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Author Topic: What is Discord and why should I use it?  (Read 5318 times)

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What is Discord and why should I use it?
« on: April 07, 2018, 06:00:58 AM »
Discord is a relatively new instant messaging chat program, much like Skype or MSN has been used in the past.

Although the system was originally designed for gamers, that is not a requirement. Anyone at all can use it! It's become a pretty popular way to chat with friends in general.

Discord lets you have any number of "servers" (i.e. chat rooms) for different groups you want to talk to.  You can chat with other people in the servers, or you can also direct message (DM) with someone individually. Additionally, each server has the ability to hold different channels for different topics.

All of this is held together in a fairly user-friendly interface that is available both on desktop and mobile devices. The program also features voice and video chat capabilities.

Best of all, the chat service is free to use. You just need to sign up so you can have your own username.

There is an upgraded version as well with some fun features of you want to pay for the service, but it is completely optional.

We don't get anything for supporting Discord here, we just think it's an awesome way to meet people and get to know our fellow forum members.

Hope to see you there!
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