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Title: Furry Freezer Board Rules [Read before posting]
Post by: WingedZephyr on March 14, 2012, 09:33:27 PM
The Off-Topic runs under semi-relaxed rules.
The following applies to the Off-Topic Board and only the Off-Topic Board.

This means that the forum staff makes an effort to leave you alone within this board as long as you can act mature and responsibly. If you cause problems or abuse this privilege, we will do something about it.

Content within this board should remain legal and appropriate for minors. Sexual or sexually suggestive content is still not allowed. But we won't be giving warnings for the less severe rules like all-caps thread titles, going off-topic, posting in the wrong board, or even spamming. As long as you can respect that freedom, we want you to have a place on the forum where you can relax a little more without worrying about breaking a minor rule.