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Author Topic: Beastopian shorts | HungerAway  (Read 115 times)

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Beastopian shorts | HungerAway
« on: January 30, 2020, 06:08:05 PM »
It was a lousy, normal day for the Waterside family. Sol had shone nicely on the autumn day over the south coast of Soothing Sea, and a beautiful glow painted the sky red over the city walls. Joanne Waterside was just about to make dinner, when she noticed something very odd in her fridge. She asked her husband Chad: "Honey, have you been to the food store?" Chad sat on the couch, buried in a newspaper. Without moving, he answered, "Hm, what?" She sighed and repeated, "Have you been to the food store!?" He said, still unmoved, "No." Joanne replied, "Then I guess Trevor did." Chad noted, "Oh, good of him." Joanne shook her head and said, "I doubt it, because our fridge is just full of... 'HungerAway'?" Chad finally lowered his newspaper somewhat. "What now?" "-'HungerAway'!" Chad looked confused. "'Hunger away'? That does not sound appetizing. In fact, it makes me only less hungry! ...Well, I guess it does what it says on the box; not in a good way, though." He laid the news paper aside and walked over to the kitchen. He took a package out of the fridge and read: "HungerAway. Fish-flavoured ready meal." He flipped the meal over and read the back. "Erm... right. Quickly done... microwave... half sugar?... Man. This stuff is clearly made to be cheap, not to be tasty." Joanne commented, "My idea. I guess I'll figure something out with the ingredients left."

The morning after, Joanne made another discovery: their freezer contained windcorn bread. With the lack of something else, she put it on the table. Trevor didn't seem to mind, but not so for Joanne and Chad. Chad frowned and said, "I don't know much of windcorn, but it's clearly not good for making bread." Joanne took a bite of it and in a reflex she made a revolted face. She asked, "Great Gaia, this tastes terrible! Trevor, where'd you get this stuff?" Trevor replied, "Does it matter?" Chad looked dark at him. "Trevor, your mother is asking a very normal question." He replied: "Alright, fine! I discovered there's a super cheap store 10 blocks away. Called the 'Stomach Filler'. Happy now?" Joanne growled and grumbled, "That explains the 'HungerAway' and 'Quickfood' brands in our fridge. Speaking of which, would you please never buy it again? It's literally trash quality! Now, if you want to buy food, fine- but at least buy decent food, and if not: buy it for yourself!" Angrily, Trevor stood up, knocking his chair over. He left the room by slamming the door and stomped upstairs loudly. Chad sighed. "That kid... I get he wants to save money, but still... sometimes, cheaper just isn't better."
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