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Title: What is OOC: for?
Post by: WingedZephyr on February 02, 2011, 05:04:56 AM
From wikipedia:
Out of Character (OOC) is a roleplaying term, referring to the world of the players, rather than the world of the characters. Actions in the game that are described from the point of view of the assumed character are referred to as In Character (IC). Actions or discussion of the character from the player's point of view are OOC. Examples of OOC action in the tabletop medium would be going to get a soda or rolling the dice.

OOC can also have almost moral connotations, when it is said to be unrealistically interfering with IC factors. For instance, some players are criticized for interfering with their character's actions and psychology to produce a desirable OOC effect. These players are often believed to be treating the roleplay as a "game" rather than as storytelling. While the term game is often used to describe roleplay, purists observe that important traits distinguish it. For instance, in a traditional game, whatever character or symbol representing the character (e.g., the chosen character in Street Fighter) is merely an extension of the player, whereas in roleplay, the player attempts to become the character and "realistically" portray him or her, as an actor might.

"IC/OOC Separation" is an accepted tenet of many roleplaying systems.

Out of Character (OOC) is also used to refer to fan-written literature when a character is portrayed as doing something that the character would not normally do. Examples include writing a normally docile character as regularly violent and brutish, because the literary portrayal of the character is not consistent with canon establishment of the character's thoughts or actions.

Here OOC should only be used for things directly relating to the RP it's used in.
A question should be asked via private message or in a thread for that RP in the Serious RP board.
It's there for a reason.
The same with any other discussion about the RP. There, details about the RP can be agreed upon
and then edits can be made to existing post in the RP if needed.

Things like pointing out spelling errors is not directly related to the RP itself.
Remember to have fun and pace yourself, this is a forum and not a chat room.