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Author Topic: Staying in the loop  (Read 1321 times)

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Staying in the loop
« on: June 06, 2016, 02:09:18 PM »
Hey fuzzies!

  I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on progress for introducing new changes to the forum, I think it's important to keep people in the loop with things so everyone knows what the deal is.

  So the first and most important thing is that we're working on new rules and have been working on these rules for about 3 weeks now! It turns out making good rules is a long and complicated process, we want to make sure the rules are perfect, that they have no loop holes, have explicit terminology and cover all bases. So stay tuned, we are hard at work and soon new rules will be posted!

  So why are we working on new rules? It's come to our attention that the currently laid out rules are a little ambiguous and don't cover some scenarios that have evolved over the forums. They've been the rules for the forums longer than I have been on the forums and they've served the forums very well. But every-now-and-again it's time for an update. Our main goal was to make the new rules more explicit so there was less ambiguity and confusion about what posts violate what rules. We've also tried to update some new rules to deal with occurring modern issues on the forum, the forum is growing in size and so new issues have been arising because of that, so we've wanted to explicitly mention that in the new rules.

  The new rules won't be dramatically different from the old rules, all (or most) of the old rules will still be in place, but under different and more explicit wording so we can hopefully get the idea across in a more efficient and understandable manner. I did want to ask your guys opinions though, what do you not like about the old rules and what do you think should be changed? We might not necessarily adapt your suggested changes but it'd be good to get some community insight!

  That's all for now, so tell us what you'd be interested in seeing for new rules, what concerns do you have with the current rule set?

  ALSO, we've got some plans for a few fun things that I think you're all really gonna enjoy, so stay tuned! :D
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Re: Staying in the loop
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2016, 02:41:20 PM »
Hello Anoni ^^

Glad to hear about this. I have already had some personal ideas and experiences I have took up with Sandor and Mr.Razot.
I have had quite a few thoughts.

One concern I have right now, which I hope I can explain as best as I can right now: That the rules don't get too elaborated.
One good thing about an overall/general rule is that it can be applied to a lot of a variety of situations, while if rules become elaborated and worked-out it could lead to even more confusion and it may not be applicable everywhere, but I agree when a rule is vague it can create a bunch of loopholes.

I do feel that the rules in a lot of cases are clear enough, however, I seem to not be able to find certain rules. (Which I know do exist and are being followed too.)

That is my say on the matter and I wish you all good luck on working on the rules too ^_^

Small update:
One thing I think is very important when it comes to rules, any rules for that matter: What is more important than elaborated rules is consistency. With consistency comes clarity as well. If there is is no consistency, it doesn't matter what rules are held up.

I just wanted to quickly add that in :)

Second small update (hope it's ok I keep editing this message? :) ):
While not about rules, there is a thing that has bothered me ever since I found out:
It isn't clearly mentioned anywhere images or other attachments get deleted after a while. Some (to me) important pictures I had attached to certain posts are now gone (forever).
Since I found out, I don't do that any longer, but that is something I would have liked to have known from the start. Maybe that's something that could be mentioned clearly some place. For new and old members to see, but especially new members.
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