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Adventure! Ooc sign up and rules
« on: May 23, 2017, 07:37:18 PM »
Howdy folks! I am back after a rather lengthy absence. I'm looking to do some kind of short adventure story...with STATS! Because who doesn't love stats. The idea is rather simple. A group of adventurers run through a dungeon looking for fame glory and LOOT. When they want to accomplish a task they roll a D20. 10+ is a success, anything less and they suffer 1 damage and FAIL at their action.

When they run out of HP, they die.

LORE: It has been 10 years since the fall of the empire. The land has been fractured into City states and ducheys and dukedoms but the land in between has fallen to banditry. Monsters and abominations run rampent, razing villages, eating travelers and skipping out on bar tabs. It is also a time of great adventure and opportunity for those brave enough to face the new dangers in this land!

Setting: Whimsical steam punk. Magic does NOT exist but exotic power sources do. The land is filled with crystals you can grind into fine powders or liquids to power devices and gadgets. Thanks to modern engineering the chance of these power crystals mutating you into a chimera or deadly monster is now only moderately rare...

Here is a basic stat sheet. Stats represent your starting gear, skills, personality and give a bonus to your roll. You have 2 choices when building your stat sheet.

1. BUILD FROM SCRATCH. You have 2 free points. You can suck tract from other Attributes to give you a boost in other areas. Min -5 Max 5

2. RANDOM. Take the plunge and roll 1d12 for each stat. This can give you an advantage, or seriously cripple your character. You are allowed 2 rolls.
1. -5
2. -4
3. -3
4. -2
5. 1
6. 0
7. 0
8. +1
9. +2
10. +3
11. +4
12. +5

Character: Your name, species and job.
Description: Cosmetics
HP 8 +/- BODY
Body: Vitality and health. Adds to HP
Might: physical strength and endurance.
Agility: speed and mobility
Focus: Accuracy, awareness
Logic: Intelligence and reasoning
Wits: charm and charisma

DICE RULES: The gm presents you with a challenge and you spoof your reaction first, then roll 1d20 +Attribute. If you roll 10 or higher your action is a success. Roll 1-9 and your action fails and suffer 1 damage on your next turn.  Roll a natural 1 and you Auto fail, taking a penalty to that Attribute, as well as take 1 damage next turn. Roll a natural 20 and you remove all penalties and instantly gain back 1 hp.

You can also choose to aid your team mates by taking a penalty to your roll. Example. Player A rolls a 7. You decide to help them out and roll with a -3 penalty to make up the difference. Icly they still fail their action but they suffer no damage.

And...that's it :3 let me know if you are interested or have questions. No, I haven't thought of an adventure to use the system on quite yet. Either slaying a dragon or climbing a death trap filled tower


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