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Author Topic: Desperate times (open rp)  (Read 5039 times)

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Desperate times (open rp)
« on: May 01, 2019, 06:30:32 AM »
The year is 2065 and a huge war has ravaged the world homes and businesses have been destroyed what once was a thriving city is now nothing more than rubble, the war has ended in a nuclear wasteland all signs of humans have been obliterated now animals have evolved and adapted human traits but there are some more "special" than others and the government knows this and seeks to control them for the "good of the new world" who will fall prey to the horrors of the Nexus Organization...

Romance is encouraged but not required

Powers or abilities can be given to a character so long as it isn't overpowered

No godmodding

Those who choose to have powers will be hunted by the Nexus organization

Have fun and respect the other roleplayers

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(my character is a Russian Coyote who discover he was a cyromancer so for limited amounts of time he could control or manipulate ice and cold)

Nikolai was hiding out in a run down apartment as he had been running away from Nexus agents ever since he managed to breakout of their compound, he had left his military unit as they had discovered his cyromancy and reported him to the Nexus organization run by a Jackle known as General Vulgen

As Nikolai sat on his bed he looked up at the cieling hearing sirens driving past as they often did in this part of town, he honestly wanted nothing to do with the Nexus organization or their plans which he still had no idea what it would be in the grand scheme of things
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Re: Desperate times (open rp)
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2019, 03:56:05 PM »
(My character is, well, my fursona. No special abilities.)

"I'm running out of food. Dang it."
Looking at the empty cabinet in the kitchen, he sighed.
"Looks like I'll have to do some break-ins."
He steals all kinds of things. Information for sale, money, food......
Sometimes, if needed, he steals lives as well.

"Okay, I'll try this one, and maybe get some food."
He peeked through the windows, but found someone lying on the bed.
"Someone's in there. Not my lucky day."
Upon hearing the sirens, he quickly retreated.

"......Was he a...... Coyote? A Russian Coyote, maybe? What is he doing here?......... Oh well, none of my business."


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