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These rules represent the general rules in the forum and should be assumed as the default rules. Some boards however have their own rules, such as "Off-Topic" having more lenient rules, and "Personal Journals" having only one thread per member. If you want to know the rules of a particular board, there will be a sticky thread on that board that explains the rules. Please read the sticky thread of each board to familiarize yourself with each board's rules, if applicable.

Please note that when we talk about "illegal activities" or "minors", we typically act on and refer to USA laws, as that is where the forum's owners are based.

The Adult Area boards run under different rules. To find out rules for the adult board you need to first join the Adult Area. Discord chat follows the same rules for general behavior and posting content.

Please click each rule for further information.

Account / Profile
  • Only one account per member is allowed. Multiple accounts will be deleted and subjected to a ban. If a single Internet connection is used to make multiple accounts (friends, family, etc) please contact a staff member so it can be recorded.
  • Please keep your display name to a maximum of 20 characters.
  • Display names, profile information, signatures, or avatars cannot contain mature content or links to mature content.
  • Signatures cannot be more than an overall 300 pixels in height – text, images, etc. included.
  • If using art that does not belong to you in your signature or avatar, it is strongly encouraged that you ask the artist's permission to do so, or at least provide a link to the artist to give credit. If you claim art is yours that is not, or if the artist has contacted us about disallowed use of the image, it will be removed.
  • Please do not have obnoxious or disorienting profiles, signatures, avatars or posts.
Starting New Topics
  • Please check if a topic does not already exist. Making duplicate topics is not allowed.
  • Please make sure to post your topic in the most appropriate forum for the subject matter.
  • Please use descriptive subjects in all topics and posts, and do not make titles in all capital letters.
Posts and Replies
  • Please do not post spam.
  • Do not abuse forum features.
  • Posts must be a minimum of two words. Do not add word padding/spam to your post just to get around the automatic two-word restriction.
  • Refrain from using excessive public displays of affection.
  • Do not ask for a mate publicly, and do not sell yourself or ask for cyber on the forums.
  • Religious and political topics are allowed as long as they remain clean. Public bashing will not be tolerated.
  • Please do not steer threads off-topic. Make a new thread.
  • Any material of a sexually explicit nature is not allowed. This includes...
    • Sexually suggestive content (includes art, photos, and posts).
    • Blatantly adult art, RP, or written text.
  • Any material found to be inappropriate for minors or offensive is not acceptable. This includes...
    • Alcohol abuse and/or drug references.
    • Excessive blood/gore.
    • Discussing minor illegal activities (e.g. downloading music/games for free illegally).
    • Discussing major illegal activities (e.g. setting fire to a building in real life, planning to hurt someone in real life, etc.).
  • Treat each forum member with respect. Do not personally attack other users.
  • Please keep profanity to a minimum, and do not use it to curse at or insult other forum members.
  • Please do not write entire posts, threads, or extended conversations in a language other than English. The majority of a post should be in English, and writing English translations alongside other languages is recommended.
  • Anything which can be construed as drama will be removed or edited, this includes posts, display names, signatures and more. We fully understand the fact that every member here may have off days and feel down but we wish you to keep such feelings in Personal Messages please. When it starts to spill over into the forums it just causes issues.
  • Do not post private or personal information about another person without their consent.
Concerning Moderators
  • Please do not backseat moderate and contact a moderator if you see someone breaking the rules or have a question.
  • Be respectful of staff members. If you ever feel a moderator responds to anything incorrectly or inappropriately, please ask for a second opinion from another moderator or administrator. This means...
    • Do not ignore the request of a moderator.
    • Do not publicly complain about any warnings received. If you feel a warning is unfair, please notify other staff.
    • Do not threaten, harass, or flame a moderator.
  • When reporting to a moderator, only contact one at a time, and let any subsequent mods know who you contacted before them.
  • If you are under a Moderated, Muted, or Banned status, you must obey and respect the rules of that status. Do not try to evade or get around them.
Discord-Specific Rules
  • Overall, forum rules apply to Discord as well. However, we are a little more relaxed there.
  • Post content in the correct channels.
  • Do not spam the chat.
  • Please avoid posting random memes in General. Pictures posted in General should be relevant to the conversation.
  • First offense is normally a verbal warning. After that, depending on the severity of the issue, you may be muted, kicked, or banned from the chat.
  • Breaking the rules on Discord can also carry over consequences to your forum account.
  • Please do not abuse any chat features.
  • If a problem arises on Discord, please let us know via Discord DM, using @ to reach a staff member, posting in the Chat With Staff channel, or PM us on the forum.
  • Multiple Discord accounts cannot be used together on our server.
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