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Author Topic: The International Mercenary Organization  (Read 483 times)

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The International Mercenary Organization
« on: January 17, 2017, 03:32:57 AM »
Welcome to the International Mercenary Organization. Before we begin you must read over the rules and guide lines of our organization. Yes we know you hate reading and yes we know reading this stuff is boring but you have to... We don't want a lawsuit.... And yes... That has happened before.

What is the I.M.O?

The International Mercenary Organization has been around since the beginning of the Cold War, we help fund and create Mercenary groups and we help find jobs for them. We also grade these Mercenary groups with a grade system, it's like you're in school but you kill people instead of killing time! WONDERFUL, I KNOW!

Do I need to join a Mercenary group to be in the I.M.O?

No, you can be a one man army all you want, but as you know. You're made of flesh and bullets don't go well with flesh.  So it's best if you join a group.

How do I get a job?

At the main HQ (Located in Tokyo, Japan.) Please head over to any terminal highlighted with the giant ass sign saying 'Job's' or you can ask the board of directors for a job. Don't worry. You'll get jobs even if you don't want them!

Do I get any benefits?

What? Of course you don't. We kill people for a living. Guns and ammo are expensive.

No godmodding. No one likes cheaters. So don't be an ass.
Violence is allowed, just make sure the person you're hurting has the okay.
Weapons and ammo are expensive remember that, so don't waste it. For God's sake I can barely afford milk.
Job's that go against any laws of war are not allowed. So no gassing anyone. Sorry Hitler.
Job's that go against any government are not allowed. I don't feel like getting firebombed by America.

CURRENTLY WE DON'T HAVE ANY. Please send the Board of Directors a message on what your group is called and the full details. Make it legnthey (Is that even a word?)

Please sign here and here.... We don't require blood... Yet.

Group: If their are no groups don't fill this out


Well.... You want to know the story. Well it's the year 2018, the world is very different from ours. The Cold War never ended, Germany has been turned into a nuclear test ground. The bombs that dropped on Japan have turned into a Dystopian vaporware es country. Countries hire Mercs to do all of their work, probably because their lazy and hate themselves so they hire other people who hate themselves to kill other people who hate themselves (If you couldn't tell you shouldn't take this very serious... You can if you want.... But... .y tho?)

So, what else is different.... Oh yeah! The Middle East is a literal shit show... Wait... Nevermind on that one, France is literally **censor** from nuclear waste flying into their atmosphere. England is being England like the good old days and is taking over everyone, Russia hates everyone but what's new. And China is just China and it's being China.. North and South Korea are finally BFF's and the Kim's are all finally **censor** dead. America is runned by a meme. And Canada broke from British rule. Now they just sit there doing nothing. Mexico for some reason took over South America and South America is now know as the Independent Mexican Regime.

Antarctica is under Belgian control but a war between Sweden and Belgium are constantly being fought up there because Sweden want's Antarctica for some **censor** reason. Africa for once isn't starving. Alaska was bought by Russia again, but in 1991 a rebellion broke out and now is it's own independent nation known as... Alaska... Real cleaver guys!

But, what's happening to you guys? The people who are in the I.M.O, well. You don't really have a story... You just do jobs... In this new world... I know. I'm so creative.. You know what Japan's like now so have fun with that... Also this RP is best played while listening to Vaporwave and thinking of Vaporwave art styles and colors. Trust me it helps. 
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