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Author Topic: World's Underbelly  (Read 580 times)

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Re: World's Underbelly
« Reply #45 on: February 10, 2019, 10:01:58 PM »
Shinzuu was just getting irritated with Zahil's little ramblings, almost as much as Kitty, "You're a victim of circumstance: Wrong place, wrong time. You're just a lowly gangster who has no scope of what the real mafioso world is like. And no pun intended, but don't expect those guys back there to let you weasel out of this." He then picked up his walking pace a bit to catch up to the other two. His leg height allowed him to catch up pretty quickly without having to job, "My name's Shinzuu, retired Marine. My old unit used to call me the 'Black Kat' or 'Kat' because they could never pronounce my last name. Pleased to make your acquaintance. You don't have to waste your energy running. It's a 30 minute walk with a 2-hour time limit."

A few minutes later, Zahil's phone went off, showing a text message directly from Lopez:
I received a message on what happened. There's nothing I can do for you now that you're a part of this. Don't bother calling anyone else until you're let go from this. No one is going to help you. You're in shit that can shut us down for good, you stupid cabron.
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Re: World's Underbelly
« Reply #46 on: February 12, 2019, 09:28:36 PM »
Whisker's flattened ears and permanent scowl twitched into a snarl whenever she heard these... Brats talk.  She dealt with a lot of shit on her jobs, but getting roped into a mob run was pretty high on her list of reasons to shoot other people.  And just look at how open they were about it!  She'd take Cabibi and Shori anyday, and they had sent her assassinated two OTHER assassins.  At least they paid...

The Tabaxi didn't impress her much.  She raised an eyebrow.  "Oh he's free to.  It'd be more useful than his complaining," She said, readjusting her pack and opening her journal to take another peak at her map of safe houses near the destination.  It'd give her a better idea of where could be off to.

She glanced at Shizuu when he spoke up.  Marine, huh?  Guess Lili was right.  There really was no right group to run with.

Her ears twitched a hint when she combed the open jobs she'd written down.  On second thought, maybe they could do something decent and point her toward the flee market.  She needed to get a convincing set of fake rings for her upcoming jobs...
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Re: World's Underbelly
« Reply #47 on: February 13, 2019, 10:31:28 PM »
The feline felt his maw twitch as he heard the remakes from a large majority of the party. Worse, he got a text on his phone from the boss. It didn’t discourage him too much, but it still hurt a bit. Then again, what was he supposed to expect would happen? He had been in situations like this before, but it still sucked regardless. When he got out of this, he’d be able to go back to doing whatever he was doing before this mess dragged him in. Easy.

All he had to do was play by the rules and do what he was told. The Tabaxi cringed a bit.

Alright, maybe not so easy.

Pressing his knuckles against his palms, he popped the joints quietly and sighed. This was going to be quite an adventure. At least this would give him some ideas and experience for his future career. Glancing over at the one with a book, he eyed the pages for a second but spotted nothing of importance to himself. Granted, he also couldn’t see them clearly from the distance he was at. Facing the one woman who just mocked him, he nodded and gave a small laugh.

“Oh, sorry señora, should I be more polite? What are you gonna do, now that you seem to be lacking your tools of trade? Glare me to death?” He pointed a finger back over in the direction they came, with the smoldering vehicles.

“I can afford to replace my losses. Can you?” He said with a knowing grin and mocking finger gun wave before shoving his hands in his pockets. Slowly, he glanced over at the one who referred to himself as Kat. A veteran would know how to fight, hopefully. Zahil had accomplices that we’re veterans, not American veterans of course, and they were pretty thorough in combat.  Maybe this one would be the same.

Scowling, the Tabaxi still took the hint and decided to walk alongside the group rather than far behind. The only way out was through, and the quickest way through may very well be together.

“Camillo or Zahil is what they call me back home, Energúmeno is what some call me here. Don’t ask what it means, I guarantee I’ll have the opportunity to show you soon enough.” He said with a grim smirk, trailing a finger over his handgun. At this point, he was just waiting for an opportunity to exert his anger.
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Re: World's Underbelly
« Reply #48 on: 3 hours ago »
Kitty did her best to hide how the comment about affording losses stings her. “Oh, go to hell. Let’s go. I’d rather be early than late.” She bounced on her paws, obviously antsy to get going, though she does slow back down. “I just want this over with.” She said flatly. “I have work tomorrow. And I have stuff to do...”
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