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Author Topic: About the RP Boards  (Read 13695 times)

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About the RP Boards
« on: January 19, 2013, 11:29:11 PM »
Just a quick description of how we organize RPs on the forum if anyone needs to know:

The main Roleplay board >
This board is kind of a general board for discussion about the topic of RPing, or to hold discussions about RP ideas. This board is not meant to hold any actual RPs. Any RPs should be sorted into either the Serious RP or Fun RP categories.

Serious RPs >
RPs that are more structured and are more strict about participants and RP behavior go in the Serious RP board. Serious RPs tend to have (sometimes limited) sign-up lists of characters, a stronger preference for proper spelling and grammar, and require stronger dedication to keeping up with the RPs. There is always a game master in charge of a Serious RP.

Serious RP Companion Board >
This board is for RP companion threads and OOC (Out of Character) discussion about the RP so that the OOC talk does not interrupt the story. Companion threads also usually contain sign-up lists for participants in the RP.

Fun RPs >
Fun RPs are RPs that have little to no structure, but are simply there to have fun RPing with your fellow forum members. Generally speaking, participants can come and go as they please. The Fun RPs also tend to have just an overall theme instead of a specific story direction.

Training Grounds >
For people new to RPing, RPs or help threads about RPing can be held here. RPs taking place in Training Grounds are more relaxed about rules, but participants are expected to help each other improve their RP skills.
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