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Title: The New Acadamy
Post by: Fixen on December 16, 2020, 07:59:07 PM
(Didn't know what to name this) THIS IS A BEASTARS AU

Welcome to Cherryton! As you can see, we're one of the only mixed schools around! Join one of our many great clubs! Plant flowers in the gardening club, Throw epic performances in drama! or report on both with the School News! Here at Cherryton, Safety is our top concern, And the students wellbeing is also top priority! students may be given permission to leave campus grounds, but are forbidden from staying out all night and forbidden from visiting the market! We offer only the most fulfilling foods for every animal, so don't worry about that!

As I said at the top, this is a Beastars AU, as such, things will be different, For example, with the proper reason, and drawbacks, a person may have magic, With this also being beastars, I will allow ONE person to be a main character, and with the proper reason, I may allow said person to make one small change, I do not have many restrictions, such as basic rules (I.E. no pedophilia, zoophilia, EXT), and rules of the site (No 18+, and other rules), Another restriction I have being with your character, not to dark of a story that would ruin the basic plot of this story (I.E. he was a psychopathic serial killer secretly), I have no restrictions on length except no one liners (I.E. he turned around and punched legoshi), and your free to structure your text however, and free to structure your character reference however you want, but your character reference must include a picture (Of your character, I don't like art stealers) or a description, I will be checking, aside from that, Have fun!

Characters will require a student ID number, Eight numbers in length, Feel free to use a number generator

Note: I am still settling in, so please don't shame me for any mistakes I may have made, and also note that this was originally a discord server idea, and may be moving to discord in the future

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I have realized I forgot to say, the main characters are first come first serve until more people want the character, then, I will hold auditions for said character
Title: Re: The New Acadamy
Post by: Fixen on December 18, 2020, 12:30:21 AM
I also forgot to mention that this is a signup period, when i can get back to discord (approx. two weeks time) i will create the server and update it here, after it is created i will need a few mods. so that is also another thing being hosted right now, and official characters will have control over certain aspects of the server, please do not join if you are not completely up to date on the story (american version) or if you do not mind spoilers, Email me for these roles, or PM, whichever works best