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Author Topic: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Bits of Stardust OOC , Sign-up and Info  (Read 659 times)

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So the basic jist of the JoJo universe is that characters fight using psychic manifestations of their soul. characters and powers are mostly named after songs/musicians. These soul manifestations are called 「Stands」and are as varied in as varied in appearance, power and usefulnessas those who world them. They aren't usually sentient and more or less an extension of the users psyche. Considering this. Not all Stands are made equal. Some can be powerful or cripplingly situational. Durable or Squishy and some can even be detrimental to the user as a whole. 「Stands」usually share and reflect injuries with their user and will (with very rare exceptions) die when their user is killed. Likewise a user can also be killed if their stand is destroyed.

(Futher information can be found here: )

As a formal introduction to the actual story of this RP I'll do my best to set up a story.


"The year is 2017. The world is suprisingly quiet for the most part, However, Many threats are crawling around away from the public eye in the form of criminal sects, terrorists and mafias comprised of incredibly powerful and dangerous individuals wielding powers which can bend reality itself to their wills. Although the danger they pose is impossible to completely stamp out we have a lead on a incredibly powerful and influential arm's dealer who is in possession of a stand arrow, which he has been using to bolster his gang of stand-wielding thugs and assassins. Luckily we have our ace, You people are what we need to put an end to his story. You and your stands have proven useful when it comes to dealing with those that threaten the lives of innocents. You will be given the needed transportation and supplies to make this journey. You are going to be transported to Paris where you will scout out the location of our target and make your way to wherever that may be. Godspeed, Gentlemen."






Stand Name (These are usually based on musical references: Bands, Albums, Songs ect.

Stand Ability:

Bio (This is optional but I implore you to consider putting information here):

(( I've found these to be useful: ))


*The generator can give some wild stuff. Come to me if you have any questions.

*Reading (( and (( could help you if my information doesn't suffice.

*If you feel like an ability is too powerful you can try to compensate with ineptitude or lower stand durability.


Name: Elijah "Red" Whitecross

Age: 46

Species: Rabbit


Stand Name: Drenched

Stand Ability: Puncture based Dehydration (By stabbing or slashing with his claws it can cause punctures that cause a slow leakage of the water content in an enemies body. Causing them to gradually dehydrate)

Bio: Survivor of a previous adventure and a trusted Speedwagon Foundation member he is the defacto leader of the squad and has proven to be an extremely effective leader. Though a mix of age and injuries from his previous adventure has left his wires a bit frayed. He was born in Alaska as "Elizabeth" and is extremely protective of his past.

Name: Irem O'Keefe


Species:Bird (Indiscriminate on what genus though)


Stand Name: Wrong Way

Stand Ability: Vertigo Inducement

Bio: A level-headed Romani and a long-time agent of the Foundation. He past is shrouded in mystery but she seems to have it out for the arm's dealer specifically. She was born in Turkey and has some knowledge when it comes to Western Europe.

Name: Jonas "JoJo" Jost

Age: 21

Species: White Cat

Height: 6'5

Stand Name: Sublime

Stand Ability: Midas Touch (Basically turns things in a 7 in circle into gold wherever he punches. Requires said punches to connect AND bury a brand into their skin to work)

Bio:An Illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar and the newest member of the squad. He has inherited many of the negatives of his father's personality. He's a cunning and silver tongued individual with a firey hair-trigger temper

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