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Author Topic: The Coming Catastrophe: The Search For The Guardians.(Sign-Up & OOC chat)  (Read 3089 times)

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Yes! I knew you would like him.
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Starting from today, the RP will have the post order and it gonna work in a next way:

The post order is unique for every location;
The countdown is 48 hours starting from the last poster in the location;
Once countdown expires, the next person can post, but the skipped person has a right to post after his actual turn;

The decision has been made by the RP staff. Also, everyone from GM staff (me, Alessia and Romulan) reserve their right to cancel any action of any post which was ahead of his turn.

Thanks for understanding.
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Starting tomorrow: I'm going to push the roleplay forward and am considering redoing the roster due to inactivity for i think over weeks.... I've been patient, i've gotten no notices from anybody of being gone for weeks or whatever so I will be pushing the rp forward and possibly considering a re-do of the player roster to remove people with no interest anymore, or those who are not able to post, to speed up the roleplay a bit, I apologize in advance,but the wait is over....
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