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Author Topic: Discord Roleplay  (Read 1925 times)

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Discord Roleplay
« on: July 23, 2019, 02:13:39 AM »
Hello! My name is Anais. I am a young doe who is looking for some nice people to roleplay with. I primarily roleplay on Discord which is why I have my tag included on my profile. What I would like you to comment is:
Personality in five words:
Limits when it comes to roleplay:
Include an example of your roleplay style:
Genres you like:

Please be semi literate ("dialouge" action.), roleplay in third person (Anais walked to the back room), send multiple lines (at least 5 each reply since otherwise it'd die quickly), be open minded to other ideas since I will be doing the same. We can discuss some plots in PM of course. As well as on Discord.
I will include my own version of this in PM.

P.S: photo included wasn't drawn by me.

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Name: Anais Fawn
Age: 18-23
Species: Deer
Height: 5'2
Weight: 112lbs
Position: Shy Type
Personality: Kind, Gentle, Innocent, Loving, Generous
Limits: Anything too gore filled or unnecessarily bad but open to tsunderes and yanderes
Anais woke up early one morning, sitting up in her full sized bed and stretching. With a squeak like sigh, she pushed off her blanket and jumped out of bed. She had work today, which she could really do without at the moment.  Brushing her hand through her short wavy chin length hair, she walked into the bathroom to do her morning routine. Everything was going smoothly. A little too smoothly. She looked at the clock and gasped. She was late. Almost two hours late.
Genres I like: Romance, Angst, Action, etc.
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