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Author Topic: Equal Ground (Interest Check/OOC)  (Read 646 times)

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Equal Ground (Interest Check/OOC)
« on: July 18, 2017, 06:45:33 AM »
What if furs and humans could live together in harmony? It seems a bit farfetched that an idea such as that could be easy. Within the world, when furs were discovered by humans; they were considered outcasts, discriminated against. They often were not given the same rights as humans, depending on where you're from. Equality is what everyone wishes to have, to be on same level ground with the same wishes and desires and needs. But, the world is not like that, nor will it ever be that. Because there are some things in life that can and cannot be obtained; ideas that are just too far away to reach, where you are too low down in your own dug out grave that even the thoughts are killer.

But, both young and old are deciding it upon themselves on whether they want to live a life of discrimination or to stand up for themselves.

This RP will be about a group of Furs and their journey together through a life of Hardship, Memories and Change.

The rules for this rp are simple:
-No Godmodding
-Taking Turns Posting (Number Order System)

Character Sheet

Sexual Orientation:
Occupation: (Student, Job, etc.)


Character List
Spoiler for Hidden:
Name: Kai Ukoya
Age: 20
Gender: Genderfluid (Born as Female)
Species: Russian Blue Cat
Sexual Orientation: Aromantic/Asexual/Straight (But wants to try and find love)
Personality: Often times she can be quite shy and has a hard time with communicating with others. When she does have friends, she can be open and have quite a silly personality though still a bit reserved. Known for being clumsy and having horrible balance practically 24/7 for the most part. She can be quite artistic, loves to draw when she gets that little spark. Tends to hate it when people make fun of her short size. She is rather shy and afraid of males. But she is exceptionally caring.
Shirt has a orange fish on the front
Occupation: (Student, Job, etc.) High School Graduate, Has yet to find a Job
Bio: Kai was born and raised in a home of 4 which consisted of her mother, father, younger sister and herself. Growing up, she was very shy and still is to this day. She was often bullied during middle school and high school, with little to no urge to defend herself. A majority of that time was also her time spent having small crushes on guys throughout the years but no real effort in expressing those feelings; instead keeping them bottled up. Those feelings of course soon were washed away when the bullying started back in middle school. She was lied to by a male who said that some guy liked her, and of course with it turning out to be a lie, started to feel more closed off from others. Then, being bullied by both guys and girls, whether that involved teasing, tripping, stealing, even verbal abuse. Only once did she ever actually get physically bullied. Since then, its been a permanent scar on her heart and mind that prevents her from getting close to anyone, and of course, afraid to fall in love with someone.

Despite being a bit messed up emotionally, with the cost of having to take depression meds every morning, she still gets by. It was always hard growing up for her. With all that had happened in her past, it cost her the ability to obtain a job. The lack of communication skills, the inability to converse with males.. was undoubtedly a difficult hurdle that can't easily be jumped. Deep down, Kai is a sweet gal that just wants what every other fur and human want, to be accepted and loved. But  nothing is ever easy in life, and she had come to terms with it. She isn't much of a fighter after all.
Extra: Kai has a insane love for BLT Sandwiches and Toast. She has Androphobia, as well as having to take Anti-Depressant meds every morning to combat her depression. She likes to draw sometimes. Kai is also afraid of Thunder, Heights and Guns, as well as being unable to swim. (She had a traumatic event in the past) She is pretty short for her age, being 4'10" tall and weighing only about 100 lbs. which makes her prone to people picking her up unwillingly.
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Re: Equal Ground (Interest Check/OOC)
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2017, 08:32:54 PM »
Is this rp still active? If so, I'd like to sign up.

Name: Brejvarr
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Gray Wolf
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Personality: Generally quiet and keeps to himself, only speaks when spoken to. Very hostile and unfriendly to people he doesn't know, but if you get on his good side he can be very friendly and caring.
Appearance: 6'10" tall and weighing in at 344lbs, Brejvarr is a beast. Very muscular build. He has long and thick grey fur with a dark grey patch around his eyes. He wears cargo pants and a white tank top. Always. He doesn't own any other clothes as he doesn't care about how he looks.
Occupation: Nothing. He lives in a log cabin way up in the northern part of Sweden in the middle of nowhere.
Bio: Born and raised in a remote log cabin in Sweden, Brejvarr's childhood mostly consisted of chopping wood and hunting with his father. He never went to school and so doesn't have any friends, but he doesn't care. He is happy doing what he does. One day when Brejvarr was 10 years old, his family decided to go on a trip to the nearest town. His parents usually did this once every year to restock on supplies and resources that they couldn't gather on their own.
Brejvarr had never seen anything like it before. Huge buildings made of concrete, lots and lots of people and cars everywhere. He was surprised by what he saw. He noticed that almost all the humans were rude to Brejvarr's family, but he didn't understand why. His parents were not the types to simply tolerate something like this though and any rudeness they faced was met with similar attitude. When Brejvarr came home to his cabin, he sat down on his bed and started thinking of what he saw that day. Why were the humans so rude? Did we do something wrong?
Years went by and Brejvarr grew to be a big wolf. By the age of 18, he had been to town many times and met lots of different people. Now he knew what the world looked like, but he still didn't care. He was happy doing what he always does, hunting and chopping wood.
Extra: Has a fondness of viking mythology, hates warm climates and has a tendency to scare people off with his size unintentionally.
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Re: Equal Ground (Interest Check/OOC)
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2017, 01:31:57 AM »
I am also interested in this rp, if you happen to still be running it.

Name: Victor
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Fennec Fox
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Personality: Victor can be unbearably sarcastic at times, and is very social when it comes to speaking out and meeting new people. He is kind to those he knows well, but often skeptical of newcomers.
Appearance: 6'5 and thin, some muscle but only 147 pounds. Usually, Victor is dressed in a dark grey bottom up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and matching cargo pants,complimented by black boots. He also wears a marked security beret, a pair of sunglasses, and a plain black plate carrier over his shirt. His fur is dark red with the exception of his chest and stomach being black. Vic also has two Spanish tattoos, one on each arm.
Occupation: Victor works for a private security corporation as a guard or escort.
Bio: Being born in Honduras, the fennec fox was welcomed into the world with a poor family in a broken town. The fennec spent his childhood indifferent to what was around him, and didn't truly realize the world for what it was until about sixteen. Despite the few aggressions between humans and non-humans Victor was picked up by a local gang of humans who gave him questionably legal jobs and enough money to ensure his family could live in more comfort. Finally, it all caught up to him though, and he was arrested after being betrayed by his own human friends. They needed a scapegoat, and Victor wasn't human, right? Luck smiled at Vic though, and one day, he found himself looking through his cell at another human, but with different intentions. The human needed recruits, and what does a Honduras jail guard care if one more animal gets loose for some extra cash...?

Since that day, Victor was recruited and trained by a private security corporation that cares little for appearances, just results, and Victor provides good results. Years later, the fennec has continued his employment, and changed into a hardened, sarcastic, realist who follows a very basic set of instructions for life. Do your job, don't back down, see their intentions and not their appearance, and never leave someone in need.

Extra: Victor throughly enjoys warmth, is quickly agitated but people using his own sarcasm against him, a fan of trying different foods, and deathly afraid of claustrophobic spaces.
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