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Author Topic: Kobayashi's Dragon Maid review  (Read 3417 times)

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Kobayashi's Dragon Maid review
« on: September 15, 2017, 10:03:51 PM »
 This is a kind of an unusual anime. This is a slice of life type of anime, meaning it's a lot about just how people live and deal with issues from their particular point of view. This is also combined with the fact that the anime is fused with fantasy as well, giving it that 'particular' point of view. It has this outer shell of what seems like a Moe anime, and internally it's a well written, funny, and somewhat emotional.
 The anime is about a dragon from another dimension and they enter our dimension after being fatally being injured after a battle with a god. A large sword is stuck in them and supposedly couldn't be removed. Then a drunk coder, Koabayashi, that night takes a train all the way to the mountains accidentally. And meets the dragon. She pulls out the sword that was stuck in her, and the dragon decides that she must do something for Koabayashi. Kobayashi drunkenly told her to become her maid. The next morning the dragon, in a human form and in a maid costume, asks Koabyashi if it was alright if she could live with her.
 Interestingly this anime is actually a lesbian anime I guess. Though the romance is more of a side thing, they are intended to become a couple eventually.
 I gotta admit, definitely some of the most interesting and fun characters in an anime. I can't say there's anything I hate about any of them. (Usually I can point at a few characters and say I hate them but this one I don't hate any of them.)
 If you're looking for something sweet, short, and even heart warming, this anime is worth a shot.
 Personally, getting into it I was skeptical. My crush from my class last semester told me to watch it and I said, eh well sure! I ran in thinking it was going to be like a moe perverted bad anime and I have to admit I really liked it.
(13 episodes long.)
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Re: Kobayashi's Dragon Maid review
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2017, 12:38:33 PM »
I'll have to check it out it always looked cute from the OP  <3


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