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Author Topic: Serious RP Rules. Read first before posting in this board.  (Read 16141 times)

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Serious RP Rules. Read first before posting in this board.
« on: February 02, 2011, 04:58:24 AM »
In order to keep serious role plays a positive experience for all players these rules have been constructed.
These are not just guide lines, but actual forum rules.

  • Read these rules first.

  • Read the GM rules.
    Know the constraints placed upon you before you start playing the game.

  • Listen to and respect the Moderator/Game Master.
    It is important for the game moderator to have control over the rules and to continue to modify the game as it takes place.
    A good moderator will know how much "moderating" is enough and won't step over the line. Games do however tend to
    evolve over time as new scenarios occur or things happen that weren't originally anticipated. The result is that to keep the
    game running smoothly, the game master does need to play direct role and at times change the rules.

  • Keep OOC remarks out of the role playing thread. Instead use the threads companion thread
    in the serious RP companion board.

    What players should remember is that the game in many ways belongs to the game master, in the case of
    disagreements, they should be voiced outside of the game itself. If things are not reconcilable, then the player should
    respectfully leave the game.

  • The original poster becomes game master unless the title is handed over in a public post by the current game master.

  • The original poster/game master must set needed game settings and special rules to be adhered to.
    All role playing games and situations should have clearly defined rules and parameters that the participants must follow.
    Defining an adequate rule set is the responsibility of the organizer and is the first important step to creating a successful RP
    situation. These rules can be anything from as simple restricting the time and place of the rpg (i.e. medieval england sits
    shouldn't have jedi knights running around in them) to extremely complex rules such as how attacking damage is scored.

  • The game master needs to keep up with the RP and maintain a role as game master.
    This includes setting or changing rules, making arbitrary decisions to effect the outcome of the game, and knowing when
    to hand over the GM position when you may be unable or no longer willing to participate so that the
    game may continue for other players.

  • The original poster/game master needs to have any special rules and game info posted
    in the first post or in the companion thread.

  • Establish a posting order/limit to keep players from being left out or behind.
    When serious role playing, make sure that you do not leave any characters behind. If someone doesn't post when it
    is their turn, wait. If you continue without them, they may miss big parts of the story and fall so behind that they won't
    participate in the thread anymore. And that's no fun for anyone!

  • Establish a narration style to be used and limits or exemptions to it.
    Stay consistent with the writing style of the author. You want the story to flow smoothly. If someone starts out writing
    a story in past tense, you don't want to write using your current actions.
    Beginning post:
    "The dragoness walked solemnly through the forest searching for a meal. She had not eaten for days, and
    was therefore desperate to eat anything at this point. She spotted a creature, and began to approach it...
    realizing as she loomed over her dinner, that it was a wolf."

    Incorrect response Post: "*turns around to see a dragoness standing over himself* *growls*"

    Correct response: "Lupus turned to find a hungry looking dragoness standing behind him. It had startled him, but he was
    going to stand his ground. With that, he uttered a defiant growl."

  • Make sure your posts are legible and within the bounds set by the game master.
    When serious role playing, make sure that ANYONE will be able to understand what you are trying to say in the post.
    You don't want to portray something people will have to decipher. This confuses other participants in the story.
    Use punctuation and grammar. It makes the world go 'round and life easier.
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