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Author Topic: Cheers, this forum looks dandy and I hope so  (Read 645 times)

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Cheers, this forum looks dandy and I hope so
« on: December 24, 2021, 10:13:00 PM »
Decided to join those forums such as 4chan and, but guess what, I don't think they would be open ears for subversive and anthropomorphic ideas, so I said **censor** them, and joined the dark side.

Mostly here for morbid curiosity and because twitter **censor** sucks, yes I do draw.

I just want a diet version of what internet used to be, without all the sudden stress of reality and twitter just blending in this toxic mix, I'm just exausted of it and of everything.

I am a 18 year old Brazilian dude who is open-minded to anything, so we don't need to be enemies.

I hope you, (the one reading this), have a bareable day, cause current reality sucks a lot and I really don't wanna wish harmful stuff since I can get banned, y'know

Cheers and my discord contact: factoryhimself#7357

I'm really not the type who uses forums, but discord is kinda of the reason why I'm trying forums, lmao.

Team Fortress rules-!
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