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Author Topic: Battlefront: European Assault (open rp)  (Read 5448 times)

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Battlefront: European Assault (open rp)
« on: May 01, 2019, 09:47:29 AM »
It is the start of the great war as men and women enlist in various armies across the world as the technology advanced as did the weapons and vehicles

All across Europe conflicts erupted tanks plowed through barbed and razor wire barricades as they drove over trenches where soldiers were ducking

But amongst these armies the red army was one on a fast track to battlefield domination, they're tanks had been armored heavily and armed heavily to where they could stay in a solitary position and lay siege to the enemies on the field

Amongst the many combatants was an arial squadron leader named Nikolai, he had no fear of dying and would often take recon missions or missions that most would never come home from

Nikolai was in a bar in a neutral territory amongst other European soldiers as he sighed slightly keeping his head down as he drank his coffee the rain poured down outside the faint rumbles and booms of distant explosions on the battlefield made for an unsettling sound to soldiers and civilians alike


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