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Author Topic: Tutorials  (Read 34239 times)

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Re: Tutorials
« Reply #15 on: May 05, 2009, 07:52:40 PM »
Thank you kindly! :D
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Re: Tutorials
« Reply #16 on: August 23, 2009, 08:29:56 PM »
This has got to be one of the best tutorials I've seen in a long time, and I've  seen so many people, including myself, make these mistakes. It's no surprise then that this is the tutorial used by Disney to teach their animators and comic artists back in the 70s and 80s
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Re: Tutorials
« Reply #17 on: February 26, 2011, 05:20:48 AM »
any one have tips on linen up eyes?
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Re: Tutorials
« Reply #18 on: October 25, 2011, 06:30:38 PM » is a great resource for beginner artists.  For some reason she forgot to do heads but aside from that she covers everything else, even how to transfer anime styles to realistic proportions.  I've learned a lot from these tutorials and if you *need* a head tutorial she sort of has one at the beginning of her "anime to Realistic" tutorial series.
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Re: Tutorials
« Reply #19 on: July 03, 2012, 05:31:19 AM »
hmm if it hasn't been asked already can som1 make/share a skunk tutorial i really would like to learn how.. and if possible a husky too lol tyvm ^^ and forgot to say male for both plz ^^ ty
« Last Edit: July 03, 2012, 05:34:38 AM by Sly_the_Skunk »

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Re: Tutorials
« Reply #20 on: August 02, 2012, 05:35:08 PM »
I'm trying to draw my fursona before making a request for one, so far its going bad.  X3
I have basic outlines but I'm struggling with the curves and propotions.
But what I need is a tutorial for is making Templar armor.

If any of you want to try out making my fursona go ahead, ill tell you the information via personal message.
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Re: Tutorials
« Reply #21 on: November 26, 2012, 08:18:23 PM »
it's not really a tutorial, but i am sure some people will have use of this site.

posemaniacs shows several poses, from sitting to standing, to crouching for both males, females and childeren.
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Re: Tutorials
« Reply #22 on: December 31, 2014, 02:32:14 AM »
 I dunno if anyone already said this one, but photoshop wise, this guy takes the extra mile in showing you stuff.
He sells a few tutorials. But A LOT of them are free.
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