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Author Topic: *that hi kirby does all the time*  (Read 207 times)

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*that hi kirby does all the time*
« on: August 28, 2020, 01:59:56 AM »
I am Metaknee, a Meta Knight-obsessed blueberry with my very own made-up blueberry pronouns: (ble/bler)
No, I am NOT into blueberry inflation. Meta Knight just happens to be round and blue, just like a blueberry,
so my online friend called him Sir Space Blueberry once, and I was obsessed with blueberries ever since.

I came here to make up my mind on two very important things: ''DO I WANT TO STAY A FURRY?!''


Most of my Kirby fan characters have a purpose - they either appeared in fanfiction, or WILL appear
in fanfiction. The ones that fall into that category also get drawn by me relatively often.
While all my Kirby fan characters get to enjoy the spotlight, my furry characters just kind of sit there
and gather dust. Lucky Jellybean, my main fursona, is the only one who gets at least half the attention
that my Kirby fan characters get, but the thing about her is, she's a weird hybrid between a fursona and
a Kirby fan character. She started out as an Animal Jam avatar, then became anthro. When I got into Kirby,
I slowly dipped her into Kirby's world. First she became friends with Meta Knight, then I gave her a pet
Waddle Dee, she appeared in a Kirby fanfiction I wrote as a way to study, and finally, I made a poseable figure
of her a month or two ago that makes her look like she jumped straight out of a Kirby game. From the
chibi proportions, to the Kirby-styled eyes, down to the rosy cheeks, a person who barely knows what a
Kirby is could easily mistake her for a Kirby character if they saw that figure.
My furry characters that have nothing to do with Kirby rot mainly for one reason: my furry identity crisis.
I tried discussing this with my mom, since she helped me solve many conflicts in my head, but she couldn't
help me this time... You just can't decide about someone's hobbies.
I had a similar conflict recently, but for anime. I made a MyAnimeList account, got to interact with the
community a bit, and I'm 100% sure I still want to be into anime! I might even start collecting anime figures!

Maybe it will turn out the same with furries? There are many reasons why I fit in the fandom perfectly - I love animals
(especially canines, I often say hi to people's dogs and own a dog myself), there are a few furries in Kirby (and I like
most of them), I'm great at many forms of art (also dabbled in fursuit making, my last attempt looked great) - so it's
hard for me to move on. During my 3 years of being interested in furries, I actually didn't interact with the community at all!

 I would love to share my creations, meet nice people, and finally experience the community here on this forum!
- Mety - Blueberry - Ble/Bler - Ace/Aro -
Hiiii~! I'm a living Meta Knight ripoff.

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Re: *that hi kirby does all the time*
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2020, 04:32:29 AM »
Hello there, and welcome aboard! If you want to experience even more of the community, we have a Discord channel where a few of us mainly hang out in. Hope you enjoy your stay here!
Losing is Fun!


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