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Welcome to the Furry Forums!


The Furry Forums were first created in November 2006 as a community for the furries within IMVU, originally founded by Maxis29 and now run by a community based moderation team the site has over 10,000 members and expands beyond its original target of IMVU.

The forums provide general chat and roleplay to all members with such areas as the infamous random thread and the Furry Cafe III, so want to have fun? With discussions, games and constant active updates the Furry Forums will provide something for everyone. So sit back, put your paws up and make yourself at home!

Explore the site, register for our forums and most of all, have fun!

Board News

xx Something of mention to all members:
September 11, 2017, 02:34:44 PM by Vosur Aekira
As of late, ransomware (malicious software that forces the victim to pay up or lose everything on the computer by encrypting everything) has become rampant and the best way to defend against it is to be wary of it. DeviantArt has been hit with 'bot' ...
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xx Board Restructure
September 09, 2017, 05:30:39 PM by anoni
Hey guys!

  We've decided to restructure some of the boards a bit to beef up some of the more under-posted in boards and to just generally make the forum a bit cleaner. The following boards have been changed.

   - The Writing an...
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xx Changes to Furry Cafe III Thread
August 03, 2017, 03:58:55 AM by WingedZephyr
Hey guys,

We had to scrap most of the existing Furry Cafe III thread. We kept all the posts since December here though and you guys can continue as usual:

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