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Author Topic: The United Forces of America - CLOSED  (Read 606 times)

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The United Forces of America - CLOSED
« on: October 01, 2017, 05:55:02 PM »

What if George Washington believed the land he and others fought so hard to gain independence from the British empire, could not survive as a democracy? What if he was convinced that America needed a strong, central leader? What if George Washington decided to rally the continental army behind him and tossed both the articles of confederation as well as the constitution out in favor of a monarchy?

George did not believe in an absolute monarchy as he still wanted to secure the freedoms of his people; he because of this, makes his new kingdom an elective monarchy, a delegate is sent from every province to decide the next king after the death of him or a unanimous vote to dethrone him.

The year this RP starts is 1853, After the Mexican-American war, the current King, Norton the ll, pushes the popular manifest destiny into the nation's creed and completely annexes Mexico, as well as the surrounding islands such as cuba and haiti. He strongly believes it is god's will to have all of the americas under the banner of the United Forces. He forces Mexico to toss their "inferior" culture out in favor of american culture.

The various nations of south america, in an effort to keep their sovereignty, form the Confederacy of South America, putting pause on Norton's plans of invasion.

England and America are in a war of spies and secrets, similar to that of the cold war in real life. England secretly supports the South Americans by giving them supplies, arms, and money. France and the UFA are and have been good allies since the young kingdom's inception, England wishes to end this alliance with an ever growing network of spies and saboteurs, the UFA has replied with their own counter-intelligence operations within the nation. France being ruled under the Napoleonic dynasty as the American kingdom helped defend their friends in the battle of waterloo, securing Napoleon's rule.               

Everyone born in the UFA are born as half-citizens, meaning they hold only half the rights of a full-citizen. They can only become full-citizens by serving in the military for a minimum of four years or reaching political office. Half-citizens do not have the right to freedom of speech, expression, or that right to bear arms. They can buy land, but they must pay double the taxes of a full-citizen.


I don't plan on having a particular post order.

-All characters in universe are furry and or scalie.

-Everything (clothes, weapons, etc,) should be appropriate for the time period.

-You may play as almost any type of person (Spy, citizen, nobleman/woman, military, politician as long as it is in the SAC, UFA, Britain, Mexico or France.

-Good Grammar is Important!

-One Character Per person, so far I'm looking for five to ten people.

-If you want to be apart of King Norton's cabinet (Secretary of:) PM me and we will work that out. 

-If you want to be the leader of a nation (Such as Norton himself) PM me and we will work that out.


Character Sheet:







Weapons: (if any)

Short Bio/personality:

My character: 

Name: Norton Connor the lll, son of King Norton.

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Species: Red Fox

Appearance: Orange and white, 5 foot 5, bone thin.

Clothes: Brown tailcoat with white cotton shirt underneath. Black High heeled men's dress shoes, white stockings, golden and rounded pinky ring with Norton Family seal (N) upon it.

Weapon: None

Bio: Norton was born into the folds of wealth and royalty, groomed his entire short life to work in politics. He however only has interest in writing; touched by the works of Victor Hugo he wishes to end the constant war and conquest within his nation, protesting in writing. His father suppressing any work his son attempts to put out, Norton and his dad had grown a bad relationship. Despite this, the king had placed his son in his cabinet as secretary of the treasury due to his great ability in numbers, as well as in hopes he can get his son to be the politician he wants him to be.

Note: Please note I am new to RPing as well as the gamemaster thing, I beg you to bear with me.     


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