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Author Topic: Warhammer Fantasy: Chaos Quest Roleplay (OOC& sign up thread.)  (Read 751 times)

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Warhammer Fantasy: Chaos Quest Roleplay (OOC& sign up thread.)
« on: November 19, 2018, 01:09:59 AM »
Set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, this is an rather interesting idea; What if the Forces of Disorder races,(especially the furry ones), all joined together to go on a quest to bring about ruin to the Old World? While this is technically a furry fantasy "party" roleplay, it will have the grimdark themes of Warhammer. (By grimdark I mean the bleakness and the depressing stuff, nothing the kids cannot watch on TV.)

Your character is from the various races of Disorder, or basically any race that is non-human. Your character will join a group of various races in a way to search for a quest for a mystical item of great power. Will they succeed or suffer in their journey?

1.While this is going to be in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, you're clear by me, the DM to come up with some slightly lore breaking or origional characters. That is, you can experiment and I'm not 100% uptight about the lore. (As long as it makes sense.)

2.Your character must be a furry or a creature. This means the following races are allowed:
.Norscan creatures
.Undead vampires
.Vampire Coast sea creatures
.Daemons of Chaos
.Nurgle creatures.
.Chaos Spawn

3.Sadly, for mature setting reasons, the following races are nor allowed:
.Any Khorne or Slaanesh being.

4.While this will play as a mature battle RP, it shall be toned down to be SFW and safe for younger audiences.

Current Characters:
.Shrall Zapwisker (Jaredthefox92)/ Skaven

Character Template

Name: Shrall Zapwisker

Age: 5 (50 in Skaven years)

Species: Skaven

Height: 5'0ft

Build: Skaven like

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Paetron Deity: Horned Rat

Occupation:  Warlock Engineer

Appearance: Looks exactly like a Warlock Engineer

Outfit: Various mechanical contraptions and armor, has a respirator tank on his back, goggles.

Weapons: Warpblade staff, technomancy magic.

Personality:  Cunning, timid, nervous, contemplative, studious, introverted, curious.

Hired Because:  Skaven are greedy opportunists, he thinks the quest item can be used for technomancy.
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