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Author Topic: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)  (Read 91308 times)

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Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Reply #5340 on: September 14, 2019, 11:29:39 AM »
Fayam looked around. According to the autopilot, he was at the right location, but his radar showed nothing and only faraway stars and galaxies could be seen through the windshield. It confused him. With no obvious point in staying, he tried to leave- only to find his warp inhibited. He scratched his chin slowly for a while, trying to connect the dots, thinking out loud. "It's here... But there's nothing. But if it's supposed to be here... Hm. I can't warp, though there's no apparent gravity source... But then the source must be... Wait a minute. They're leading me to a ship. Or a station. Anyhow, it's cloaked and prevents me from leaving. Which means...!" He sent out an open message. "Hey! You! Whoever! I know you're there and looking for me! Show yourself!"

*Torgus Prime*
Anna frowned and replied, "Even if it only lasts for seconds, we can use every advantage we can get."
In orbit, Johnny had siphoned the data from the main carrier. He tried to decode and analyse it, but the sheer amount clogged the processor. He asked the nearby ships, "Hey, I've got the data, but... it's too much for our computer. Where should I drop this off?"
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Re: Galactic Society (Open/Lounge RP, but READ FIRST POST)
« Reply #5341 on: September 19, 2019, 04:29:40 PM »
***MJ12 Ship, Nephira Orbit ***
     “I’m...going to pretend that I know what tech you’re talking about. I’ll keep an eye out for anything unusual.” Katin turned to the Hunter. “Well friend, if you’re ready then let’s get aboard that ship and rescue your clan.”

“Grey you’re just as confused as I am. As far as location we only know our place among these stars. Don’t really have a name for it yet.” Damien said. He then turned to the Admiral. “Why do you want us to destroy the tech and not acquisition it? Would you not rather steal it and refurbish the tech for your own benefit?”
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*** MJ12 Ship, Nephira Orbit ***

The hunter made a brief purring sound, putting a fist to his chest with a nod.

"Borg tech, maybe not destroy, but do it if you can't get it out of enemy hands; Iconian tech... is better off destroyed. Tampering with it is what caused the Hobus Supernova," Silrus said. He frowned, then comprehension dawned. "Ah... right, you couldn't have heard of the Hobus Disaster. The supernova that destroyed the Romulan home worlds of Romulus and Remus... because the Tal Shiar were tampering with Iconian technology.

*** Unspecified Location ***

Almost immediately, a trio of Cardassian Keldon-class Heavy Cruisers de-cloaked around Fayam, in positions that surrounded him. "This is Gul Dakar of the Obsidian Order - bounty hunter Fayam, you are placed under arrest. Comply with our demands, and we promise a swift and reasonably honorable demise," came the response.

*** Torgus Prime ***

One of the Klingon vessels signaled Johnny. "Get that data to House Pegh on Qo'nos! We'll keep the enemy from pursuing you! Go with honor! Qapla'!"

The Romulan vessels continued their assault on the Capellans' systems down planetside, even going so far as to deploy an imitation Iconian Virus in their systems.

*** Starship Endeavor ***

"Because we have about three seconds before that ship--" But the Romulan never finished his sentence, as an Unidentified Starship seemingly appeared out of nowhere. A signal went out, and another line of text appeared on the screen. The Romulan frowned, then looked to Weaver. "Your name isn't Weaver, is it?" he asked.

*** Senate Tower, Coruscant ***

"The United Imperial Alliance is always open to trade. And we definitely have vast reserves of what you ask. But, given recent events, I hope you understand if I send such trade convoys with... escort. Between the problems with the Sith Covenant and this new threat on the horizon, we can't be too careful," Mon Mothma responded.

*** Military District, Dragon'taan ***

"I'll be sure to keep an eye out for that," Draco said. "Tal Shiar are a serious threat, no matter what General K'torr may say. Anything else I need to be aware of?"

*** RCS Armored Cruiser, Coruscant Orbit ***

"I'll tell you when we get back," Viktor said hoarsely, as though the subject of his father were a sensitive issue. "Come. I don't wish to keep our contact waiting, and the droids will look after the ship. Spyra, come on - we can talk of Hera while we're there, too." He then headed for the gravity lift bay.

*** NCAC Galatae, Dragon'taan Orbit ***

Vitani raised an eyebrow at Kylie when that happened. "You were saying...?" she jested.

*** Indari Manor, Dragon'taan ***

"You can relax; I'll pick something easy," Jason told her.

Anna shrugged, then said, "Well, he's hard to miss - big old dragon, kinda dull brown scales--"

"I heard that, Anna Indari!" came that characteristic accent from the dragon lair beneath the manor. "I am not that old!"

*** Starship Lethal Weapon, Dragon'taan Orbit ***

The ships were allowed to land in the hangar, where Amy and Jason met the crew. "Welcome aboard the Lethal Weapon. I'm Amy Jorgan, and this is my husband, Jake. We command this vessel. Who might you be?"

*** DMC Embassy, Stormwind, Azeroth ***

Ketorr chuckled, then sighed. He knew better than to lie to his wife. "Our relief has been delayed again, dear," he told Kia. "Seems the Sith Covenant is being too quiet, and it makes high command nervous."

*** Unspecified Location ***

A Romulan D'Derridex Warbird bearing the sigil of the Romulan Republic came across a peculiar sight - a Sith Interdictor , floating adrift in space. The Warbird hailed the vessel, but got no response. After repeated hails and detecting that the vessel's shields were down, the Warbird's Commander decided to send boarding parties aboard the vessel, look for anything that might explain why this ship was in Romulan space.
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*** RCS Armored Cruiser, Coruscant Orbit ***
"Why does she need to speak with me?" Spyra asked following along anyway.

*** NCAC Galatae, Dragon'taan Orbit ***
"Roxanne is 100 times more competent than the droids, she'll bring you ship in gently." Kylie finished.

*** Indari Manor, Dragon'taan ***

"That's not what bugs me this thing feels, fragile." Leylah replied.

"Oh relax, Grandpa you know Dragons age slower than most species." Amie said as she passed by Anna on her way to the kitchen, hearing her  grandpa grumble.

*** DMC Embassy, Stormwind, Azeroth ***
Kia's eyebrows Raised "Really, I think your lieing to me."The female Worgen responded, "What did that Pandarian get herself into this time or was it Aylina?"

*** Unspecified Location ***
The old sith vessel's interior was barren, the crew no where to be found, the power on emergency backup, the armory emtpy, it appeared as if the entire crew had abandoned ship or vanished, even the data logs had been whiped clean. However in the Cargo bay held a few crates, with no label and two   Carbon freeze 'pods' both containing a  Feline like being one Female the other Male, they both appeared to wear ancient jedi battle armor.

*** MJ12 Ship, Nephira Orbit ***
"Hobus was a disaster it left thousands of people without a home, we DO NOT want to repeat that, ever!" Grey pointed out.

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