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Author Topic: Keepers of the World (3-person RP)  (Read 510 times)

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Keepers of the World (3-person RP)
« on: September 24, 2016, 08:05:42 PM »
In a different universe there live three legendary beings. They have watched over it ever since time began. They keep it in balance, and protect it. Under their watch, there was peace for ages. Now, however, a new evil arose: a rift in space and time, The Chaos Rift, spreading for reasons yet unknown. Invincible to the powers of the Beings, the Beings will have to find another way- only a very special entity has the power to close it: the Ultimate White Entity, hidden away, sleeping since he finished making the universe.

Meet these Beings:
1. Blue Space. Controls space itself, moving and removing existing matter (and antimatter) as well as creating new. (Mary Love)
2. Yellow Time. Can bend time itself from stopping it completely to speeding it up extremely. (-)
3. Green Life. Gives life to and takes lives from mortals. (-)

Take the role of one of these beings, and find Ultimate [/size]White to close the Chaos Rift!
The brackets will show the name of the person taking the role, any role not taken yet is a (temporary) NPC.'
Limit violence/romance, no power abusal, no powerplaying, and even with these beings: no godmodding!

 "The Chaos Rift is big as ever. It is not made of space, nor time. Not even of nothing! Even I don't know what it should be made of! Let go could be made of! Legend has it, this Rift has been foreseen. But Yellow Time didn't see it coming. Another legend tells of the beginning of this universe. White Ultimate... made it. Made us. But where it is now? No clue," Blue Space muttered to itself, "But they seem to be our only hope. Yellow Time? Green Life? What do you two think?"
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