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Author Topic: request (and possible commission)  (Read 1151 times)

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request (and possible commission)
« on: November 13, 2014, 05:13:58 AM »
Hi. I'm a brony. I made a pony OC earlier today. I would love if someone was able to draw it for me because I'm terrible at drawing. I would prefer it to have a hand drawn style to it. But it could be made digitally too. Either way works.
Here is some general information:
Species: pony (as in my little pony: friendship is magic type pony)
Gender: male (but I prefer a more rounded face on the pony as compared to the really square faces they use in the show.
Age: adult (not like older adult, more like young adult. Basically, like your typical pony in the show)
I don't do anthro. Quaffed please. Just like in the show.
Body type: General pony size
There is no cutie mark design for me yet. (That's the symbol that goes on the butt.)
I have black and blue hair on my OC. There is also a few white stripes of highlights towards the edges of the hair. (The white is not shown in the reference pictures.) I would like hair that comes a little over the fore head and then a mane that flows down the back of my neck. Not super straight, kind of wavy, but not really wavy. Kind of wavy. The tail isn't super short, but isn't long either. The fur is a grey with a slight blue.
The eyes are a deep blue.
No chlothes
No accessories
I would prefer a happy picture. Smiling, but not like really fake happiness. Idk if that makes sense

Bonus points if you're also able to make backgrounds. Or if you're able to draw my pony flying. It's a Pegasus.

Here where the coolness comes in.
I am requesting this art. However, if I like it enough, I'll pay $5(USD) to someone for it. And if I REALLY like it, I'll pay $20(USD) for it. (I use PayPal. No physical money)

Technical stuff: I would like a picture in one of the resolution sizes if made digitally:
4k resolution

If hand drawn, I prefer an image scan rather than like a phone camera upload. But whatever works best is fine

If I really like your work, I might come to you for future requests and commissions.

Here is the reference art. There are two. Only difference is facial expression.

Thank you

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