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Author Topic: Someone's Irrational Hate, ugh  (Read 236 times)

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Someone's Irrational Hate, ugh
« on: August 17, 2018, 07:04:04 AM »
Okay, so in the past I've vented here for things that advice or care would be helpful for.

But this one is more of a "how the heck could someone be so stubborn and hateful for such a stupid reason?"

I have a friend, who I always thought of as a calm and rational person. I always trusted them and thought they were as level-headed as they are fun and friendly.

Until today that is! When I learned that they despise dog-lovers.

Their logic? "I met one dog-lover once who said they hate cats, and would get rid of them if they could."

....... And that's it.

So... what... you're going to let ONE dog-lover who hates cats make YOU despise all dog-owners/dog-lovers?

There are a LOT of really sick cat owners out there. There are a lot of bad dog owners too.

And I still love both. I adore dogs and I love cats.

Because I'm not stupid enough, nor hateful enough to let ONE bad egg, or "I've only met bad dog-lovers" brand an entire type of person in a negative way.

Hating an entire type of person based on a few negative encounters? Hm... that sure sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Can we let that sink in? That someone legitimately thinks that all dog owners and dog-lovers are evil and want to hurt cats... based on ONE encounter?

And she's a young adult, my friends. And I know she's not sheltered or anything. She's always been a good friend, but this REALLY angers me.

And I've made the decision to keep her FAR away from my dog. People that blindly hateful are always a step away from doing something stupid.

UGH. Sorry. I just can't believe how stupid this mentality is, or how terrible you have to be to believe and promote this idea.
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Re: Someone's Irrational Hate, ugh
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2018, 03:43:59 PM »
Most people keep certain ideals or likes close to their hearts. For the case of your friend, I imagine she loved cats a lot and when she heard that, it put a bad taste in her mouth per-say. That's not to excuse the foolishness of despising someone based on what animal they prefer but she most likely took great offense to that comment and internalized that offense into a dislike for all dog-lovers. Sometimes, a bad apple can spoil the bunch.

Have you tried actually talking with her about it? In your post, you mentioned how you are keeping your dog far away but maybe it'd be a nice idea to include your dog in a nice friend activity - like going for a walk with you and her. Show her dogs and by extension dog-lovers aren't 'evil'. Of course, only if you are comfortable bringing your beloved pet into that scenario.

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