   “Great! Now send me home,” I demand. Opening my eyes, I immediately see Yakko holding a basket and Wakko with a blanket. I shake my head in fear and walk backward. Perhaps, I should be careful what I ask for, right?
   The Warners dumped me on the porch of a two-story house. I struggled and squirmed against the blanket that covered my body up to my nose. Anyone passing by could see this and hear my muffled curses. In the end, the door opens, and a white kitten looks at me. We blink at each other a couple of times before she smiles with glee.

   “Mommy, Daddy she’s here! Rakita’s home!” The small white kitten gleefully cheers. A brown and black kitten comes into view, awestruck at me. Though it was their parents that left me in shock. A grey cat with a cut on their ear comes to the door. By their side was a large dog with light brown, shaggy head fur, and a small stump of a tail. The cat and dog duo smile as the dog carries my basket into the house.

   “Nice to see the Warners kept their promise,” the cat says while watching me continue to struggle.  The dog carrying the basket nods in agreement.

   “Definitely Rita!  Definitely nice having our oldest daughter back, definitely,” the dogs said gleefully. It then dawned on me exactly who these two were.

   “Rita, Runt?” I ask with uncertainly. They simply respond with a nod.  I’m onto a table in what I assumed was the living room. There Rita and Runt, as well as the kittens, had eyes on me. I couldn’t help but notice the difference in expression the black kitten had versus the rest. The others all seemed happy, this one wasn’t. Annoyed would be the best way to describe his face.

   “Alright, I’m gonna cut ya loose. Promise me you won’t run the second I do, okay?” Rita asks. I respond with a muffled ‘yes’. Maneuvering her claw around the blanket, she sets me free. Now free, I jump out the basket and stretch. While stretching, I couldn’t ignore them seeming surprised that I didn’t disobey Rita. That I didn’t try and run to the door.

   “I don’t know how or why I’m here, the latter of which you definitely can answer. Besides, it’s not like I have anywhere to go,” I give as a response to an unasked question. They seemed satisfied as they didn’t ask any follow-up questions. Meanwhile, Rita’s eyes shift to something in the basket: a piece of paper. After reading it, Rita grabs Runt’s arm and leads him into the kitchen.

   “We’ll be right back. Introduce yourselves to your sister,” Rita instructs. The white and brown run, pushing me onto my stomach with their excitement. The black kitten unenthusiastically wanders over and plops himself in front of me. I open my mouth to ask the black kitten about his mood when the white kitten started jumping on me.

   “We’ve waited so long to meet you, Rakita! My name is Sora and I’m your little sister!” Sora stops her jumping and hugs my neck. The brown kitten nuzzles his head against the right side of my body.

   “My name is Dale, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” Dale smiles. Despite Sora and Dale’s dotting affection, my eyes never left the black kitten. Its disinterested and nonchalant regard towards me was unsettling. I felt as though I was staring at myself as a human. For the second time today, my chance to speak is beaten by someone else.

   “Don’t be rude, introduce yourself to Rakita,” Sora orders the black kitten. Again that name, Rakita. That was the name of the cat from the void. Why were my actual name and this one so similar? At my early opportunity, I’d have to ask Rita and/or Runt that alone. I just couldn’t ruin the enjoyment Sora and Dale were having meeting who think is their sister.

   “Whatever, my name is Chazz,” Chazz mumbles. My ears lower and I attempt to stand. Sora lets go of my neck, giggling to herself. Purring, she rubs herself against my front left leg.

   “It’s a pleasure to meet you all. However, I am not Rakita. My real name is…” I trail off in confusion. Tears roll down the side of my cheek. My name, something I’ve written and said thousands of times, I couldn’t remember. Each attempt to remember it was stifled by forgetfulness. Unknowingly, I dig my new claws into the carpeted floor.

   Why can’t I remember my real name? Nudging Sora and Dale away from me, I sit up to bury my face in my paws. Tears escape my paws, staining the carpet while I weep and curse my faulty memory. This had to have happened while I was in the void when I met that cat…Rakita. The real Rakita stole my name.

   Without realizing what I was doing was next, I ran towards the door. Rita and Runt finally return as I twist the doorknob. My head looks back, the duo seeing my fear-stricken, confused, lost face. Letting go of the door, I tackle Rita. Everyone gasp whilst I loom over Rita with undeniable fear.

   “Before the Warners brought me here, what was my name? I can’t remember it anymore so tell me! You have to know!” I demand. Out the corner of my eye, I see Runt carefully stepping towards us. Most likely to restrain me until I calm down. Out of the other corner of my eye, I see the kittens gingerly approach.  Just like Runt, they’d probably try to restrain or distract me. However, that wasn’t gonna stop me.

   I will have my question answered no matter the cost.

   Rita does her best to make gestures to get them to stop moving. Evident by neither Runt or kittens making anymore footsteps. Now focused completely on me, Rita sighs.

   “I’m sorry kiddo, but even if I told you, you wouldn’t remember,” Rita responds. I violently shake my head. Who was this bitch to tell me that I wouldn’t remember my name? I could definitely remember my own name once it was told to me.

   “Liar! Tell the truth,” I demand. For the second time, Rita sighs.

   “Roland Freeman. Roland Freeman was the name you had while human,” Rita answers.

   “Roland Freeman,” I mutter to myself. Roland Freeman was the name given to me at birth. I repeated it to myself softly out loud. I wouldn’t forget who I was. I won’t forget who I am.

   “Rakita,” Rita calls. Her voice broke my concentration. Staring at Rita, I couldn’t deny her saddened face. It was the equivalent of telling one of those kittens they wouldn’t get what they wanted for their birthday or Christmas. Perhaps that they might be dying of an incurable disease. I genuinely couldn’t define the emotion present in Rita’s eyes.

   “Say your name, your human name.” Opening my mouth, I attempted to say my human name. Unfortunately, just like Rita had said earlier, I wouldn’t remember. Even so, I could still remember all the time spent as a human. The places I’ve been, the people I’ve known, etc.

   Just not my name.

   Slowly, Rita escapes my grip and hugs me. In a motherly way, she nuzzles her against mine while rubbing my back. With all these feelings of confusion and frustration, I simply become a sobbing mess. I latch onto Rita as tight as I can, crying harder than I’ve ever had. Rita gently strokes my back while repeating ‘it’s okay’ over and over. At some point, I’d fall asleep from exhaustion in Rita’s arms.

   Sora is the first of the kittens to approach her mother and me.

   “Why was Rakita yelling at you? Who’s Roland?” Sora asks. Chazz and Dale slowly wander over to me and Rita. The adult cat smiles at her kittens before handing my body over to Runt.

   “Look a lot has happened to her today. So, I’d appreciate it if you’re all nice to her for the next couple of weeks or so. Give her time to readjust to our way of living,” she says to the kitten. Though it wasn’t an answer to the question, Sora and Dale still nod. Chazz didn’t look at his mother. His eye stayed primarily on me. Rita and Runt couldn’t ignore the disapproving air around him.

   “Regardless of your feelings towards her, this is happening. Tomorrow, we’re gonna take her shopping and we’re all gonna be supportive, right Runt?” Rita announces. In his typical goofy fashion, Runt nods his head with his tongue hanging out. Sora and Dale nod in agreement just like their father. Begrudgingly, Chazz nods to his mother’s request.

   “Great! Now let’s get this cute lil doggie in bed! Tomorrow will be a big day, definitely big, I mean definitely a big day for her,” Runt smiles.
Just give up, I did.

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Chapter 2
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2020, 09:29:04 PM »
   The following morning, I awoke to the pleasant smell of waffles. Eyes still closed; I smile until I opened them. Then seeing myself in the mirror across the bed, my face fell. Quite literally, in fact, fell onto the bed. Screaming, I rush to grab my face off the sheets. Doing so bunched up the sheets, muffling my screams along the way.

   Probably because of my screaming, Rita bursts through the door, “What’s wrong, Rakita?!”

   The cat exhales in relief in seeing it was much my face on the sheets. Instead of what I was doing, she peels my face off the sheets then puts it back on my face. I let out a sigh of relief. It felt wonderful to have my face back on, strange as all that sounds. Afterward, I grip my sheets while pondering what to ask Rita.

Should I ask how did I get here? Is It possible to return to the human world?

More importantly, why can’t I remember my name?

Just the mere thought of not being able to do such brought on tears. Unlike yesterday, Rita rolls her eyes. The cat that held and comforted me the day before seemed to be disappeared. A calmer, colder cat that I was more familiar with seeing was present. Even still, she holds one of my paws and wipes away the tears.

“I’ll be honest, I can’t imagine what’s going in your head. Honestly, I really wish it didn’t happen, but it has,” Rita says with a sadden tone. I look past her and in the mirror at the foot of the bed.

“How did this happen? What happened to cause this?” I ask. The cat opens her mouth, though as I was yesterday, didn’t speak. She most likely had the heart to tell me, just not how to word it. So instead, she gives me a bittersweet smile and chuckles to herself.

She ruffles my head-fur while saying, “I really don’t know. For now, though, you’re my daughter and your name now is Rakita Valrunt.”

“Rakita Valrunt,” I repeat softly to myself. This name, though only hearing it yesterday, felt… nostalgic. It felt as though, the name genuinely was mine. Not…whatever my actual name was.

Rita made her way to door, looking back towards me with a puzzled expression, “Ya hungry or what?”

For the first time since arriving, I smile. Once out of bed, I steady myself on all four legs. Laughter from Rita startles me, causing me to lose my balance.

“Can barely walk, can you?” Rita asks. Well…she’s right, walking in this body is difficult, but she won’t catch me admitting it. Stubbornly, I turn my head away with my nose in the air. Rita stifles her laughter for a bit. She walks over to me, helping me to my feet. The pair of us take a step towards the door. On the first step or two, I nearly topple over. Fortunately, Rita was there to keep me standing.

“Remember to use your tail for balance,” Rita reminds me. At a certain point of her teaching me to walk the one would a toddler, she lets go of my paws. My legs tremble for a bit, but I’m able to maintain balance. Then the following statement made me roll my eyes, “Now you can walk like a big girl.”

Now wondering if I was actuality a girl now, I put a paw to my crouch. Quickly Rita grabs my paw, shaking her head, “This is something you’re gonna have to trust me on. Now let’s go, we’ve got a busy day.”
   Downstairs, Rita and I see the rest of her family sitting at the table, eating breakfast. I take my seat between Runt, who was sitting at the head of the table, and across from Sora. Befitting a hungry toon or anime character, I devour my food. My cheeks swell like balloons as I shove biscuits, fish, bacon, and waffles into my mouth. Against rationality, I’m still able to chew my food and swallow. My gut inflates, as a result, myself sighing whilst rubbing my stomach.

   “That was delicious,” I happily praise. Runt smiles and pats my stomach.

   “Thanks for the compliment, definitely, I mean definitely thanks for the nice words,” Runt smile. I look over to him, doing the most adorable begging face as I could manage. Before asking for another portion, a thought occurred in my, which was problematic.

   It wasn’t my thought.

   She’s not home for longer than a day and already showing her true colours. Why did mom ask the Warners to bring her home? This was a thought produced by Chazz.  Ceasing my adorable begging face, I give him a menacing stare. Then shifted my stare to Rita and Runt.

   “That’s something I’d like to know too. Why did you take me from the human world?” I ask. Chazz’s face fell, shocked that I read his mind. His brother and sister look at me with concern. Meanwhile, Rita and Runt look at one another, sighing in disbelief. Clearly, they didn’t want a repeat of the day before. At least, not at the breakfast table. However, I wasn’t gonna be ignored this time.

   I had a right to know why I was kidnapped and brought here.

   “The answer is simple, we want our family back together,” Rita answers while taking a sip of water. Placing the cup on the table, she locks eyes with me, “Two months is all I ask. You should be adjusted to life here and then I’ll answer your questions.”

   Whatever ability enable me to hear Chazz’s thoughts, I tried the same with Rita. There was no way hell that I’d wait two months for answers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t read her thoughts. Even so, I slowly nod with eyes of doubt. For now, I’ll play along. I’ll be Rakita Valrunt.

   Rita grins, “Now that we’ve got that little issue out the way, let’s finish breakfast. We have things to do.”
   After breakfast, we venture off to the mall. Normally, I keep a certain of level of nonchalant and composure when surrounded, rarely showing emotion. However, I couldn’t stop myself from being surprised with my mouth agape. The mall was crowded, no different than any other mall, except there was one detail: duplicates. For every one toon I saw, there were two or more much just like them.

   “Artists in the human world use duplicates or dups to save time,” Rita briefly explains. We reach our destination at what I assume at a hair salon. I cock an eyebrow at Rita and Runt.

   “Really?” I ask.  Rita doesn’t give a second glance, Runt does on the other hand. He ruffles my head fur, smiling that dumb goofy smile he’s known for.

   “Minerva’s definitely, defi-definitely get you a new image,” Runt says. Looking straight ahead, I read the store’s sign: Minkique. The name alone caused me to give the sign a funny look. Minkique sounds like something a name some idiot made on the spot. This feeling, however, wasn’t returned by the receptionist.

   “If you don’t like it, get lost. That simple,” the blonde mink receptionist nonchalantly states. I get a bit of a chuckle of our response. After a closer examination, I realize that this was Minerva Mink, the slut that only got two episodes. Shrugging off the remark, Sora brushes past me. Tail swaying back and forth, she gazes upon the mink with unbridled affection.

   “Miss Mink, it’s good to see you again!” Sora greets. Minerva looks at the kitten with a fond smile. She leans over the desk, scratching the kitten’s head.

   “You’re looking well,” Minerva comments, looking back to the rest of us, “It’s good to see all of you. Although, I’m not sure about…”

   “Rakita.” Glancing to my right, I see Rita slightly grin. Perhaps, she was content that I said her daughter’s name. Or was it something else, who knows. Either way, it was probability wasn’t important…now. Minerva’s startled reaction to Rakita’s return was more amusing, anyway. The mink got up from her seat and walked around me in a circle. She stops in front of me and hugs me.

   “It’s so good to know you’re alive. When did you get back?” Minerva mumbles. Sheepishly, I wrap my arms around her. My eyes shift to the curtain behind her table. Several sparks flickered from behind it, my eyes widen with worry.

   “The Warners dropped me off yesterday,” I replied then proceeds to ask, “What’s behind the curtain?”

Realizing who was behind the curtain, Chazz and Dale smile. They scurry past us to the curtain to meet the stranger. Sora follows her brother, although she leads me by my paws along with them. Cheerfully, Sora informs me, “C’mon sis, you’re gonna love this guy.”

   I turn to Rita, Runt, and Minerva for support. Not surprised to see that they didn’t seem concern. Right before I go behind the curtain, Rita tells me that she and Runt will be talking with Minerva for a bit. Behind the curtain, a chubby fawn Great Dane with a face shield over his forehead gives Chazz and Dale high-fives.

   “Thought you two were gonna be online last night, what happened?” The Great Dane asks. The brothers point behind them as Sora and I join them, our eyes making contact. He tilts his head in confusion. I didn’t have to try to read his mind to figure he was curious as to who I was. An awkward tension flared up as neither of us said anything to each other. Thankfully, Sora broke it.

   “This is our big sister, Rakita. Rakita this is Rashea, Ms. Mink’s stepson!” Sora introduces. Making a face, I shift look back in the direction of where Minerva was then to Rashea. Eyes focused on him; he extends his paw forward as a friendly gesture. We shake paws, smiling at one each, although I couldn’t help but notice his slight nerviness.

   “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rakita. I didn’t know these guys had an older sister,” Rashea said.

   “Well they do, but the feeling is mutual. I didn’t know Minerva had a stepson.”

   “Nor did I expect Rita and Runt to have an older daughter but, here we are.”

   “HA! Rashea, we’re gonna get along great,” I laugh with sincerity. Laughter truly is infectious as we all begin to laugh. After a good minute or two of laughter, Rashea goes to the machine covered by a large sheet. Mimicking an igor’s face, he rips off the sheets.

   Sadly, it was just a tablet on a drawing table in front of a green screen. The three kittens stare at the sight before us in wonder and amazement. Rashea with pride rubs his knuckles against his chest. All the same, I simply blink at the rather display.  Whatever amazement and pride they felt, I couldn’t see it. Although, there was a definite sense of dread.

   “Ready for your redesign?” Minerva asks as s0he, Rita, and Runt join us. I look from them to my body, if I call this my body. This body belonged to Rakita Valrunt, not whatever my name is. Who was I to decide whether or not to change her body’s appearance, even if I’m currently using it?

   “You defi-definitely don’t have too if you don’t want to,” Runt reminds me. Never looking up at any of them, I shake my head. For reason, beyond this not being my real body, I couldn’t change this body. The way Rakita Valrunt’s body looked felt right. I grip my new paws tightly. I continue to shake my head at the notion of changing my appearance.

   Even though my decision was acknowledged and accepted, Minerva still recommended clothes. In the coming days, my body would begin to become like hers: human-like with animal features. As such clothes would be necessary. The very notion of it sent Sora into a state of unquestionable happiness.

   She grabs my paws, leading over to a large pile of clothes on the floor. Had she not kicked into it; I would’ve asked why she brought me here. However, the first few seconds made the kitten’s logic clear… as clear logic can be in cartoons. Various types of clothing (blouses, shirts, skirts, shoes, etc.) forced themselves on and off my body rapidly. Imagining an entire celebrity wardrobe would barely describe the experience.

   I, eventually, was forced out of the pile of clothes, taking in a large breath of air. Sora sat in front of me, smiling as if she didn’t cause to nearby drown in clothes. Initially, I glare at just Sora then shift it to everyone. In moving my head, I noticed something that wasn’t there before.

   “Hair?” I mumble.

   “Yup and you came out…okay. Could look better, but you’re cute,” Minerva grabs a mirror off the counter and shows me my reflection. Covering myself from the waist up was a silver short-sleeve blouse. From my waist to my ankles was a pair of dark blue jeans.  My newfound hair came down to shoulder-length, colored bright enough to match my fur. However, anyone could tell it wasn’t natural head-fur.

   I yelp in pain after trying to remove it. Everyone, particularly Chazz, got a kick out of that.

   “Never gets old. Now turn around so you see the rest,” she instructs. While turning, I notice my had tail had changed. Now it was undeniably fluffy versus its original narrow design. Honestly, seeing myself front and back, I couldn’t deny that I looked cute. Minerva looks to the others, “What do you all think?”

   “Super cute.”



   “Definitely, cute.”


   “I’d hit that.” All eyes immediately turn to Rashea, except mine. Blushing, I switch from looking him to staring at the ceiling. The Great Dane shoots his paws, defensively and smile nervously at Rita and Runt, “I mean, what I’d to like to say is-”

   “Don’t put the other foot in your mouth,” I recommend. Rashea, giggling sheepishly to mine, walks back to the desk in front of the store. His awkwardness got a small chuckle out of me. Rita gestures for me and the kittens to follow him, most likely to discuss payment with Minerva.

   There we see Rashea sitting at the receptionist desk. Mumbling to himself, he seems to be going over something in pencil. At this moment, it occurred to me to try to and read his mind like I could with Chazz.

   How come every time I meet a girl; I make an ass of myself? Rashea thought to himself. An ass of himself? His earlier remark was a bit…flattering if I’m honest with myself, it wasn’t insulting. It was the first compliment someone gave me about my appearance, be it as a human or an animal. Something that I would’ve relayed to him, had Rita, Runt, and Minerva not come from behind the curtain.

   “Now that’s done, we’ve got another visit to make before we’re done with the day,” Rita announces. At this moment, my ears perk up. Perhaps, this could lead to an opportunity to understand the new world I stuck in. Now all I needed was an excuse.

   “In that case would be fine if I hung with Rashea afterward?” I ask to the canine’s surprise. Rita, Runt, and Minerva look at each other then smile back at me.   

   “I don’t see a reason why not,” Rita responds, Minerva and Runt, nodding.  Shortly after, we leave the Minkique. All the while, there was something I couldn’t shake. A familiar feeling of dread and anxiety filled the air around me.

   I could feel a pair of eyes watching me.
Just give up, I did.

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Chapter 3
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The rest of our day had been uneventful in all honesty. After leaving the mall, I was taken to a doctor for a physical. No new information was brought to the surface other being told I’m healthy for a…toon girl my age. Currently, I was back in my room. More specifically, I was taken back by the once empty closet now filled with my current outfit.

   “It’s not uncommon for toons to wear the same outfit they’re whole life,” Rashea whispers into my ear. For the record, I scare super easily. Before I knew it, I leaped upward and wrapped myself around the ceiling fan. Tail frazzled, my douchebag of a friend laughs at my frightened face.

   “Do that again, I (censor)ing dare you!” I threaten, quickly realizing something. I intended to say **censor**, but out loud it came out censored. Letting go of the ceiling fan, I, surprisingly, land on my back. I pout while Rashea continues to laugh at me.  He then looms over me with an undeserving sense of self-satisfaction.

   “Need a paw?” Rashea offers. Eyes closed; I turn my head away from him.

   “Not in the slightest. In fact, how about you join me, pal? The floor is nice this time of the week,” I offer in response. Peeking out of my right eye, I see Rashea laying next to me in the opposite direction. We then stare at the ceiling for several seconds before bursting into laughter. Getting up, a bright flash catches our attention.

   Sora was at my door, holding one of those old cameras that produced the photo taken immediately. “That’s one for the album! So, where we going, sis?”


   “Mom says you have to take us with you.” Dale and, seemingly reluctantly, Chazz come to Sora’s side. Rolling my eyes, I look to my douche friend that just showed up in my room, unannounced. He also rolled his eyes, mind clearly elsewhere. I didn’t need to read his mind to figure he wanted to be kitten-sitting with me.

   Rashea sighs and gestures for the kittens to come closer. Somehow latching onto the scenery in front of us, he transitions us elsewhere. Well…not exactly. Now we’re in a void surrounded by various windows, standing on a golden platform. Rashea points to a window directly beneath our platform, him and the kittens preparing to jump. I only stand there, lost as to what’s happening and where I was.

   They leaped off the platform, not aware that I hadn’t joined them. My mind races back to the void where I met Rakita. The loneliness…the isolation…it was unbearable. Looking at various windows, I see a variety of different locations; from the Washington Monument to the Eiffel Tower, hell even the mall I went to earlier. These places… could I go to them?

     I look to the window next to the one the others went through, the location is a pier. One of my claws lightly touches the window’s surface, ripples forming around it. A slight tugging sensation was also felt, causing me to pull my paw away. It was that it dawned on me: I could go anywhere I wished here.

   “Could I go home?” I ask myself. Eyes darting around, I searched for a location in the real world. Sadly, my attention was brought elsewhere. My ears perk up at the sound of rattling chains. A pair of cloaked specters adorned with chains slowly approach. My tail tucks itself between my legs as they sprout gibberish.

   The one on the left raises their arms, hands unveiled to be a tube of lipstick and a makeup brush. The other unveils its chest area to be a rotating closet with mechanical hands peeking out. Sweat pours down as I rapidly switch my head between the two. I yelp after a paw grabs my legs and drags me through a window.

   “Are you okay?!” Rashea asked. Right now, I was with the kittens and Rashea. Without realizing it, I latch onto him almost immediately.

   “I was so scared! What were those things?!” I ask. It was at this moment I noticed Sora and Dale’s, annoying, shit-eating grins. Connecting the dots, I back away from him. Now blushing with my back to them, I tap my claws against each other. “Don’t take it the wrong way. But what were those things?”

   “Gary Stu and Mary Sue. Anyone that stays in the pocket dimension long enough runs into them. You can kinda figure out what they do, right?” Rashea explains. I blink at them in hopeless confusion. Not really wanting to know the answer, I nod. Chazz walks past us, nose high in the air.

   “If you’d always been here, you’ve known,” Chazz blatantly states. Well… he wasn’t wrong. My ‘little brother’ walks into a nearby building, all of us shortly following. So far, everything about this world intrigued me. This place was no different.

   An octopus is operating a bar of, probably, non-alcoholic beverages and ice cream. The patrons all stare at an enormous tv that covered almost the entire back wall. Surveying the toons here, I noticed most of them were dups of a skunk, an armadillo, and a hyena. The only unique designs were a brown hair boy and blonde hair girl. However, everyone was more focus on the tv.

   On the screen was a massive four-winged sphinx and equally massive pixie. Cameras surround the duo as they stand on a raising platform. Back to back, the pair held each other’s hands/paws, heads lowered. A spotlight shines on them while a weird looking door slowly parts. The sphinx turns into a brown sphere, the pixie turns into a green sphere. The pair are shot through the door, it closes promptly after their departure.

   Everyone, except myself, holds their breath in glee. Sora tugs on my shirt, jumping up and down with excitement, “They did it, sis! Those two-” Her attention along with everyone’s joy vanished. An exploding door brought my full attention back to the tv.

   The sphinx and pixie fell from the door, screaming. They land not on the platform, but in a pit of acid. I could feel the color draining from my face. No one bothers to help them whilst those two scream and cry as they melt away.


   My eyes are locked onto the site of the sphinx roaring defiantly. Clinging onto what little life was left, it flew out the acid. It slams its claws onto the platform, roaring desperately. Its entire lower half had been eaten away by the acid, only ink dripping. Its wings, bits still covered in acid, melt away as does its arms. Claw marks scrape the steel platform, tears rolling down the sphinx’s face. It’s a desperate struggle to not cry only made my heart sink deeper.


   “I don’t wanna die!” The sphinx cries. The acid on the sphinx’s right arm had now fully melted, leaving it hanging by its remaining melting arm. At this moment, the sphinx seemed to lose all resolve to live. Not realizing it, I half-heartedly walk closer to the tv. Somewhere in my mind, I wanted to try to save them. The sphinx looks back to the camera, everyone bearing witness to a defeated beast.

   It lets go, descending back into the acid. The pixie, who’s only had its sinking chest and head left, is completely erased by the sphinx’s splash in the acid.  The sphinx itself gives out an emotionless laugh, its body completely dissolved by the acid. Afterward, the tv screen goes black. Sora, again, tugs on my shirt.

   “Sis are you okay?” She asks. For the umpteenth time of this story, I’m speechless. Despite being able to, no one in the store tried to help. Not even the camera crew tried to help. They simply let them die. No one even seemed that concerned about it.


   “You must be recently created to not know how things work here,” the blonde hair girl laughs. She wonders over to us, staring me up and down. “Listen, newbie, those two losers failed to connect. Everyone here at some point will be given the chance to connect with a real live human! Succeed and you leave, fail and… well, you saw.”

   Rashea grabs my arm, trying to lead me out the store, “I only brought you here because I thought you’d see a connect happen. But we can go-”

   “Why didn’t any…” I trail off. My ‘little sister’ softly sobs into my side. The brown hair boy joins the girl, smugly smirking at us.

   “Why didn’t anyone save them? Well if those two were so worthless they couldn’t connect, why would anyone? Those that are worthless die and-” The brown hair boy starts then is joined by the blonde girl.

   “The talented will survive.” These… heartless… bastards. How could someone, anyone, watch that sphinx and pixie die and feel nothing? That stupid catchphrase: those that are worthless die and the talented will survive. Thinking like that reminded me of…

   “Hey, retardo!”

   “You have to talk to him like he’s slow or he won’t understand.”

   “Will, you ever stop being useless?”

   “I’m not worthless,” I whisper softly. Sora looks up at my angry face. Out the corner of my eye, I notice her move away from me. Out of the other corner, Chazz and Dale do the same. Even these douchebags back away. Whatever they saw, it felt good to have them be afraid. Regardless, I sigh in defeat and leave the store.

   “Well we know that bright eyes would die!” the blonde said. Outside, I see dups walking pass me. Was the fate of the sphinx and pixie the fate of all here or just special cases? Since I’m here will that mean I’ll have to do this? Especially considering my…unique circumstances.

   “What kinda world is this?”

   “A strange and fun world!” Someone answered. In the crowd of dups, a single character design stood out. Across the street, a ragdoll cat whose breasts were the first thing of note. The ragdoll must’ve been modeled after Jessica Rabbit; a large rack accompanied with an equally large rump. She didn’t have the dress though. Instead, it was a shirt with the phrase ‘Big Momma’ and a pair of yoga pants.

   I blink at everything regarding this character. From her clothes to this unignorable sense of joy radiating off her. There was another feeling she gave off. That feeling of dread and anxiety I felt at the mall was…oh no.


   My body reacted before my brain did. I ran away from her. Whatever she had planned for me, I certainly didn’t want to be about it. My potential assailant’s laughter rings in my ear. Peaking behind, there she was just floating as quickly as I ran. She smiles in a way that would make the Cheshire Cat cringe.

   “Good little boy-girl get your exercise. After all, it’ll be your last.” She remarks. Not wanting to run anymore, I turn around and punch her. In all honestly, this was a bad move. I was better off running until exhaustion then letting trying to fight.

   She catches my paw, casually crushing it in her grip. Painful mews escape my muzzle, falling to the ground on one knee. I’m then sent flying into an alleyway. Toppling over trashcans, I crash into a brick wall. My assailant comes into view, gazing at me with disgust. She grabs by my neck, now smiling.

“Such a shame our little game ended. Was kinda hoping you’d be a challenge. Oh well.” Using her free paw, she pulls a knife out of her bosom. At the very tip of it, acid drips from it. My eyes widen and my struggle to escape intensifies. Thrashing and squirming with all my strength amounted to nothing.

“Don’t struggle little he-she, bow out with grace. They did,” At the last second, a pair of paws tug on my tail. Thankfully, the paws were to get me out of this maniac’s grip. Her smiles slip for a moment. Only a moment. She immediately goes back to laughing.

“Next time you won’t be so lucky!”

My ‘siblings’ and Rashea surround me in the pocket dimension. Shockingly, Chazz removes a hammer from behind his back. With it, he shatters the window they pulled me out of. Meanwhile, I curl up into a ball and cry. Yet looking at the others, they didn’t share my feelings of fear and dread. Instead, they only grinned, except Chazz of course. He kinda just stared at me with more disdain.

“Congrats on getting a nemesis… sis,” Dale joked. Rubbing my eyes, I give him a confused look. Someone had just tried to kill me and yet this douche is more excited about it! Who am I living with?!

“That makes you step closer to meeting your human,” Chazz mumbles then gulps. One of them might have elaborated on that thought, sadly, a familiar gibberish enters the airways. A pair of Gary Stus and Mary Sues surround us. Back to back, we all glare at Chazz for shattering our closest exit. In a united gulp, we resign ourselves to our fate.

Couldn’t it too bad right?
   We return to the club, laughed at by its patrons. The boys were wearing identical sailor suits, each holding lollipops proportionally larger than their heads. They even wore the ridiculous sailor hats. On the other hand, Sora and I were wearing identical pink frilly dresses with old Disney style heels. We were both wearing makeup in a trashy style. Also, we both had a bow on the top of our heads and tied to our tails.

   The blonde hair girl from earlier stops laughing long enough to stand in our faces, “Well well well, it seems you all had an encounter with Gary and Mary! What losers right, Manny?”

   Manny, the brown-haired boy, nods.

   “Not only are they losers, but they’re amateurs as well! They’ll never find a human,” Manny laughs. I shrug my shoulders. None of this is of any concern to me. The others on the other hand…

   “Well, my sister is closer than you losers! She’s already got a nemesis!” Dale announces. The others nod in confirmation of Dale’s statement. Manny and the blonde girl’s mouths hit the floor. Regaining her composure slightly, the blonde grabs me by my dress.

   “If you think some worthless furry trash like you will get a human before us, then you’re sadly mistaken. I, Tiffany Maximillian, will see to that! Come on Manny, we’ve got planning to do,” Tiffany declares. Tiffany and Manny, glaring at us, leave the club. My companions smile and slap one another’s paws. All the while, I’m left shouting a single question.

   “What just happened?!”
Just give up, I did.

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Chapter 4
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2020, 09:52:22 PM »
“How could you all be so stupid?! Rakita may not have known better, but you three did!” Rita shouts. We came home after leaving the teen pub, upon seeing us, Rita immediately took offense. I lower my head, tuning out Rita’s ranting to think of my would-be murder. Who was she and why did she come after me? Her last words came to mind.

“Don’t struggle little he-she, bow out with grace. They did.”

 The word ‘they’ definitely implied others. If there were others like me, I had to meet them. Maybe they’d know more about what’s happened to me. However, more importantly, there’s something else I need to do for the time being. Lifting my head up, I make a single request.

“Teach me how to fight in this world.” 

“…and another thing! Wait…what?” Rita asks, a bit surprised by sudden request. Runt, who had been in the kitchen the entire time, peeks his head out showing quite a bit of concern. Even the kittens seemed a bit shocked by my request. Not that I blame them, even as a human, I wasn’t an actively violent person. The worst I’d do is a threat or two, but they were always empty. 

“If I’m going to be stuck in this world, I need to know how to defend myself. Otherwise another incident like earlier could happen,” I explain to them. Rita sighs, rubbing the back of her head.  She looks back to Runt, probably looking for support, only for him to shrug. Were they really this apprehensive about me learning to fight? Why? What’s wrong with me wanting to learn how to fight?

“I don’t know how to explain this to you but…” she looks back to Runt for support. Exhaling in defeat, Runt chimes in.

“Rakita, you defi-defiinitely just got home like yesterday. It’s not a good idea for you fight right now, definitely, definitely not a good idea.” I tilt my head. Wouldn’t that be more of a reason for me to learn since I’m new to this place? Prepared to voice my objection, Rita and Runt stare at me in a startled manner.  The kittens and I exchange glances, worried about their parents’ as neither say or do anything for a solid minute.

At the end of this awkward silent, once again, Rita and Runt sigh. Except this sigh felt more like one of defeat or resignation. For a brief moment, my body shudders. It felt as though someone had placed a hand on my shoulders. Looking over both my shoulders, I fail to find anyone or anything that wasn’t already here. 

“Alright kiddo, you got your wish. Tomorrow we’ll see about getting you enrolled in fighting classes,” Rita announces then turns to her kittens, Chazz specifically, “I expect you to make sure your sister doesn’t get lost or hurt.”

“Why me?!” Chazz shouts. 

As her answer, Rita pulls out a mirror from behind her back. Dale and I get a bit of a laugh out of our ridiculous appearance. Yet, Chazz grumbles, nevertheless although reluctantly, agrees to show me around the school. I get another bit of a chuckle out of Sora mumbling about she wanted to show me around the school. 

Afterwards, we sit at the dinner table to eat. Like earlier at Breakfast, it was relatively quiet. Not that I didn’t appreciate it. Certainly, better than dinners had in the human world…

“Shut your fat (CENSORED) up! You no-neck bastard!”

“Shut your skinny (CENSORED) up! You god (CENSORED) piece of (CENSORED)(CENSORED)!”

After dinner, Runt and I head upstairs to my – eh – Rakita’s room, presumably for a possible chat. Hopefully, I get more out of him than Rita. Granted…that would require talking to him. At the moment, I simply stare into my lap, twiddling my paw digits. I yelp a bit when Runt wraps an arm around me.

“So…you and Rita are taking turns with me?” I ask. Runt didn’t immediately answer. Instead, he only looks at me with those sad eyes. Clearly, he had something to say, but couldn’t find the heart or the way to say it. So instead of words, he places his forehead against mine. 

“Ya gotta see this, defi – definitely got to see this.” 
 In a corridor I stood, baffled by what Runt just did. Had he just teleported me somewhere? If so, then where and how considering him and Rita weren’t gag characters; the duo were saner and grounded in reality. Well, as realistic as a singing cat and dumb dog who go to different time periods can be.

 The sound of feet on the pavement cause my ears to perk up. Turning back, my heart sinks. Happily hopping alongside her parents, Rakita – who couldn’t be any older than her siblings – along with Rita and Runt come my way. Runt seems sad, whilst Rita looked more annoyed.

 “I can’t wait to meet my human! Are they gonna be nice?! I bet they’ll be nice! I hope they’re nice! Will they be an artist? I hope they’re an artist so we can always see each other! I just hope they aren’t a writer. Writers-” Rakita’s maw is clamp shut by her mother. Runt picks up the kitten, hugging and kissing her.
“Don’t be sad, daddy. I’ll be back soon,” Rakita promises. Rita scratches behind her daughter left ear. Strangely enough, both I and Rakita purr from getting her ear scratch.

“You’ll do great kiddo. Now run along,” Rita waves. Rakita hops out of Runt’s grip, running down the corridor. Halfway through, as if torn by some sad emotion, she turns around to give Rita and Runt a final heart. Then before she went off to connect with a human, she pauses right next to me. She gazes at me with a happy smile. 

Could she see me? If I’m in a flashback, that shouldn’t be possible, right? 

“How is this…”

“I look forward to meeting you.” She then runs pass. I reach out to grab her, a painfully bright light emitting from the pathway.

Now I’m back in the room with Runt. Except, I’m on the floor, panting with sweat dripping from my face. Looking back to Runt, he simply gives a look. It was the kinda look a dog gives you when they try to cute their way out of a problem. That wasn’t gonna cut today.

 “What was that?! Why did you show me that?!”

 “Because maybe it’s a clue. No defi-definitely a clue to what happened to you two.” Runt hops off the bed, walking pass me. We share a momentary eye-to-eye glance with each other, then he heads downstairs. Standing up, I consider everything I just witnessed.

 Rakita had gone off to connect to her human, me. Perhaps that’s happened what when we initially met? In that case, why was she as young as the kittens? When she and I met, we were roughly the same age – translating toon years to human years. Regardless, our connect was successful. Yet, there was a complication in our connect. In that case, had Rakita just been…

 “What ya thinking about?” Someone whispers into my ear.

 Again, I scare REALLY EASILY.

 “Is this gonna be a thing with you?!” I scream. In a sense of déjà vu, I leap upward. My tail is frazzled, my claws nailed to the ceiling. Looking down, my dick of a friend is whistling, acting all innocent. As if he didn’t, intentially terrorize me, holding out his paws as though I’m supposed to land into them. Nevertheless, I fall into his paws.

 “Oh, have I saved the fair maiden from her thoughts?” Rashea mockingly asks. I roll my eyes.

 “Screw you! Why are you even here?!” I ask in return. Now he rolls his eyes, sheepishly. Sighing, he lets me go. 

 “Listen, I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have left you alone. If I- we, if we didn’t show up at the last second to save you…” He trails off. We both shudder at what that crazy lady would’ve done if they didn’t save me. Shrugging off the thought, I tap my foot on the ground impatiently.

 “Answer my question.”

 “Oh yeah. Come with me, there someone who wants to meet you.” My ears perk up. Could this someone answer my questions? At the very least, I’d get to meet another pe-toon…another toon. Keeping this thought in mind, I happily agree. 

 Instead of taking the pocket dimension, Rashea latches onto the side of our scene. A scene portraying a grassy cliff covers our current setting. I feel a steady breeze as the grassy cliff becomes new setting with each passing second. Once we arrive, I blink, like a lot. Rashea gets a few chuckles out me trying to copy him. 

 Both him and another erupts in laughter as I curl up by a tree, rubbing a claw into the grass. A paw clamps over my shoulder. causes me to shudder. Looking behind me, a smiling hippo in a golden pantsuit greets me. Rashea peaks out from behind the hippo, gesturing for me to wave. So I wave at her, in a nervousish (if that’s even a word) manner.

 “Hello…my name is-” I start but the hippo cuts me off.

 “I already know, darling.  The girl with a MILF kitty for a nemesis and made Tiffany and Manny her enemies. Impressive although, your current attire won’t do.” With a flick of her wrist, my current outfit returns to what it was before. Looking over my body, I’m amazed that there’s not even a trace of Gary and Mary’s handywork on me. As I continue to be amazed, the hippo introduces herself. Though I kinda ignored her introduction. Naturally, I’m still more impressed by what she did. Turning to her, I question how she did it through pointing at my clothes.

 “Margaret can manipulate all clothing fabric. She works at the Minkique as a concept artist,” Rashea explains. Coming to her side, he elbows her playfully. She laughs awkwardly, eyes facing away from us. He continues, “She was supposed to be helping you with your redesign but flaked out on work today.”

 “Had my reasons.” Margaret mumbles. Preparing to ask why we’re here, an incredible gust of wind blows throughout the air. The clouds above quickly became dark, well darker than they should be given the time of night. Over the cliff, a massive black demon with wings rises into view. Laughing maniacally, its eyes stare us down. Naturally, I tense up – afraid that we’re going to die – until I notice that Rashea and Margaret aren’t worried. Quite the opposite, Rashea and Margaret put on a pair of shades as they eat popcorn.

 “We made it in time,” Margaret said with a mouth full of popcorn. Gingerly, I take some popcorn out the bucket. Rashea tosses me a pair of shades and we focus on the demon before us.

“Foolish creatures, none of you are a match for me! Soon I shall plunge this world into darkness!” The Demon taunts.

Over the cliff are probably a pair of beaten and battered heroes. Despite all the damage they’ve probably taken, one of them probably rising. This lone fighter speaks loud enough for all of us to hear.

 “We won’t give up! We’ve come to far to fall here!” The lone fighter probably looks around to their defeated allies slowly standing up. One by one each of them would standup, spewing something generic and optimism. Each of them produced a beacon of light that converged onto the lone fighter. The demon opposing them gasps in fear, backing away.

 “This… power? How?! How can you this much power?!” The demon cries. The lone fighter leaps into the air, the energy from its allies becoming a single multicolor blade.

“This is the power of our bond! OUR FRIENDSHIP!” With a slash of the multicolor blade, the demon is split into two. Our ears clamp down from the demon’s final death wail. The lone fighter, now hero, falls back down to his friends. On his way down, he sees our little group and smiles at us, winking even. Once he was out of our sight, Rashea turns to me.

 “What did you think?”

 “Even though some context is missing, I thought it was alright.” Rashea and Margaret nod at my answer. Although Margaret seems a little unfazed by the spectacle we witnessed. She waves her paw at us, dismissively.

 “See one generic final battle, you’ve seen ‘em all,” Margaret moans. I sigh, she wasn’t wrong – I completely agree with her. We peak over the cliff, watching the lone hero receiving cheers and praise from his comrades. Rashea and Margaret pretend to bark at the affectionate display beneath us. A small chuckle escapes my maw until our ears pick up feet treading across the grass.

 Slowly, we turn our heads in unison to see my would-be assassinate from earlier coming our way. The knife in her paws, with each step, becomes longer and longer until it’s undeniably a machete dripping acid. We're shaken by her resting her blade in her empty paw – completely unaffected by the acid – shaking her head at us.

 “Young people, so inexperienced and yet so judgmental. Although I’ll give you this much,” now she looks dead set on me, “at least you seem a little less judgmental. Nevertheless,” she disappears before our eyes. Now she reappears directly in front of us, machete held up above us.

 “Perish he-she!”

 With a single slash, she demolishes the ground beneath as well as myself.

However, that last part was what she had hoped. At the last second, Rashea opens a rift to the pocket dimension, where we all fall into. There he and I share frighten expressions. Without hesitation, he shatters the window we fell from with a rock. Grabbing me by my paw, we bolt away, Margaret steadily running behind us. Unlike us, concerned and a bit scared, she’s thrilled.

“You’ve got an awesome nemesis! Who is she anyway?” Margaret asks. 

“I don’t know. Until today, I’ve never met her!” I reply. Our canine friend searches fanatically for a safe place to hide. We come to a screeching halt when, for lack of a name, MILF kitty descends from a shattering window. Upon landing, all the windows within sight shatter as well. She rises to her feet, machete pointed at us.   

“Then allow me to correct that, my name is Diane. Now, you just hand over the feline and we’ll be on our way,” Diane demands. Rashea shoves me behind him whilst Margaret steps forward. Diane shakes her head with a sigh. Collectively, the three of us blink. She really isn’t upset they wouldn’t just me over to her, right?

Diane caresses her weapon ever so carefully, “Such a shame. Well…I can’t say I’m surprised. Afterall,” she lunges at us with tremendous speed wielding a devious grin, “burying nuisances like you is such fun!”

 Margaret performs several weird hand gestures. Halfway towards us, Diane flops on the floor. Using her paws for support, she steadily attempts to stand up. With another gesture from Margaret, Diane fell back onto the floor. Hissing, she tosses her machete behind her. Her tail quickly grabs it, swinging it to the best she could. 

 Even in her current state, her swing generated enough force to send us flying; more specifically Margaret as she fell off into another window. Then without Margaret’s spell (I assume it’s a spell) keeping her in place, Diane raises up. I also raise to my feet, gasping at the sight of Rashea who is now unconscious. Though I’m not very strong, I nudge him in the direction Margaret fell. Fortunately, I got him off the platform; sadly, I couldn’t join. I jump back as to narrowly avoid Diane’s machete.

 “No little he-she, your only way out is through me.”

 I gulp. Last time it was made painfully clear that I can’t fight her. At least, not expecting to win. With that thought, I give a desperate laugh. Perhaps this is the best outcome for me: to die in another world. At least that way, I don’t have to continue my meaningless existence. So perhaps, Diane is simply offering me a merciful death.

 Maybe she sensed my defeated sense of self, as she emotionlessly grabs her weapon. Shockingly, she wraps an arm around me, promising me that it’ll be over quickly. I squeal and gasp from her blade impaling me. Diane shushes my cries, petting me over and over. Raising my arms into view, what I saw didn’t make sense. 

 Have you ever seen a glitching screen? Or perhaps static from a television? That’s what’s happening to me. My arms glitch, occasionally displaying my human arms. Screaming at the top of my lungs, I could my body glitching between my real body and Rakita’s. Every passing second made it worse… I could hear her screams along with my own. 

 Now I understood what Diane is doing: eradicating whatever power bound us together. 
 A realization that came far too late. My screams waver in a matter of seconds. The end result of the distortion is me still in her body. However, it felt unbearably heavy. Granted it’s mostly dark – the windows prove slight light – my vision blurs and my hearing dulls. Diane says something, not that it matters. 

 The last thing I see is a silhouette, different than any I’ve ever seen before approaching me. 

Don’t let your connection die.
Just give up, I did.

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Chapter 5
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Humans believe all sorts of things about death. Some think there’s an afterlife. For some, reincarnation. For me though, there’s nothing. 

No sounds. 

No tastes. 

No smells. 


Just emptiness and meaninglessness. All because I let that woman, Diane, kill us.

Don’t let your connection die.

Huh? Who’s voice is this?

Don’t let your connection die.

My connection? My connection to who?

Don’t let her die.

Her? Wait…was this voice referring to Rakita? That’s right… because of Diane, whatever connection we had had been severed. If given an opportunity, I’d apologize for not standing up to that cat. At the very least, could’ve gone down fighting. 

Don’t let yourself die?

A single light pierce through the nothingness around me. Whether I’m capable to or not, I move towards it. With each passing second, the voice gets louder.

Don’t let your connection die.

Don’t let her die.

Don’t let yourself die.

The light burner brighter and brighter. Regardless of the ability to do so or not, I reach out to it. It envelopes me, a warm feeling washing over. However, there is still darkness. Although at this darkness was…

“He’s coming too.”


My eyes burst open. Shooting straight from the bed, I gasp for air. Eyes darting around the room with frantic breathing, Rakita and a Dalmatian sat at a table. Rakita, though smiling, looks down at the floor in a dishearten fashion. Wait…was she upset that we didn’t die? Or…that I didn’t die? The dalmatian, on the other hand, seemed thrilled with the news.

“You’re alive. That’s good,” the Dalmatian says as she and Rakita come to me. The dalmatian sits beside me on the bed, running a paw through my hair. Wait hair? Looking over my arms, they’re still kinda hairy. Except it was a human arm, not an animal’s arm. It took a few seconds longer than it should’ve before fully processing it: I’d return to being human. In that case, maybe…

“You still won’t remember your name,” the dalmatian whispers. Sighing, my eyes shift to the cat. The joy of returning to my original self are overshadowed by unbridled rages towards the feline.

“What happened in that void? Why did I turn into you?! Answer me!” I demand. She doesn’t say anything. Tears roll down her face. It took a second to realize that she didn’t know either. Also, this probably wasn’t the best way to start off our relationship. Letting go of her, eyes now shift to the Dalmatian. Nodding, she leads us out of the room and into…the solar system aka space. 

No, I’m not **censor** around. The door we walked through, led us directly into space. Perhaps watching a lot of cartoons and anime led me to not worrying if I’ll fall and die or if breathing would be possible. Either way the Dalmatian points up and a human and cartoon rabbit appear above us. They exchange a few words then touch hands/paws. Gasping, the human is absorbed into the rabbit, the rabbit then disappears as well.

“In order of your questions, the void you two met in is a border between our worlds.  What happened to you is called Sonaification. It’s not uncommon phenomenon. When from someone from our worlds meet, if the connection is strong enough, they become one. Which world they go to and who becomes the dominant body is dependent on the strength of the bond,” she explains. 

The feline and myself share a surprised look. Until a few days ago, we’d never meet. More importantly, until now, we’ve never been able to talk with each other? How could we have established a bond that strong? The canine probably sensed our confusion, continuing as a visual of our first meetings plays before us.

“What should’ve happened was the Warner Siblings bringing Rakita back to their world. For you, it should’ve been just a crazy dream. However, as a result of one of you being unable to let the other go, you were able to cause Sonaification,” she adds. Snapping her paw digits, we are right back in the room we were before. Seeming a bit sadden, the Dalmatian reaches out to grab our hands/paws.

“Are we going to have to go back now?” Rakita ponders. The Dalmatian nods.

“Yes. I know both of you have plenty of questions but, those isn’t much time left. I’ll send you both to the border between our worlds for you to become one. Understand that I will not intervene next time,” The dalmatian said. 

“Before we go, who are you? Why did Diane want to kill us?” I blurt. The Dalmatian gives me a frustrated glare. Even if our questions would be answered upon our next meeting, knowing at least the second question is important. Plus, the Dalmatian should’ve introduced herself the first time.

“My name is Deborah, I am one of many observers in this world. However, I cannot tell you the reason for Diane’s actions. Ask her yourself,” Deborah answers. As multicolored miasma appears around us, our view of Deborah getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Soon she disappears completely from our vision, our souls going back to the border between worlds.
 We stood there in the border between our respective worlds. We’re both hesitant to reach out to each other. Neither of us want to just give up our bodies. Especially if it meant Rakita would fade away.

 “I won’t fade away. I’ll simply be a spectator in my own body.”

 That sounds worse than just fading way. Watching someone else control – wait could she…

 “Tell what you think? Of course. I’ve known you very well for years.”

 “Then why haven’t we meet until a day or two ago? And even then, why didn’t you say anything?” I wonder. She lowers head with another sigh.

 “I dunno, guess I was scared. Even though we’ve been together for so long, guess I don’t really know you. Guess I was worried you’d hate me or something,” Rakita responds. Makes sense. Up until this very moment, we’d never actually had a conversation before. For that reason, I sat down patted the nonexistent ground for her to do the same.

 “Then let’s get to know each other. If we’re stuck with each other, we might as well learn as much we can about each other,” I offer. Rakita sits next to me and we just talk. Talk about potential goals, favorite activities, favorite food, just general stuff that friends talk each other about. Friends…huh. Never imagined I’d make friends with a fictional character. We chatted for about an hour or so – granted we had no of knowing for sure of this – before we stand up.

 “Before we go back, I’m sorry about earlier. You didn’t deserve any of that,” I say out of nowhere. Smiling, Rakita shakes her head.

 “Don’t worry about it. I’d have done the same thing if I was in your shoes.” We continue to smile at each other. Our hands/paws reach out and connect to each other.

 “This time we’re on the same page…”

 “And well show Diane not to mess with us.”

 My body fades as black motes flow into Rakita’s body. With each passing second, pieces of her conscious fades as well, granting me control over her. Admittedly, this sounds terrible but it’s not. Unlike before when we accidently performed Sonaification, this time it felt like we are connecting with each other on a deeper level. 

This time is different. 

Once more, the voice from no where utter a familiar statement.

You are now bound as one.
 “She’s coming too!”

 “Wonderful Rita and Runt would kill me if something happened to her!”

 Opening my eyes, Rashea and Margaret stand over me. Rubbing my head with a paw, I notice we’re…at the EIFEL TOWER! I rush over to stare at the view of London. Honestly, wasn’t as great as I’d ever thought it be. Kinda disappointing truthfully.

 “Welp, kitty here’s made a quick recovery.” Margaret joins me and clamps a paw on my shoulder. The two of us burst into nonsensical laughter. Rashea, after staring at us for a few seconds, grabs my other shoulder.

 “What happened? How are you still alive?” Blinking for a bit, I slowly undo my blouse. There’s a few catcalls and eye rolls, but all eyes on me turned into gasps. On my chest is a clear scar from where Diane stabbed me. A thick black liquid, ink, had dried up over my scar. Whatever healing process toons had seemed to have started but hadn’t fully finished.

Because we’re technically only half-toon, the process will be slower. 

  My ears perk up. I frantically search around for the where the voice had come from. Of course, and just really frustrating, there was no one who could’ve said that. As if on cue, the world around me dulls and Rakita appears before me.

Even though we’re one, you’re gonna be on your own for a bit. In comparison, I took more damage from Diane’s sword. So just be safe, dunno how long I’ll be out.

 My senses return to reality – well… my current reality – with Margaret and Rashea looking at me very worried. Neither had a chance to speak, a familiar chuckle entering the airwaves. Guarding the exit, tipping off her flat cap, Diane reveals herself. My friends step forward to protect me, the cat shaking her head.
“I have no intention of harming your friend at the moment, you can be off edge,” said Diane. What did she mean ‘at the moment’? Appearing behind us, she turns me around to face her. A whirling, charging, sound slowly hums in my ears. Looking back, Margaret somehow turned both her arms into cannons.

 “Give me one reason.”

 Diana laughs, “You should already know you can’t beat me.” She then turns her attention back to me. “I could kill you again. It’d be so easy. But, count yourself lucky today: I won’t kill you.”

 “Really?” I ask, kinda confused. She wangs a claw in my face.

 “Oh don’t get it twisted; I am going to kill you. Just not now. If I’m your ‘nemesis’ and you need sidekicks and an observer to help you, you’re not worth killing. So, get stronger get nice and powerful so the game can be fun.” She leans until her muzzle is next to my left ear, “Plus, killing you at your best will get the message across.”

 “Message? What are you-” I fall to my knees from a swift kick to the stomach. Margaret probably would’ve let Diane have a full blast from her…armhole cannons but perhaps didn’t want to risk hurting me. Honestly, should’ve taken the shot. I really never want to see this bitch again.

 Granting my wish, even if only for the moment, Diane leaps off the Eiffel Tower. We didn’t bother to check; she most likely went through the pocket dimension. We stay in Paris for about an hour then head home. 
 “Take care kitty. See ya tomorrow,” said Margaret, heading further down the path then me or Rashea. Alone, at a window to my room, he tosses a stone up in the air a few times.

 “Once you go inside, I’ll shatter every window connecting to your place. Ya know, for safety reasons.” Rashea promises. Back turned to him, my paw reaches out to the window. Midway to returning to my room, I snatch my paw out. After all, there was something left to do.



 I turn to him and say, “Sonaification. I think Diane’s weapon undoes Sonaification.”

 His brow furrows, unable to really process that bit of information. At least that‘s what I thought. Instead, he laughs softly for a bit then gives a cute smile. “Kinda figured as much. It’s rare for our kind to come here with as little knowledge as you have.”

 Wait a goddamn second, is he calling me stupid? He laughs again when I glare at him with the tenacity a cute cat-girl can muster. He didn’t say anything then just gestures for me to through the window. We weren’t done with this conversation, but it’ll be probably be better to have with Margaret around. All things considered, she’s the best chance we got against Diane.

 As I hop back into my room, a stone shatters the mirror. Landing softly on my bed, I undo my blouse again to check on my scar. It still hadn’t fully healed, it honestly hadn’t healed anymore than before. Hopefully, it wasn’t permanent. Once I leave, I wouldn’t have to deal with the scar, Rakita would. It certainly wouldn’t be fair for…

 “Sonaification? So, you really aren’t her?” An intruding voice asks. Ears perked up, I turn to the room door. There Chazz sits, looking none too surprised or happy to see me.

Just give up, I did.

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Re: The Connection That Binds Us
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Chazz hadn’t moved an inch since I called out to him. With the way his claws were digging up the carpet, I’m expecting him to pounce. His eyes were saying he was weighing his options between attack me or pretend he didn’t hear that. At least, that’s what I’d assume he was thinking.

“We can’t tell Sora or Dale.”


“If you tell either of them, I know how they’ll react.” After spinning into a kitten-sized tornado, Chazz stares happily at me with white fur and a pink bow at the top of his head. Blinking for a bit, I tilt my head. If I hadn’t seen him do that, I would’ve assumed he was Sora. “OMG, sis not only found her human, but they’re their other-selves?! That’s so cool! I’ve got two big sisters now!” Chazz then spun again, this time stopping with brown fur. Now he was the spitting image of Dale. Granted, on the other hand, Dale never any defining traits in his design. “That’s cool! It’s like…it’s like.” His efforts to imitate his brother fail and he spins back to his normal self. Huffing and puffing, he stares at me, his thoughts loud and clear to me.

“Do you get it? I know you can read minds.”

“I do. Wait, how did you know I could do that?”

“Between breakfast and when you felt sad for Rashea, I kinda figured it out.” Chazz answers. Then he asks his own question, “Are you a friend or enemy?”

When I try to answer, my senses dull. I wouldn’t say I’d passed out, but it felt like it. I soon come back to my senses with Chazz facing the door.

“It’s too late for me, Rashea, and Margaret, but don’t drag Sora or Dale into this.” He said as though he’s fighting tears. Perhaps then I should’ve asked him what happened, but I shrugged the thought off. Rakita had probably taken over and put in a good word for me. I fall onto my back, easily falling asleep after the events of today.
Rakita and I sit in another empty void playing chess against each other. She’d taken most of my pieces, left with only my black King and Queen. On the contrary, I’d only managed to take a few pawns, her bishops, and a rook. Smugly smiling the way only her species can, she moves a pawn to my side of the board and replaces it with another queen.


Great, I lost again for the tenth time.

“Don’t feel bad, you won the first one,” she smirks. Our first game had gone decidedly easy for me. Wait…she hustled me?! “It’s called a hustle, sweetheart.”

I roll my eyes. The board reforms with our pieces returning to their original place. Rakita places a paw over my left hand.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

“What did you tell Chazz? He seemed very upset about it.” I ask. She shrugs.

“Everything Deborah told us.”

“Then why was he upset?”

“Because now that we’re on this path, we can’t stop until we or Diane lose.”
   Initially, I was expecting to go to Acme Looniversity. Not an illogical choice on my part. However, as I’d come to find out, I’m wrong. Chazz lead me through, essentially, an oversized college campus. The Looniversity was just a building amongst the many we walked past. Our destination was the tallest building in the dead center of campus.

Along the way, eyes stay fixated on us. Except, they weren’t hateful like Diane’s, they were the eyes of students seeing a new student. I bet some of them were talking about me. Amongst the chatter, I shudder at what I heard a male student wanted to do with me.

“Don’t take anything you hear personally. They’re just like you, assembling their cast,” Chazz said. I blink. Cast? My eyes shift from left to right, noticing the truth to his words. Most of the eyes on me weren’t about how attractive I was; instead, they were sizing me up. Seeing whether I would belong in their cliché. Amongst them, nearly all of them, ignore me and go back to whatever they were doing.

A few eyes stay focused on me, yet only one seemed interesting. An orange cat, semi-feral in design like Rakita’s parents and siblings, smiles at me. We share a passing smile before he leaves, probably to his first class. Chazz chuckles.

“Can’t tell if he’s adding you or you added him,” Chazz taunts. I roll my eyes. We do arrive at our destination, Chazz pointing at the door. “Go inside, tell them your name and meet me back here at the end of the day.”

He didn’t give me a chance to respond. He just left me, the confused new girl, in front of the admission’s office. Sighing, I step inside, expecting to be blown away. Awaiting me inside was a lone pink rabbit secretary sitting at her desk. Other than her, a door to her right and several other students waiting, nothing seemed amazing about this. Why was this building so large?

“Are you Rakita Valrunt?” The secretary asks.


“You’re late,” she dryly said. The rabbit secretary motions for the other students (another cat, a dragon, a black woman, and a hyena) to follow her behind the door. We’re led to a moving sidewalk, passing through various environments, ranging from a city to a jungle. An explosion shakes us, well except the rabbit secretary, to the floor. We rush over to get a passing glance of two mechs fighting.

“Before Ms. Valrunt graced us with her presence, I was talking about how which school you’ll be assigned too. After a written examination to get an idea of what type of character you wish to be, you’ll be brought a second exam based on your answers. Exams and results vary so don’t be surprised if you wish to be the main character of a combat-based show and end up the love interest of a sappy teen-sitcom.” The rabbit secretary explains, eyes on me for the last bit. My face deadpans. These exams literally hold our life in their hands. If it turns out I wasn’t fit to be something related to fighting, Diane will kill me. Deborah’s second chance would’ve been for naught.

The moving sidewalk ends at the entrance to another door. It opens and the rabbit secretary returns to her office. As we take seats in the next room, a blue rabbit hands out exam sheets. My ears droop, the questions were insanely difficult. All of them are ‘If you were in this scenario, what you do’ type of questions in essay format.
Let me give you an example: ‘If your nemesis converted all your allies into their henchmen and the only to save them was kill them, would you?’ An easier, correction, the easiest question is ‘How you handle a love triangle between your main and secondary love interest?’

In the span of an hour, I answer nearly every question except for the first one. It felt oddly specific, almost foreshadowing, kinda scary if it came true. The same rabbit picks up our exams, instructing us to wait by the door we came out of.

“That test was super easy, right?” The dragon asks us. The hyena along with myself shake our heads.

“Bruh, shit be difficult as **censor**. They got us out here thinking we’ll actually making these choices,” the hyena complains. Couldn’t agree more. Diane didn’t seem to be the type to do some of these scenarios. At worst, she’d probably do the about saving hostages or hunting the bad guy.

“The answer’s simple, you don’t have a nemesis. None of us do, yet. So, I just imagined having one as a basis for my answers,” The other cat adds. The black girl laughs at the cat’s statement.

“I mean, how could we one yet, we haven’t been assigned roles,” the black girl reminds. Assigned roles? We can’t get a nemesis without an assigned role? That made me relax a bit. Between this and the next exam, I’m certain to be assigned as a combat-based character. Even so…

“Well…I do. I have a nemesis.” I blurt out. Their heads all turn towards me in shock. The dragon stares at me with disbelief, the others asking me a barrage of questions.

“You’re not joshing us are ya?”

“Do you do battle with your nemesis regularly or semi-regularly?”

“How did it happen? Were you guys lovers, family, coworkers, what did you do?”
I answer all their questions, although I neglect to show or mention the scar she left me. They all gaze at me with starstruck eyes, kinda as Sora and Dale did. Make senses, if none them had a nemesis, anyone having one before school would be looked at as being awesome. Except one of them wasn’t impressed with my story.

If you guessed the dragon, you’d be right.

“Oh please, you’re probably lying. You were probably recently created, it’s impossible for you to have a nemesis,” he scoffs. I snicker at his words. He’s jealous, that’s obvious. It felt good to have others jealous of me. Usually…

Staring at the door to my next class, I stand in this dark corner of my school as I watch classmates pass by. My face is in its usual downtrodden self, waiting for my teacher to arrive to open the door. All the while students walk pass laughing, laughing at me or about something else. Probably me.

“Why are you there?” A teacher evidently asks.

“It’s the quietest place in school,” I’d usually respond. It wasn’t a complete lie. However, the reason was that I just didn’t belong with them. None of them wanted me around. Unless it involved ridiculing me.

“Ms. Valrunt?” The blue rabbit from earlier calls. Gasping, I take notice that it was just us. The rabbit hands my paper with a smile. “You’ll be moving onto the final stage of our exam. Then at the end of the day, you’ll be given a schedule based on your results.” At the very top of the paper, there are three categories listed on my answers. The first is fighting protagonist, the second is a love interest, the third is a slice of life secondary character.

“Where will I be taking the next exam?” I ask.

“Since you’re more likely to be a protagonist of a combat-based series, we need to assess how well you do in a fight. You’ll be facing off against the other new student, the dragon.” He explains. I nod, although I wished I had rolled my eyes. Figures I face off against the dragon as part of my exam. Sort of was half expecting fight either Manny or Tiffany. Considering their vague threat.
Regardless, the blue rabbit leads me to the battlefield. The battlefield, a replicate of some random city block, is occupied by more than just my opponent. A meerkat, who I believe is our referee, along with from behind the glass ceiling is Rashea, Margaret, the kittens, that orange cat from earlier, plus a bunch of dups.

“Normally, we have don’t this exam at all. However, since we’re running low on room in those classes, we have students fight. The fight ends when one of you is unconscious or surrenders. Now begin!”

The dragon leaps into the air, his wings spread. Every flap of his wings generates a windstorm, pushing me back. Even putting all my weight into my legs do nothing. He gives out a final wing flap, sending me flying. Instantly, he’s above me with a daunting laugh.

He reaches out to grab my tail but, I curl into a ball and roll further away from him. Once I’m a good distance away, about two or three feet away, I land with my back against a wall with my legs arched up. If all went well, he’d go flying right into a light pole or something. Preferably a building, not sure if I could fight a dragon for long.

He doesn’t approach though. Instead, he takes a large breath of air… **censor**. He’s gonna breathe fire. As he exhales, I try to evade. I’m successful for the most part...

“MY TAIL IS FLAMING!” I shriek, leaping in the air. Amongst the giggles and jokes from our spectators, a pair of talons latch onto my tail. Lowly tilting my head down, the dragon meets me with a devious grin. I attempt to make a witty remark, instead, he tosses me into the ground.

I groan from the massive crater I’m laying in. I turn over to stand up, only for the dragon to stomp my face into the dirt. Through a gap in his feet, I see his grin fade. It didn’t take a mind-reader to know his thoughts.

He was clearly disappointed the girl who claimed to already have a nemesis isn’t worth fighting. That he probably wasn’t even trying yet, but this was the best his opponent could do. Again, never was much of a fighter. Don’t know what really gave me the idea I could handle this to begin with.

I should’ve just asked Deborah if she could send me home. At least this way, Rakita would have her body back. She’d probably win this fight. She’d probably be able to defeat Diane.

“Will, you ever stop being useless?”

“Just get off the team, you’re the weak link.”

That’s all I’ll ever be: the weak link. Nearly everyone I’ve met so far has either saved or protected me from someone. If the situation was reversed, they’d be dead. I’m so worthless. I should just-

The dragon still has his foot over my head, except I’m a human. The area around us is completely monochrome in color. Rakita is staring at me, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Stop doing that! Stop thinking and saying negative things about yourself!” She cradles my head in her paws. She rests her forehead against mine. “I’ve heard you talk down to yourself for so long. I’ve wanted to say this then, but you couldn’t hear me. Now you can.”

“Rakita, I-”

“No, listen. You can’t go through life hating and doubting yourself. I’m here for you, I’ll always be here for you.” She drapes a paw over my right hand. Smiling, her irises glow slightly. I take her paw into my hand, gently but firmly squeezing it.

“I don’t know if I can. But…I feel like if it’s with you, I can try.” I choke out.

“Good. Now let’s kick that dragon’s ass.” My eyes take on a similar glow to match Rakita’s. The glow in our eyes become brighter and brighter with each passing second. Taking each into our hands/paws, we phase through each other (if that makes sense).
   “Just surrender already. If you do, I’ll consider making you my love interest,” the dragon taunts. Who knows how long he was asking for our surrender? Who cares? All that mattered was the yellow glow in our eyes reflecting off his foot talons. We grin, it’s time to show off our new trick.   

“Funny, w – I was thinking the same,” We said. We had to be careful about using the word ‘we’ out loud. Now wasn’t the time for our reveal. No that could wait until much later.

This dragon, probably done with waiting for our surrender, grabs our tail. We’re flung overhead into the second floor of a building. We just continue to laugh at his pitiful retaliation. No more wasting time let’s just finish this. Time to show off our new trick.

The dragon hovers in front of us, flashing his fangs at us. He raises an arm above his head, continuously slashing away our face. Fur flies from our face as he mocks us for being so weak. If he hadn’t been too busy gloating, he might’ve noticed the black miasma growing around our paws.

His slashing comes to an eventual end. He drew in a large breath, intending to finish us off with a dose of flames. That works for us. The aura around our paws took the form of a long black whip. It all played out in slow motion from there on out.

As he exhausted his flames, our whips clamp his mouth shut. While a few embers singed our clothes, the bulk of the fire puffs up in his cheeks. Smoke oozes through the sides of his mouth, tears roll down his face. We sink our feet into the wall to angle our trajectory.

Once we’re lined up with the floor, we launch our self into him. We crash hard into the ground, dust and debris scattering throughout the area. When it clears, anyone can see our handiwork. Our pathetic opponent, beaten with his pupils completely white.

It was over.

We’re proven victorious. Except…this didn’t quite right. It was missing something to truly feel like a victory in our mind. To that effect we raise our left whip up high, intending to beat him down even further. He’d suffer like they made us suffer.

We’re in the bathroom, peeing when several middle schoolers attack for no reason. Before we can defend our self, they’re gone.

He’d pay for their sins.

Two of our step-brothers along with a cousin of theirs attack. Wailing hard as we curl into a ball to protect our self.


He’d suffer as we did.

“Can you ever do anything right? You never do anything right!” Our mother, the human one not Rita, would say to us every now and get. Always complaining over simple things as if we never did anything we’re told.

He’d experienced the pain of being thought of as less.

These thoughts kept racing through our head. It was certainly intoxicating, these feelings of perverse pleasure. Tongue sticking out, we drip a claw into our mouth. The dark miasma from earlier returns hazily, making this feel even greater than before. We had to savor this experience.

This sensation of absolute pleasure and enjoyment over our superiority. With how we felt right now, not even Diane could stop us. Laughing, we strike the dragon with our full power. Amongst his agonizing screams, a few specks of debris tear at our blouse. We shake our head at this destruction of our clothes.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, ruining a girl’s clothes? Guess you should be punished even more.” With our other whip, we strike him again. His wails and cries for mercy are music to our ears. It’s such beautiful music that we couldn’t help but ask for an encore. So, we continue to strike him, his screams as intoxicating to us as the darkness gathering around us. In his eyes, and probably our audience’s eyes too, we’re some evil demon.

That’s fine. This is all just too much fun! Making this worthless hatchling feel the same way we’ve felt. For our final attack, we raise both arms up. Our two whips merge into a single, gigantic whip. One hit from this will end him for good.

“STOP IT!” A small pair of furry arms hug our legs. The darkness covering us parts enough for us to see Sora, all teary-eyed and what not. Dunno why she was upset, we’re only a few seconds away from making her proud. We’ll be the strong, powerful, big sister she wants.

“Get off me.” We demand. She shakes her head, burying her face into my leg.

“Sis, you aren’t a bully. If you do this, you’ll be labeled as a villain. If you stop now, we can argue you went berserk. Please…just stop!” she cries. During her little protest, clothe latches around my arms. Margaret and Rashea stood behind me, disappointed. Threads from Margaret’s pantsuit were what was restricting me.

“You won already. It’s over.” Margaret states bluntly.

“You’re not a monster. Look.” Rashea adds. My eyes turn to the dragon, cowering and whimpering at the sight of me. Briefly, we saw our human form cowering before his bullies.

Were we no better than the people that made me feel inferior? No, I wasn’t. Closing my eyes, we can feel our separation. Not like how Diane’s weapon functions, but more so mentally. The way we were right now, this hive mind we shared, it was impossible to tell who was in control.

When I open them again, I no longer felt like Rakita and I were both leading this body. The intoxicating darkness around me fizzles out. Looking up, the whip we had generated slowly disintegrates into black particles. Margaret releases my arms and I hold my head in my paws, grunting from the massive headache forming.

I’m sorry, partner. What did we just do anyway?

“I dunno but, if we master this power, we can defeat Diane,” I whisper to her.
Just give up, I did.


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