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Author Topic: Atlantis Rock  (Read 433 times)

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Atlantis Rock
« on: August 01, 2016, 03:21:27 PM »

Welcome To Atlantis Rock

Maine - The Way life should be.

A small town once famous for its tourist industry in the early 20th century in the modern day it has lost much of its visitors.  You still get furres from away spending time at the B&B's and lovely modern Starfish Hotel and casino in town. The history of this town is strange and goes back a ways.

The year was 1919 the great war was over and the economy was booming, before the war the town was a summer spot for the rich and influential. After the war it was much the same but it had been bought up by Timothy H. Peare a shipping magnate who had made a killing in the war taking on the task of hauling munitions all over the country and across the sea.

By new years of 1920 the town had become a hot spot for tourists from businessmen to Hollywood starlets wanting to get away from the prying eyes of the media. Villas and hotels had popped up all over the sea side but the crown jewel of Atlantis Rock was the Poseidon Trident Hotel on a cliff face overlooking the ocean.

By 1925 the tourist industry had begun to dry up as it was difficult to get booze into high class establishments without the DEA and the FBI breathing down your neck for mob connections, and Mr. Peare had begun spending time with strange foreign men and women. Tragedy struck 1927 when a massive storm took half of the cliff face away and with it a large portion of the hotel killing 33 people.

Mr. Peare soon went into seclusion in his mansion along old Doctors road.

Since then his family still owns the town and most of its surroundings, and in modern day it has become a small resort town for wealthy out of staters. Though there are a few locals hangers on who ply the sea and sell crafts and run the restaurants and shops in town.

What are you doing here? why do you visit? and why do lights still flicker it seems from the old mansions and abandoned hotels?

Welcome to Atlantis Rock
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