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Title: Humans and Beast People
Post by: Impaired on April 25, 2019, 05:20:56 AM
//Just a starter with some exposition at the quality you should expect from me.

The land had been natively populated by a race of beast people, their technology was crude and fashioned out of what can be found in their environment. They have no steel, no electricity, no artillery aside from bows and arrows; truly the could be considered comparatively primitive. For their entire existence they had been isolated from the rest of the world; completely ignorant of the great storm across the world.

The storm had drank the land of the humans and caused the survivors to flee on ship. For two years they sailed aimlessly on endless sea, losing hope and exhausting their stored resources. Half of the survivors had perished on the journey alone. Disease, famine, and a loss of hope had assaulted those who persevered. Years it's been......Finally, land.....The antsy colonists had quickly pulled up to the beach and opened the entry hatch, the humans pouring out of their sailed vessels as the made their way to the sand and collapsed in happiness and relief.

Daniel had been no different, having lost about 50 lbs over the two years; his once well built body being leaned down quite significantly. Armed soldiers refrained from doing what the colonists have done when exiting the vessels, holding their flintlock rifles closely as they looked into the misty forest that the small beach lead into. It was....Oddly silent, and it was like they were being watched but nothing was visible. The young human walked passed the soldiers, standing at his height of 5'8, his long blonde hair framing his vibrant blue eyes; couldn't have been any older than 22. His gaze narrowed and then looked towards the others. "I'm going to venture ahead. Set up camp here and I'll return in a week with some knowledge." Despite his age, Daniel was the most qualified for these expeditions due to his experience with botany and mycology.

The young human wandered into the forest, only armed with a small knife. Little did he know he was being followed by something as he made a good way's in.
Title: Re: Humans and Beast People
Post by: Impaired on April 27, 2019, 10:24:32 PM
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