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Author Topic: 26 [M4F] [Discord] [Serious] [Feline] Looking for a fellow female Roleplayer wit  (Read 4288 times)

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Hello! a bit of an introduction from myself! I am a 26yr Male with about 10+ years of roleplay and story experience! I Have a plethora of stories in mind ranging from "Superpowered Modern Day" to "Medieval" era Story Types. Tho my current story obsession is with Apocalyptic which includes within it...


-Fantasy elements

-Felines, Foxes, Dragons!

-Realism and transitioning-Romance on a more primal level (Beauty and the Beast themed)

But enough of that for the time being. I am looking for a fellow Female 18+ Roleplayer whom wants to go on an adventure and can RP in high energy and long term (Preferably Taking alot of turns in a day. bu5t can understand busy lives and all of the chaotic such). BUT yes Adventure! a gloomy and hard to endure adventure but a well written (I hope) at the least! aswell someone I get to know in a way. It would be nice to get to know my partner and their preferences! Perhaps you have Ideas? or want to share in the GMing I have no issue with that what so ever, communication is key!

Getting to know your partner is a bit of a sicklier for me. Its nice to know your preferences, boundaries and limits before and during a Roleplay of any sort. So I don't mind a bit to sit down and know one another for a bit, tell me about yourself!

However a bit of a warning. I LOVE to write or be a part of dark and depressing with sweet spots scattered throughout, struggles and pain. I love to see characters FIGHT for what they want or fight to strive forward! Blood swat and tears to come out victorious at the end or with a better sense of self/development. The more complex and thought out the better!

I am not picky about grammar or sophistication or any thing English complex (just look at how I wrote this whole thing XD). So don't worry about it at all!

If any Females (Again 18+) are interested or have any questions then give me a discord friend send! (Will be posted at the bottom) Otherwise if you are new to Roleplaying I will be happy to explain how it goes about!

(Discord will be the best platform to use for any type of Roleplay FYI)

Discord Tag: Roamer#8805

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