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Title: Paintball Terror RP (Limited Openings)
Post by: Trinity_Zane on May 28, 2019, 10:48:24 PM
So you’re an airsoft enthusiast who joined an ‘ordinary’ paintball gun tournament. Everything proceeds according to plan until someone finds a player dead on the field. It occurs to you then someone is using a real gun. We don’t know how many there are, but you’re not allowed to leave the area.

About the setting: 54 acres. Approximately one third open range, one third woodland and one third abandoned buildings. The Woodland is primarily thick brush and trees with padded down trails through the woods and occasional buildings. The Range is filled with wheat and old rusted-broken down vehicles, it is the most southward area on the map. Abel Township (Northward) has a little over a dozen buildings ranging from a small grocery store to a mall. Several of the structures are one story tall, between them are networks of suspended bridges.

About the RP: Please have decent grammar. You may encounter the enemy but you’re UNABLE to kill them without my consent via PM. You are UNABLE to leave the area. You ARE ALLOWED to create for your OC one additional OC (2 OCs) to form a small team. No more! Our objective is to eventually meet with the remaining participants. Gunfights/chases are OK with the enemy, but any interaction with them is prohibited except approval from me. NO SUPERPOWERS! No real weapons have been given to you, so use your smarts, watch out for traps!

Time’s ticking...

Main OC
Team: Tacticool
Ethnicity: Hungarian
Name: Ura Nagy Lt.
Species: Mtn. Lion
Color: Beige fur, white hair, orange-red eyes
Skill Set: Sniper/Scout, EIB
Location: The WoodlandAge (human years): 26
Height: 5’11”Weight: 145lbs
Appearance: Pretty. Slim black armor, camouflage markings, helmet, face mask
Equip.: M82 Sniper Paintball Rifle
Additional Info: Has thick accent. Can be shy, Hunter. Often mistaken for being a woman because of small build and appeal.

Supporting OC:
Team: Tacticool
Name: Zip Cadonis
Ethnicity: American
Species: German Shepherd
Color: Black fur, brown eyes
Skill Set: Demolition expert/Communications Officer
Location: The Woodland
Age (human tears): 28
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 195lbs
Appearance: Stout, Missing his tail
Equip.: P90 Paintball Rifle Replica
Additional Info: Served along side Lt. Nagy in the war. Stubborn, sometimes rubs others the wrong way. Stalwart team member.
Title: Re: Paintball Terror RP (Limited Openings)
Post by: Trinity_Zane on June 05, 2019, 05:23:08 AM
***21:00hrs Woodland***

It was fast approaching night when the heat of the day was replace by an oppressive humidity. The only good thing about the darkness was that it made it easier for the Lt. and Cadonis to hide. Thank goodness for the survival packs in Abel Township, they’d been dead if it weren’t for them.

Still. ‘They’ were the ones stocking the food supplies, keeping them alive for the hunt like some sort of terrible game I say. The enemy had proven tougher, more accurate and tenacious than McMahon said they’d be.

Something snapped the branches behind them, Nagy fisted his rifle, fingers doubling into the palm. Ura knew he could do one of two things. He could wake Cadonis and stay where he was. That was suicide. They could flee. Postpone the inevitable. For a moment he laid there, head up against the fallen tree gun aimed down the slope. At the bottom of the hill where the ground flattened and the trees spread out a silhouette appeared.